Don Shula recalls whipping the ’85 Bears in White House visit

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Tuesday marked the second time that President Obama recognized one of the great teams in NFL history in a White House ceremony. The team that visited the White House on Tuesday, the 1972 Dolphins, reminded the president that they’re the only team to finish an NFL season with a perfect record.

When Obama brought the 1985 Bears to the White House, he called them the “greatest team ever.” Don Shula, the coach of the 1972 Dolphins, presented Obama with a signed jersey and urged him to give it prominent placement in the White House, so he could look at it and “think about the whipping we put on that ‘85 Bears team.”

The only game the ’85 Bears lost was to Shula’s Dolphins, a fact that Shula likes to point out when the question is raised about which team was the best ever.

Obama, who lived in Chicago in 1985, has made his allegiances clear, but he recognized that no other team has done what the ’72 Dolphins did.

“These guys were a juggernaut,” Obama said. “Team after team has fallen short, but these Dolphins didn’t always get the credit they deserved.”

Obama gave them the credit they deserved on Tuesday. Even if he’s still not convinced they’re better than the ’85 Bears.

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  1. The ’72 Dolphins didn’t beat the ’85 Bears. Plus, any given Sunday…

  2. I know I’m going to get killed on this but the 07 pats were pretty elite. Even though they lost the one that mattered remember that tasking schedule they went through the 6-0 Cowboys first then they got by the 10 or 11 and 0 Colts on the road, that was a great game. They eventually ran out of enough gas against the only team that matched them up. And the ONLY one that still comes close in the Giants.

  3. Can’t wait to see the last of these ’72 Dolphins. How many are left, and when can we expect them to die?

  4. Exposed the 46 defense? Did you even watch that game? There were such freak happenings on that field. The Dolphins got lucky, anyone that watched that game knows that.

  5. good thing the that dolphins team was playing the a full strength bears team right? or that it was in miami on a night where they emptied all the old folks homes so all that dolphins team could all stand on the sidelines right? not enough credit given? my god they never shut up about being the luckiest team of all time! I am surprised obummer has not taken credit for the dolphins record.

  6. Facts:
    1) Statistically, the Dolphins’ 1972 regular-season opponents had an aggregate winning percentage of .397 and only two opponents had winning records that year (both were 8–6).

    2) 1985 bears Opponents winning percentage was .505 . However their division was terrible. Throw that out and they played 7 teams that were 10-6 or above

    3) In that 1985 game, the dolphins had 1 td because a bear lineman deflected a pass and it went 30 yards down field into the arms of a WR who ran it in for a td.

    4) If 1972 dolphins played the 1985 bears, Bob Griese would never have time to throw, and they wouldn’t be able to run against the 1985 bears.
    5) Go watch 1985 Bears vs Dallas 44-0 Then come back on this thread and try to vote against the 85 bears Worst lost in Dallas Cowboy history…..and the bears did it with Steve Fuller at qb

  7. Always loved Don Shula. Great line.

    And I’m not surprised that Obama thinks that a one-loss team is better than an undefeated team. He’s not good at math and he can’t even make a budget!

  8. Hey Shula, what happened against the Pats? NE 31, MIA 14; NE 10 BEARS 46. Hate Obama but for once he’s right about something-the ’85 Bears are the G.O.A.T, second was the ’84 49ers(a dominant 18-1 team with lone loss thanks to a garbage pass interference call on Eric Wright vs Pittsburgh). The ’72 Dolphins=OVERRATED.

  9. As a Vikings fan, I have to vote for the 85 Bears. Miami, like Notre Dame last year, had a lot of good luck in winning. And yes, they still won the games and ended up 17-0. If the 1972 Dolphins were to play today they wouldn’t win a game since they are all in their 60’s or 70s.

  10. I have great memories of watching that Bears-Dolphins game on MNF. Too bad the Orange Bowl isn’t around any more. The Dolphins and Canes lost a tremendous home field advantage when they gave up on the OB.

