Ditka shows up to talk to Da Bears


Rookie head coach Marc Trestman brought someone in to talk to the team Tuesday who has a little more Bears history.

For the first time since he was fired in 1992, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka was back at Halas Hall.

“Coach Ditka, when I got the job, I felt that was a great place to start, somebody who knows as much about the Bears and the traditions of the Bears as he does,” Trestman said, via Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune. “And it turned out to be dinner with our wives.

“I called him last week with the idea that I left him with to see the new facility and spend some time with our players, and say hello to them. And he graciously agreed.”

Of course, few of those players remember much about his playing days, or were old enough to follow football when he coached the Bears to a win in Super Bowl XX.

“All you had seen was the ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits and stuff,” safety Chris Conte said. “I had never really heard him speak before in person. So it was cool to get to meet him. He really wanted us to take away from football the relationships and not think about the money. Really, what’s important are the people in the locker room.”

And while their styles are different, quarterback Jay Cutler said much of Ditka’s message was similar to what Trestman has been preaching.

“He echoed a lot of the same things that Marc says every day,” Cutler said. “There is a common thread between guys who have been there and done it and won championships and know what it is all about — enjoying the game, respecting your teammates, taking advantage of each and every day. That is what Marc tells us. That is what a lot of the great ones tell us. That is what Coach Ditka said as well.”

Getting Ditka back in the fold is an important step for the organization, as well, after years of hard feelings following his firing.

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  1. fdugrad:

    They announced just a couple months ago that they were retiring his number, long long overdue. So I think in the home opener they are, but could be wrong on that. They’re definitely doing it this year though.

    Side note:
    Having Ditka back like this just feels right, like a weight has been lifted. It’s awesome and overdue that it happened. Way to go Trestman for calling him and for stating that he is always welcome at Halas Hall, anytime he wants to stop in.

    Go Bears!

  2. Bears plan on retiring the number this season. In fact it is planned to be the last number the Bears, retired as they are running out of numbers.

  3. Will still NEVER forgive Ditka for not giving Walter Payton the ball on the goal line in the Super Bowl. Unforgivable.

    Signed: A FOOTBALL Fan.

  4. Having Ditka back to talk to the team is the right move.

    It’s sad that the young guys don’t know the history. Someone should make them watch an 84 Bears game.

  5. Ditka & Bears belong in the same sentence, that’s for sure! The sublime thing here is Cutler. If nothing else, the guy “gets it,” regardless of how good a QB he is or isn’t. Call me a glutton for punishment, but still think this guy can achieve greatness….though will admit the window is starting to close. He got a bum deal here in Denver, w/ the Shanahan & McDaniels regimes crossing paths. In my opinion, had we gone directly to the Elway regime (Sorry John Fox, you’re an excellent coach but John’s THE MAN!), Cutler would still be here, although, not complaining about the guy we got now. The key to how good Cutler will be this year is that O-line.

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