Freeman isn’t fazed by Fran’s critique

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On Tuesday, Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton offered a strong critique of Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman.

He just plays God awful,” Tarkenton told WDAE radio in Tampa.

In response, Freeman took the high road.

“Obviously, he’s Fran Tarkenton,” Freeman said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.  “His career speaks for itself.  He’s a Hall of Famer.  But I mean at the same time, everybody is entitled to their own opinion.  The important thing is the people in this building — coaches, teammates — they’ve got faith and they know who I am as a player.”

Still, if the organization had complete faith in Freeman, the team would have tried to sign him to a new contract.  Instead, the Bucs are letting Freeman finish his rookie deal before determining his value over the long haul.  Or before deciding whether they even want him over the long haul.

By all appearances, the Bucs want Freeman to be the starter for 2013.  Come 2014, maybe the Buccaneers will be inclined to agree with Tarkenton.

44 responses to “Freeman isn’t fazed by Fran’s critique

  1. Fran loves to trash QBs. He’s from the ‘make myself look good by tearing down others’ school of classy behavior. He roomed with Jaworski.

  2. There wasn’t a defensive lineman in the league as big as Freeman is, when Tarkenton played. Someone give Francis the Talking Mule a cob of corn to quiet him down.

  3. They didn’t draft Glennon for no reason. He’s obviously the insurance policy that allows them to let Freeman walk should he not do so well again this season

  4. MIKE!

    Just because the Tampa market kicked your show to the curb, stop taking it out on the players. This quote below is absolute hogwash.
    “if the organization had complete faith in Freeman, the team would have tried to sign him to a new contract. ”

    I dont recall Joe Flacco getting this same treatment last year. It was all hush and Joe is going to play his contract out like MOST professionals. I dont get why a player must be re-upped on a contract until it is completed. If you sign it, live with it!

    Is Freeman…Joe Montana…no and nobody said he was…I dont understand the overly critique attitude of the media except for the fact its the offseason and they are bored silly.

  5. Second year in the same system, with the same OC. One of the best 1-2 combos at WR in the league. A beastly RB. A top 10 offensive line. Josh, you really have no excuses this year, play like the QB you can be and get the deal, or stay inconsistent and thats that.

  6. Of course he’s going to say that. What do you expect him to say?

    “This old guy doesn’t like me? Better hang up the jersey.”

    He’s correct in only caring about One Buc’s opinion of him.

  7. .

    Spot on analysis…… Be consistently productive or the team will have to find another person for the job. It’s not complicated.


  8. Its the preseason. Plenty of teams go 0-4 and play well in the real games. Plenty of 4-0 and suck in the regular season (Lions 0-16).

  9. Anyone who has watched Fran’s highlights/games, and particularly any coach cringed when he did the stuff that he did. He’d run back 20-30 yards sometimes like a 10 year old playing Madden, run around avoiding tacklers and sling it downfield. If he were playing today he’d be benched. Funny they show the crazy runs like that where he escaped, not the ones where he did that 30 yard drop and got sacked making it 3rd & 37.

  10. Freeman has more INTs that any other QB over the last two years.

    That includes Sanchez, Gabbert, et al.

  11. dalcow4 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 2:01 PM
    Play better– end of story.


    He probably will since it’s a contract year!


  12. I’m looking forward to Freeman’s critique of Tarkenton when the Tark is starting for the Skins come week 7.

  13. At Fran’s age, with all the hits he took to the head, perhaps he was thinking they asked him about his play in Super Bowls. Ofer 3 in 4 years makes him the anti-Aikman. Hail Mary!

  14. “Freeman isn’t fazed by Fran’s critique”

    Her abrasive NY accent however, sends chills down Josh’s spine.

  15. Fran’s career does speak for itself, and it says “Never the best.” I’d trust his vision more if he’d ever seen things once from the top of the mountain.

  16. It’s real simple. He has the physical ability, but he has to mentally put it all together. I’ve said it before and will say it again. Either he turns the corner this year ala Flacco, or he’s Jason Campbell 2.0… Flashes of brilliance bracketed by inconsistent play.

  17. Uh, Oh. Expect a call from Warren Moon Fran.

    Something to remember foks. Tark played when you could molest WR’s and hammer QB’s without fear of penalty and he still put up a HOF career. He can have a strong opinion if he wants on present day QB’s.

  18. Gracious response. It is obvious that the Bucs do have confidence in him. If not they would have sought a trade or they would have drafted, seriously, to bring in competition.

    Sorry Glennon fans. He’s an acceptable 3rd round pick, but really no where near being ready to compete for a starting job in the NFL.

  19. Fran Tarkenton – 11 career playoff games

    149 of 292 (51% completion) for 1803 yards (164 yards per game). 11 touchdowns, 17 interceptions. Passer rating = 58.6.

    Mark Sanchez – 6 career playoff games

    95 of 157 (60.5% completion) for 1155 yards (192.5 ypg). 9 TDs, 3 INTs. Passer rating = 94.3

    The greatest Vikings QB of all time, worse than Butt Fumble. Yeah, that fits the Vikings mold.

  20. Lot of hate and ignorance for old Fran in these comments. Guy was great QB but he is kind of a dick. Vikes fans tuned him out long ago up here in MN. But dont disrespect what he did on the field, you just sound spiteful.

  21. Josh knows just like the rest of us that Fran T. hasn’t watched more than 30 consecutive seconds of a Bucs game since Josh came into the league. Dude doesn’t even deserve to be dignified with a response.

  22. “Something to remember foks. Tark played when you could molest WR’s and hammer QB’s without fear of penalty and he still put up a HOF career. He can have a strong opinion if he wants on present day QB’s.”

    Doesn’t make him a credible analyst, especially when he can’t offer any substance. For the record, here’s how the two compare after 4 years:

    Fran was 16-29-3 with 75 tds and 68 ints

    Free is 24-32 with 78 tds and 63 ints

  23. Actually Fran may not have the best personality, but he does know quarterback play. There’s a lot of folks here just looking for an angle to attack anyone associated with the Giants or Vikings, and are making use of this opportunity to do so.

    Fran is right, and most Tampa fans agree, that Freeman has stunk up to this point, and that the coaches and fans expected much more than what they’ve seen so far.

    Like Ponder, this may be a make or break season for Freeman…and Fran is correct that to date it’s not looking good. We’ll see who is correct: Fran or the PFT Viking haters, as the season gets played. If Freeman gets benched even once, Fran is the Man.

  24. Of course Freeman wasn’t fazed by Tarkenton’s comments. Tark retired before this kid was even born. Someone had to tell Freeman who Tarkenton was.

  25. I’m sure The Ravens didn’t want Joe Flacco either when they didn’t sign him…….DOH !

    freeman is a star in the making , he isn’t going anywhere …

    And oh btw. Fran Tarkenton wouldn’t even make an NFL roster if he played in the modern era. And how many hof’ers were on that defense he had ?

    Loling @ media hype

  26. Why isn’t Fran Tarkenton viewed as a jerk more often?

    I’m not the biggest Josh Freeman fan, but it’s not like he’s Ryan Lindley or Tim Tebow.

    You can’t play when you have no skill.

    Freeman has enough skill to throw 25 TD in 6 INT in 2010, but his 2012 shouldn’t make him be talked about so insultingly.

    Tarkenton shows me why greatness cannot be celebrated when someone is unlikeable.

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