  11. Since 1972, there were only 6 teams with an easier schedule than the 72′ Dolphins. Doesn’t take anything away, but puts it in a context.

  12. The road to the super bowl, that defense was shutting teams out. That 46 defense was even better the next season, so I don’t believe it was exposed as any type of fraud defense

  13. Ok so one team out of the 16 the Bears played that year beat them, lets be serious that defense is the best ever, oh and by the way did that Bears team win the superbowl 46-10 ????? Good for Shula he can always say he beat the SuperBowl champs of 1985 and we can do the superbowl shuffle while they watch.

  14. The ’72 Dolphins need to go away. No one like them and their arrogance because they find new ways to tell everyone how great they were every single year. They might not have lost a game but they are one of the most overrated teams this league has ever seen. The reason their hasn’t been another undefeated team is because of how the NFL is set up now, not how great the ’72 Dolphins were. What a bunch of old grumpy “has beens.”

    Maybe they were invited to the White House because the Dolphins organization will never win another Super Bowl again.

  15. Hmmm. Who was better, the undefeated team or the team that wasn’t undefeated? Tough call…

  16. Honestly, shula doesn’t measure up to the great coaches like walsh and belichick. Everyone knows the 72′ dolphins went undefeated because of their easy schedule, not because they were great.

  17. “…….any given Sunday…”


    That was a Monday Night game and I was on a bowling league so I was at the bowling alley. I would throw the ball, rush to the bar to see the TV, but had to go back if I didn’t throw a strike. Had the best two games of my life. Then the game was over and went back to my average :).

  18. The 2007 Pats won more games and laid beating after beating, little did they know all the while David Tyree was practicing catching footballs with his face.

  19. ’72 Dolphins. they had the #1 Offense and the #1 Defense. 2 1000 yr rushers. shut out 3 opponenets and doubled the score of 8 of the teams they played. went on the road into Pittsburgh and won the AFC Championship. and they played most of the year with their back up QB. also went to 3 straight Super Bowls (winning 2 of them).

  20. One of the best wins in Dolphin history. I can still remember watching it. Seemed like every play was huge.

    In ’72 the Phins didn’t even have home field in the playoffs. They had to go up to Pittsburgh in freezing cold and beat the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl. They also won most of their games with a backup quarterback.

    ’85 Bears defense one of the best ever.
    ’72 Phins team the best ever.

  21. The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today.

    The 85 Bears had back to back shut outs in the playoffs…

  22. The 72 Dolphins had a much easier schedule and barely sqeaked through the playoffs. They almost lost in the AFC Championship game to the Steelers if not for a fake punt and won the SB by 7. The 85 Bears blew out all of their opponents in the playoffs and SB, including the team that won the SB the next year.

  23. kane337,

    You should really do some research before posting this, maybe even watch some pre game and you will notice no one uses it as their set defense but modifications of this defense are used ALL OVER the NFL to this day. And it’s funny how “exposed” it was when they only lost one game that season to a red hot Marino. The following year they went 14-2 with that D.

    But don’t let stats get in the way of a great opinion.

  24. Miami may or may not have had a better defense, BUT… those ’85 Bears would be first to crack that big, f–king champagne bottle over the head of Garo Yepremian come December.

  25. The 72 Dolphins faced a ridiculously easy schedule that year. The 85 Bears are superior in almost every single statistical metric. Anybody who thinks the 72 Dolphins were better can only say that out of ignorance.

  26. “Obama, who lived in Chicago in 1985, has made his allegiances clear…”

    Really? I thought he was a Steelers fan. 😉

  27. This isn’t about which team beats the other. This is about the “Better Team”, and that’s the 1972 Dolphins. Does anyone here really believe the Bears would have lost just one game if McMahon, like Bob Griese, broke his leg?

  28. kane337 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 6:50 AM
    The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today

    The same can be said for any offense or defense that has success. It gets copied for a while, then as more teams see it they learn the weakness and how to exploit it. Then on to the next….

