Guy, Humphrey are Seniors Committee HoF candidates

One of the more controversial candidates for selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is getting another chance.

Via Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, former Raiders punter Ray Guy and former Falcons defensive end Claude Humphrey have been named as the two Seniors Committee nominees.

Those two will be automatically included as finalists for the voting, which takes place the day before the Super Bowl. They’re considered separately from the 15 modern finalists, but each must receive at least 80 percent of the vote to be inducted into the Hall, meaning it’s far from a rubber-stamp process.

Guy has been a finalist seven times before (1992, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2007, 2008), and his exclusion to this point has been much-debated. He blames it on “stupid people,” effectively claiming discrimination against punters in general.

This time, however, he won’t have to worry about competing against other worthy candidates at other positions. That means he’ll either go into the Hall or not based on his own merits.

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  1. Like it or not, punter is a legitimate position on a football team. I still can’t understand why the great punters can’t be included in the HOF with all the other positions. It’s not like they need a full wing dedicated to them.

  2. Ray Guy deserves to get in.

    Ask any defensive NFL player past or present how important it is to pin the opposing team inside the 5 yard line.

    Weathorford did that in the Super Bowl and it led to a safety.

  3. Hopefully it will happen…there is no doubt that Ray Guy should be in the Hall of Fame…and Jim Plunkett…and Tim Brown…and Tom Flores…and Cliff Branch…and Ken Stabler.

  4. Finally, Ray Guy (who was the biggest field position factor in the history of the NFL, and the reason ‘hang time’ started be kept track of), doesn’t have to worry about punter discrimination from the likes of Peter King. You’re going in Ray, don’t worry.

  5. No, he WON’T be judged solely on his own merits. He is the best punter in the history of football. This is a referendum on whether punters belong in the Hall of Fame. If the best punter in the history of football isn’t in the Hall of Fame, that means the voters don’t want a punter in the Hall of Fame, period.

  6. Special teams is a big part of football, and the fact that someone who has been universally viewed as the best punter to play the game isn’t in the HOF is a shame. In a preseason game last week, a team basically gave up on extra points and field goals when their long snapper got hurt… Just ask the ’90 bills how important special teams can be… A missed field goal cost them Super Bowl rings.

  7. To the people who don’t think Guy deserves to be in the HOF, may I ask why? Last time I checked it was the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If every other postion (besides kicker) is represented, not to mention coaches, GM’s, broadcasters, etc., then why can’t punters be in there? Isn’t punter a football position? Plus the dude has was a 6 time All Pro, 3 time SB champ, 70s All Decade Team and NFL 75th Anniversary team. Please, someone explain why he shouldn’t be in there.

  8. Not many fans of today recognize the value of a good punter but they somehow are still able to see the problems caused by a bad one. Guy belongs in the hall of fame without question.

  9. Ray Guy deserves to be in, and kickers/punters deserve respect. When you think about it, a good kicker and punter can be the difference in tons of games at the NFL level. Just look at how many games are decided by less than a touchdown and tell me a top quality kicker/punter doesn’t make a difference.

  10. Ray Guy had some big punts in 1980, the year the Raiders won their second Super Bowl. That is especially true of that divisional playoff game at Cleveland, and that was a very cold day. Don’t forget his one handed snag of an errant snap in SB XVIII. He was at his best in big moments, and he was a constant on three Super Bowl winning teams. He was also one of the first punters to be a weapon. The first one was Sammy Baugh, and he played multiple positions and got in as a quarterback primarily and then as a DB.

  11. I am so for this to happen. Not in the way like Art Monk where people were like, “HERE! Stop talking about it, already!” but in a way like yeah, this guy deserves it. He has deserved it for years, and it would make sense to honor the guy while he is still alive to be honored.

    I have been chamioning for him for a minute, and with me being 36, I have only seen him on video highlights

  12. any time college football has an award named after you for a specific position, and you got to 7 pro bowls, and you are named on the nfl all time team and you are not in canton there is something wrong.

    I dont call it stupid , i call it hating.

  13. Just wow. Ray Guy over Mick Tinglehoff or Jerry Kramer? I do not doubt for a minute Ray Guy deserves to be in the HOF, but over one of the best centers and best guards to ever play the game?

  14. Imagine playing against the Raiders back then. Their defense didn’t contain you like the Steel Curtain or anything, they were aggressive and physical. Offense relied heavily on big plays. Now that’s where Ray Guy came into the picture, his punts had so much hangtime you would be stupid to return the ball, and when you don’t return it he pins you inside his coffin corner. So imagine every offensive possession starting from inside your own 10 yard line with a defense that was stepping on your throat everytime you’re out there. All game…Ray Guy effectively made the defense a lot better than it was because he could pin a team inside their own 10, their own 5 yard line each time.

  15. Agreed with radrntn.

    The dude has an AWARD named after him, that should’ve been a HoF-ticket right there.

  16. How in the hell can you forget about Jerry Kramer? If anyone deserves to be in the HOF it’s him.

  17. One thing people forget about Guy was that towards the end of his career, when some of his leg strength was gone he became really good at sending the ball out of bound inside the 20.

