Cromartie keeps mixing it up at practice


Publicly, football coaches don’t like it when their players get too physical at practice.  Privately, they love it.

Under that standard, Jets coach Rex Ryan loves cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Cromartie, the No. 1 corner post-Revis, continues to mix it up at practice.  Per Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Cromartie applied a high hit to receiver Stephen Hill during practice on Wednesday.  (It possibly was helmet-to-helmet, possibly forearm-to-helmet.)

Hill was on the ground grabbing his head, but he then got up.  Center Nick Mangold confronted Cromartie after the play.

Said Cromartie in response:  “Don’t cry!  Play ball!”

It’s the third time this year Cromartie has caused some consternation at practice.  Last month, Cromartie sparked a mini-fracas with receiver Vidal Hazelton during one-on-one drills.  During offseason workouts, Cromartie ended up jawing with receiver Santonio Holmes after Cromartie got too physical (in Holmes’ assessment) with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

At a time when the Jets could be a team that gets pushed around this year, it’s good that Cromartie is willing to push back.  And it’s good that he is prompting teammates to push back, too.

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  1. That’s the way the Jet defense chould be , mean and nasty.Hey Antonio, get out there and pick a 6 off Eli this Saturday.

    Jets 21 Giants 10

  2. “Pushing back” Cromartie style is more likely to result in excessive penalties than winning games,
    especially considering NFL rules currently favor the receiver.
    In addition, injuring your own teammates in scrimmage is ridiculously short sighted, arrogant and childish. Oh wait that perfectly describes Cromartie and Ryan.

  3. Yeah he’s a tough guy. We all remember that playoff game, ironically against the Jets and the last thing on his mind was making a hit…

  4. This is pretty simple.

    With Bart Scott gone, Cromartie, a veteran, and being one of the Defense’s best players, is trying to step up by being more physical and vocal on the practice field.

    If you’ve ever played above a rec level, a guy like this, doing something like that, adds an extra level of intensity to a practice, something that the Jets could also use.

    Folks here are kind of funny.
    Half of you cry about how the game is becoming too soft, then the other half of you whine when something like this happens.

    So which way are we going tomorrow?

  5. I have a feeling that Rex Ryan is behind all of the pushing and shoving. Like they did with Gholston.

  6. Did that guy seriously just post a prediction score for a meaningless preseason game????

    Jets-Who cares
    Giants-Doesn’t matter

    There’s no real winner or loser in preseason. Remember that chirpy ass Seahawk fans. Lions went 4-0 in preseason just to go 0-16 in the regular season.

  7. It truly takes 10x the effort to break a reputation than to make one. Those of you calling out Cromartie for not being a tackler haven’t seen him the past two years. He made some sticks last year we were all shocked from. Yes, he has become a leader and is no longer the player you knew from San Diego.

  8. jbl429 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 1:49 PM

    Interesting to see he hits in practice, considering he shies away from contact in real games.
    Maybe he’s like an internet tough guy. All big talk and brashness when he knows he won’t get hit back, and in real life a pansy when he WILL get hit back.

  9. hehateme2 says:Aug 21, 2013 1:39 PM

    The jets WILL get pushed around this season… a lot! 4-12

    You just worry about pouring the Gatorade!!

  10. No. You’re wrong. It isn’t a good thing that he’s being a total jagoff to his teammates and making them hate him. Not sure how you could possibly view that as a positive thing.

  11. Wow!! Cromartie is so tough (sarcasm), this is the same Cromartie that HELD on to Eric Decker when Tebow was scoring the winning touchdown on Thursday night football back in 2011.

  12. I wish the trolls in order to post would have to name their team.

    Figure that would reduce the posts 90-95%.

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