    The Bears dominated that season, except for one game, especially during the playoffs and superbowl.

    If the Dolphins got past the Pats in the AFC championship the Bears would have crushed the Dolphins in the SB.

  29. I hate it when they start interviewing these guys when a team closes in on their record. They act like children with their little toast on the last no loss team losses. I wonder why Bob Griese is not proclaimed best QB ever since only.QB to do this.

  30. The 72 dolphins were a good team with a ridiculously easy schedule. Their opponents’ cumulative winning percentage was under 50%. They literally had one if the easiest schedules in NFL history and it was only a 24 -gsme season.

    Not saying the Dolphins didn’t accomplish anything, it’s still hard to go undefeated, but that bears squad crushed some very good teams. The 85 patriots were no joke and they got embarrassed in the super bowl.

  31. kane337 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 6:50 AM
    The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today.

    It is still used as a package, just not a base defense.

  32. Donny boy really gets off on rubbing everybodies nose in it……….enough already….sheesh…

  33. For those of us in attendance at that Monday night game in Dec of ’85 two things stood out.

    Marino and company executed a perfect game plan using the Bear’s aggressiveness to allow Marino to roll out of the pocket and pick the Bear secondary apart.

    The second was the chaos on the Bear’s sideline with Buddy Ryan and Ditka going at it verbally for most of the game.

    The rematch in the SB would have been interesting but the Patriots went on that road roll in the playoffs beating the Jets, Raiders and then us in the Orange bowl.

  34. The Dolphins used a lot of timing passing routes at the time, due to Marino’s quick release. Duper and Clayton would run to a spot on the field rather than trying to run free and looking back to the QB, it was nearly indefensible.

  35. Would have loved to see the rematch in the Super Bowl instead of that Pathetic Patriots showing in that Bears blowout! I can still see Grogan throwing interceptions and getting sacked almost every play! Embarrassing game!

  36. Believe me, the 72 Dolphins give the 72 Dolphins credit whenever they can.

    I really want someone else to go undefeated…it’s too bad the Patriots could not pull it off…

  37. I love how all the people who judge these old teams never seen either play and just go by some stat sheet. haha

  38. Does he remember the tampering that brought him to the Fins and the first round pick they had to give up because of it ?

  39. 72 Dolphins “easy” schedule is a ridiculous argument. In the AFC that year, only three other teams had double digit wins. Miami beat 2 out of the 3 (didn’t play Oak. because of the immaculate reception). Beat Pitts in Pitts because won loss records didn’t determine where AFC championship was played. In the Superbowl against Washington, but for a Garo Yepremian gaffe, they shut them out. The score was in no way representative of how badly Miami beat them. There wasn’t a doubt as to the outcome from the second the game started and Miami began pounding Wash on both offense and defense. Ask Larry Brown how good the Dolphins defensive line was.

    I’m not going to say who the best team in NFL history is because there’s no way to prove who is the better team from different eras. However, consider that since the first Superbowl played in 1967, 46 years later only one team has completed an undefeated season. So in 46 years, the 1972 Dolphins were the only team that ever had an “easy” schedule that allowed them to cake walk into an undefeated season? Dissing them on their schedule is a weak argument. 85 Bears and 72 Dolphins were both all time great teams.

  40. jason8er says:
    Aug 21, 2013 8:32 AM
    This isn’t about which team beats the other. This is about the “Better Team”, and that’s the 1972 Dolphins. Does anyone here really believe the Bears would have lost just one game if McMahon, like Bob Griese, broke his leg?


    Actually, Chicago back-up Steve Fuller went 4-1 in starts when McMahon was hurt and appeared in 10 regular season games back in 1985. So, yep I believe the Bears would only have lost one game while McMahon was hurt.

