Browns’ Greg Little, Josh Gordon caught driving way too fast

Getty Images

The Browns have a speed-related concern about receivers Greg Little and Josh Gordon, and it has nothing to do with their 40 times.

After reports surfaced today that both Little and Gordon have been caught driving way, way too fast, the team issued a statement acknowledging that the players need to be told to drive more safely.

“We’re aware of the situation involving the players and their unacceptable driving records,” the statement said. “We take matters such as this very seriously. We’ve spoken to both individuals, and will address the issue with the entire team.”

Now, at this point, you may be asking, “What’s the big deal?” Everyone drives too fast sometimes, right? But the details are alarming. Gordon got pulled over for driving 98 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, and he wasn’t driving anywhere near as fast as his teammate.

According to WOIO Channel 19 News, Little admitted he was driving 127 miles an hour when he lost control on the Jennings Freeway, hit a guardrail, knocked down a light pole and left 40 yards of brake tracks.

Little was lucky that neither he, his passenger nor anyone else on the road was killed. He was also lucky that all he got was a $350 fine.

That was in April, but Little apparently hasn’t learned his lesson: On Monday, Little was stopped for going 81 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. He also had expired plates.