  18. Despite being a 1st round draft picked punter, NFL Network & rate him as the #8 best draft steal of all-time. NCAA’s best punter award named after him. Revolutionized the punting game. Hang time started being kept track of because of him.

    And most importantly, to this day, John Madden says no one on those great Raider teams were more valuable.

  19. I’m old enough to remember watching him. He was perhaps the first punter to get the ball high enough that his teammates could get downfield and catch the ball on the fly. Put him in the Hall of Fame.

  20. If a punter is good, he can be one of your best defensive players. If not, he can be one of the best players for the opposing team. Put Guy in.

  21. If Ray Guy, and the punter position in general, are not worthy of *ONE* position in the hall of fame then do away with the position.

    Guy was a special team weapon of era and defined the position. He was also the Raiders’ #3 QB.

    I’ve heard the HOF writers argue that compared to current punters blah, blah, blah. This is not the same standard held to WRs that played in the bump-and-run era, whose stats are substantially lower than the counterparts in the modern era.

  22. They won’t even NOMINATE Jerry Kramer, who should have been in 40 years ago. Nothing more than a joke – check those geezers for dementia.

  23. Ray Guy was the best punter of all time period. I remember him hitting the monitor in the superdome twice!!! He was a huge weapon to have. I loved/hated him. I’m a huge Broncos fan and he killed us with his punts.
    Deserved to be in HOF a long long time ago. No Doubt !

  24. No Mick Tingelhoff again? Yeah, Ray Guy belongs in the Hall of Fame, but Jerry Kramer and Tingelhoff should have been put in decades ago. When they get in, I’ll start calling for Ray Guy.

  25. ray guy and bobby Humphrey both deserve a hof induction as does jerry Kramer and jerry smith.

  26. I recall a college game against Ole Miss. Guy received the snap in his own end zone, and kicked it twenty yards over the head of the return man. It bounced through the other end zone.

  27. Ray Guy was a great punter, don’t get me wrong. However, I think when he played, as well as now, he is overrated. I’m old enough to remember him and his sky high punts. They were great. He was pretty good at getting them inside the 20 but not even the best at that, measured against his peers at the time. He played on many very good teams and played a role in their success. However, their talent also played a role in his. People like to equate Ray Guy to the invention of hang time and all that, like no other coach had ever thought of such a thing before. Of course that is nonsense and had more to do with the media actually paying attention to it. He was a first round pick and the hype has never really ended. Again, great punter, arguably the best of his time. Truly hall of fame exceptional? In my opinion, not even close. There are punters in the league right now putting up potentially HOF careers, Guy doesn’t come close to them in my opinion. A punter deserves the nod, but I don’t think super hype Ray Guy is deserving.

  28. It’s about time serious consideration is given to Ray Guy and punters. Hope he makes it. Hell, even Cris Carter got in.

  29. I’m hopeful that since Dave Robinson broke the seal for Lombardi-era Packers to be nominated via the Senior Committee that Jerry Kramer’s time is coming soon. Hopefully before he passes.

    HOF needs at least one punter, though I hear Jim Thorpe was a hell of a punter too.

  30. That guy named Ray Guy is a great guy, punted the football really far to the other guys, played football with a lot of guys, and should be in the HoF with the other guys. What a guy.

  31. Anyone ever heard of LC Greenwood? Who was only the all time sack leader of the greatest sustained defense ever built? Not saying Guy and Humphreys don’t deserve it, but LC not in is a crime.

  32. kramer and tinglehoff were very good players.

    neither, however, was the best player ever at his position. neither is even in the top 5 ever at their position.

    the yards gained by good punters are equal with the yards gained by a sack or a good block.

    the hall voters look stupid not recognizing what most every poster here does.

  33. Needs to be the first punter in the HOF….just like the first punter to be selected in the first round…another brilliant Al Davis pick! GO GUY!!!! You deserve it!!!

  34. Odd. I was just talking about Claude Humphrey yesterday. He had a great year as a nickel pass rusher with the Eagles in 1980, late in his career. I think he got about 14 sacks even though he did not play in the base defense.

  35. No other player defines their position as much as Ray Guy. The HOF has no credibility until he gets in. I met Ray Guy in 1992 at the HOF when Al Davis was inducted. He’s also one of the nicest guys (no pun intended) I ever met. Good luck Ray.

  36. How obscure are punters? Apparently, finding a stock photo of Ray Guy is as easy as locating shots of Yetis so they tape his football card to this article.

  37. Rosters are way too inflated now!!

    Not only do players only play offense or defense, they even have surplus roster spots that they can be wasted on kicking specialists and long snappers who are only on the field for a few plays each game.

    In contrast a real player like Jerry Kramer, who was voted the best offensive guard in the first 50 years of the NFL, the leader of one of the most famous plays in football, also kicked and is not yet in the Hall of Fame.

    No bench bunny kicker should ever get into the Hall of Fame because they are only used when there is a failure. Failure to score or failure to get a first down.

    There is nothing special about any player on kick teams. If there was anything special about them they would be on a regular team.

  38. Both Guy and Humphrey are very deserving HoF candidates, and hopefully they’ll both get their rightful due. Agreed that several other players are deserving as well (Kramer, Tingelhoff, Greenwood, for three), but with only two slots per year it’s really tough to get every deserving player in in a timely fashion.

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