  41. At least the dolphins 16 game winning streak became an ash heap thanks to the 03-04 patriots

  42. a.) The Bears were waaaaaay better. Not even close.

    b.) Taking pride in breaking a streak is sad…it’s all he had to enjoy since the 70’s.

    c.) He had one of the best QBs in the history of the game and could never win a Super Bowl with him. For all Shula’s success, he should be held accountable for not putting together a team that could get Marino a Super Bowl. Very sad for Marino.

    d.) As a Patriots fan, I still will never get over the Patriots losing in 2007. They could have put an end to all this BS. I really can’t stand listening to Shula. He is so conceited. I rather be listening to him talk about spygate then this.

    e.) Seeing Shula talk about the snow plow game and get all angry is probably the only time I enjoy seeing Shula talk.

  43. that game against the bears was marino at his best. a great bears team that crushed everyone they played that year. somehow marino said not in my house on this nite.

  44. jason8er says:Aug 21, 2013 8:32 AM

    This isn’t about which team beats the other. This is about the “Better Team”, and that’s the 1972 Dolphins. Does anyone here really believe the Bears would have lost just one game if McMahon, like Bob Griese, broke his leg?


    Yes… McMahon totally sucked. They won because they were a great team and had the best defense in the history of the game (with 2000 Ravens a close second).

  45. Look let’s really think about it all that matters is whats in the win column not the statistics, and until another team can hit the perfect mark there is no better team in this aspect. Plenty of teams have had great records, and stats but not one can claim perfect, a win is a win it does not matter how its pulled off that is what makes a champ not always pretty but finding a way to do it.

  46. As a Dolphins fan, the 85 Bears were the better, more dominant team.

    But that does not change the fact they were not a perfect team; only the ’72 Dolphins can claim that.

  47. kane337 says: Aug 21, 2013 6:50 AM

    The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today.


    Take it easy… The Dolphins won a game. They weren’t revolutionary. They ended up losing to the Patriots. If the Dolphins had faced Chicago in the Super Bowl they would have lost badly. Too bad they sucked and didn’t get the chance.

  48. “dietrich43 says: Aug 21, 2013 6:44 AM

    On paper, da Bears. By record, the Fins.”

    It must be the funny paper or comics dietrich54 must be referring to. Certainty not the paper of reality or the paper that contains the results of the actual game where the Dolphins tore the Bears a new one.

    Amazing how the Bears fans can exhibit the blindness so characteristic of Democrats and Liberals to the obvious – on the field of play, the arena of competition, the Dolphins tore up and stomped on the Bears.

    There is no place in football for the hypocritical nonsense of the Bears were somehow, someway better than the Dolphins who beat them into submission that day on the playing field. Only real mental midgets can ascribe to the sore loser and mentally impaired mantra that on their “paper” (their own warped standards) their Bears are better then the Dolphins in their fantasy world.

    Reality sucks, doesn’t it Fantasy World Bears Fans?

  49. “The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today.”

    Yeah, really exposed. All those points the Giants, Rams, and Patriots put on the Bears after the Dolphins provided the blueprint.

    You do realize that version of the 46 are still run today, right? The 46 defense changed how defenses attack an offense, specifically the QB.

    Versions of the West Coast are still run, but not necessarily the Bill Walsh version.

  50. “Duper and Clayton would run to a spot on the field rather than trying to run free and looking back to the QB, it was nearly indefensible.”

    I could tell. Especially with all the Super Bowl appearances during his career.

  51. “Does anyone here really believe the Bears would have lost just one game if McMahon, like Bob Griese, broke his leg?”

    First off, neither Griese, nor McMahon, were really all that good. Game managers more than anything else. And McMahon didn’t just miss one game that season, he missed five.

  52. 72 Dolphins are holding on to this feat like a Miss USA whose reign is about to end.
    Every year they celebrate when an undefeated team lose its first game. Give it a rest already

  53. I guess that some of you don’t know that the 72-73 Dolphins team only lost 2 games over both seasons and, of course went undefeated in 72.

    They were dominate. If not for their WFL destroying the roster who know how many more they could have won.

    Franchises should strive for this record. None have done it since.

    Match that and then we can talk.

  54. Can anyone explain to me why the President of the United States is spending his time “honoring” sports teams from decades ago? You know things are really out of whack when the leader of the free world is acting as a publicist for the NFL.

  55. can we all just be honest with ourselves for a moment? no one on here wants “somebody” to go undefeated. we all want OUR team to go undefeated. because if a different team than ours goes undefeated, their fans will be insufferable. but if OUR team goes undefeated? then WE can be insufferable. i didn’t want the patriots to go undefeated, because they (and their fans) would have to remind us of it for the next forty years.

  56. Ya the Patriots team the Bears faced in the SB was a powerhouse! WAJ. The Bears lost a game. Period. The debate should end there before it turns into the progression of the athlete debate.

  57. Hey Crazy..

    And it’s funny how “exposed” it was when they only lost one game that season to a red hot Marino. The following year they went 14-2 with that D.
    It’s one thing to “expose” a weakness, it’s another to have the personnel and ability to execute to exploit it. That year (1986, 14-2) Tommy Kramer in fact did the same thing as Marino, by executing quick passes, stepping UP into the pocket and hitting receivers, and running against the over-committed blitz packages. Result? 23-7 Vikings
    12 18 239 2 0
    Plus 4 rushes, 21 yards and a TD

  58. kane337 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 6:50 AM
    The Dolphins exposed that Bears 46 defense. Reason why nobody is using that defense today.
    Wow, almost all teams use it today, hello???

    Marino’s quick release was definitely a problem that night, combined with the starts aligning correctly for the Dolphins.

    But then, I watched the game, did you?

  59. I still think it was an honorable public relations move for the President to go back and honor this team, since it is a KNOWN/ADMITTED fact that he is a Bears fan. Congratulations ’72 Dolphins!

  60. guypatsfan says: Aug 21, 2013 7:19 AM

    The 2007 Patriots would have killed both of these teams.

    You couldn’t even beat the ’07 Giants!!!!

  61. I just want someone to shut Mercury Morris up. Thought I had a chance with the 07 pats…..thought it was there when the pack went 15-1…

    Someone….somewhere… needs to make this happen

    17 games…man it is tough

  62. bach2112 says:Aug 21, 2013 8:42 AM

    I hate it when they start interviewing these guys when a team closes in on their record. They act like children with their little toast on the last no loss team losses. I wonder why Bob Griese is not proclaimed best QB ever since only.QB to do this.


    Maybe because he was out with a broken leg while Earl Morrall went 9 – 0 as the QB?

    But, yeah, the ’72 Dolphins are pretty tiresome. I don’t mind guys like Csonka and Warfield, but Morris, Kuechenberg, etc. just need to shut up.

  63. i think if the poll results were to isolate the votes of those old enough to have been able to see and remember both teams, the bears would be further ahead. personally, i don’t think the 72 fins could have run on the 85 bears, and that would have allowed the pass rush to eat griese much like they ate up Steve Grogan.

    the only outlier is that shulas teams had luck against buddy ryan’s defense. except of course when buddy was with the jets in 69…

    buddy attributed it to shula’s being on the competition committee and getting the calls…

  64. The 85 Bears would roll the Dolphins and there are plenty of team’s in the NFL this year alone that would roll the 85 Bears. The athletes and game has changed drastically in the last 30 years.

  65. Nearly 70 comments about a team from 41 years ago stacking up against a team from 28 years ago?

    Who cares?

    This sounds like the kind of argument baseball geeks would have with each other.

  66. The Dolphins won most of their games with the backup quarterback and had to go on the road in the playoffs then! Easy schedule this! As for you Pats fans degradiing Shula……Shula won with class and shook hands when he lost!NEVER CHEATED! STAY CLASSY PATS FANS!!!

  67. I was so upset when the Dolphins lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game in 1985. An uncharacteristic 6 turnovers. I would love to have seen the Dolphins matchup against the Bears in the Super Bowl.

  68. Anyone else tired of hearing the ’72 Dolphins talk about how great they were? Maybe the reason no one ever gives them as much credit as they think they deserve is because we’re all tired of hearing them give it to themselves.

  69. jakescott:
    The day the Dolphins went to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers on a desperation fake punt for the 1972 AFC title, the weather was unseasonably mild, temperatures near 60. I suppose to the faint-of-heart South Floridians, that would be “freezing cold.”
    The ’85 Bears were the best one-season team in the history of the NFL. They crushed people. The ’72 Dolphins, not so much.
    By the way: in 1972 — long before QB-obsessed ESPN came along — winning with backup QBs was considered perfectly acceptable and not all that unusual.

  70. And for those Dolphins that were politically spiteful and didn’t attend the event, people will look at the group picture, see they aren’t in it and assume they were dead.

  71. @cadillacjosh

    I was there and the fact is that that defense had one weakness…it took a couple seconds to get the coverages in place. Unfortunately for them, Marino had the quickest release ever.

  72. A lot of people in this thread have no idea that the 72 Dolphins won most of their games with a backup quarterback. DA BEARS didnt do that, nor go undefeated.

  73. guypatsfan says: Aug 21, 2013 7:19 AM

    The 2007 Patriots would have killed both of these teams.


    Handheld video cameras didn’t exist in ’72 the Patriots wouldn’t have had a chance.

  74. How about our president worries about fixing this country first. Then he can argue over what team was better that never played each other,

  75. OK Don, let’s just get this out of the way. The ’72 team was great and the ’85 team was able to beat that year’s Bears team. So for apparently the first time CONGRATULATIONS! you egotistical low class braggart. For the most part people don’t hate these guys because they are jealous they hate this team because some of its members, including the coach, won’t shut up about it. Their annual maudlin and pathetic display sadly sours people on what was a truly great team. As far as not being given enough credit last time I visited Canton there was a whole section dedicated to this team, what more do they need?

  76. I can make this one a real simple one. The 85 bears did something that NO OTHER NFL team will ever do in history.

    They went through the playoffs not giving up a single point. Not only that they scored 40+ points in every win while doing it. That is unheard of and will never be duplicated. They even dominated the Pats in the SB and could have made that a shutout as well. They def are the greatest NFL team ever.

  77. By the way, in case anyone didn’t hear, the ’72 Dolphins are still undefeated after 41 years!

  78. There are 5 players/coaches from the ’85 Bears in the Hall of Fame.

    There are 7 players/coaches from the ’72 Dolphins in the Hall of Fame.

    The schedule may have been easy, but the team has no control over that. You play who you play, and Miami shut out 3 of their opponents and scored at least double the points of 8 of their opponents.

    The ’72 Dolphins were the league’s #1 ranked defense and #1 ranked offense.

    Because of the playoff seeding rules at the time, Miami had to go on the road to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship where they beat the Steelers of the 70’s for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Remember the ’72 Steelers, with guys like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Mel Bount, Mean Joe Greene and Jack Ham?

    The ’72 Dolphins are one of only 2 teams to appear in 3 consecutive Super Bowls (the other being Buffalo, who lost all 4) and one of only 7 teams to win two in a row.

    The most impressive part is that they went 12-2 in 1973 and won the Super Bowl despite having a HUGE target on their back after going undefeated the year before.

    There has been 47 Super Bowls played in the NFL, and only one them was won by an undefeated team.

  79. What about when the Bears were hoisting the Lomabardi Trophy after Super Bowl XX that year, when they thumped New England 46-10 and had two shutouts in the playoffs en route to that Super Bowl, Don? Did you recall any of that too?

  80. finsfrontofficeisajoke says:Aug 21, 2013 9:47 AM

    You are what your record says you are.


    It’s true… it’s just no longer relevant to anyone but Dolphin fans. That was 30 years ago!!!

  81. I think it was the N.Y. team that beat the Patriot team when they were going for the undefeated record. Pats were pretty good that year. Kind of sad that they weren’t good enough. Same team beat them in the super bowl?

  82. There is no way in hell that ’72 Dolphins team beats the ’85 Bears team.
    The Dolphins got a couple of good breaks in 1985 to beat the Bears that year. But give them credit….. They won.

    To guyspatsfan. What planet are you on? The 2007 Pats would beat both teams???

  83. So the Dolphins exposed the Bear’s 46 defense in 1985 which was constructed and perfected by Buddy Ryan. And 7 years later, Buddy Ryan was the head coach of the Eagles where he again sat at the helm a top 5 EVER defense. The scheme?? 46. Get your facts straight.

  84. ok. lets be clear. the 85 Dolphins did now win against the ’85 Bears. they gave them a beatdown. it was 31-10 at halftime. watch the video on youtube and tell me that Bears team was the greatest ever. thats a joke

  85. Shula had the team given to him. He then had one of the best qbs ever…duper Clayton etc…could not do anything!!!! Overrated!!!

  86. Strength-of-schedule arguments are thoroughly insignificant in a world where winning is the ultimate goal. Nothing else means anything.

    Those of you who say: “That was 30 -40 years ago. Who cares?” lack a genuine appreciation for professional football. Your opinion means nothing to me.

  87. Shula ” best coach ever”??? How many rings does he have??? Not 4 like Chuck Noll….

  88. 72 Fins were not very good. If you look at their sked, they did not play a team that finished with a record greater than .500 until they reached the playoffs. That is even more damning than their 17-game season.

    The 2007 Patriots were even better than the 1972 Fins. The 1985 Bears would have destroyed them.

  89. Living in Florida during the early 70’s and watching what took place in Miami was very special. It brought the whole State together. It was also very classy for the President to bring the team to the white house for a special celebration. With all the bad stuff in the world today, it was a nice trip down memory lane to remember a time and place where we all came together for a positive reason. Thanks, and congrats to all, You are still the only perfect team!

  90. Every year as soon as the last undefeated goes down, one of my best friends calls me and yells into the phone, “THE RECORD’S SAFE!” In ’85 we were in college together, and I was at a friend’s place with 30 other Dolfans to 10 Bears’ fans the night the Dolphins exposed the 46 defense. If Miami had not choked the AFC Championship, they’d have beaten the Bears again .

    As for meeting NOBAMA, he has 1,247 DAYS TO GO! RUBIO/CRUZ ’16!

  91. toonloonboon says:
    Aug 21, 2013 8:23 AM
    whats obamas real job again?

    “DUURRRR, when Obama has athletes visit he’s a loser but when Bush does it he’s a patriot DDUUURRRRR DERPY DERP!”

  92. There has never been an NFL team as dominant as the ’85 Bears and it will be a very long time until we see another; if ever. The Dolphins were extremely lucky to win that game. Just consider the pass of the helmet as a good example of their luck. Did the Dolphins shut out their opponents in the playoffs? Uh no, they didn’t. Did the Dolphins absolutely manhandle and demolish their opponent in the Super Bowl? Um no, they didn’t. The ’72 Dolphins were good, but they were ’85 Bears great.

  93. the way I see it is they were both great teams of their times there was 13 years between the 2 teams and a lot about the game changed over that time so I say give both teams the credit they deserve.

  94. Is it me?? Or does it seem like these dudes have patted each other on the back one too many times??

  95. They lost ZERO games . The other team LOST 1. Do the math – If you can’t – then I will take the Frisco team with Rice and Montana over all of them …but you can’t – so it has to be Miami.

  96. Shula, most wins by a coach in NFL history. Best coach. ’72 Fins, 17-0 best team.
    If the ’85 Bears were so great why didn’t they go to the Super Bowl 3 years in a row????

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