Jets lose Lex Hilliard for the season, rookie Bohanon apparently wins job


One of the lingering camp battles for the Jets has been resolved, by default.

Jets fullback Lex Hilliard, who appeared in 12 games and started nine last season, has been lost for the season.  He’ll have surgery to repair a broken scapula suffered on Tuesday in practice.

Hilliard’s exit opens the door for Tommy Bohanon, a seventh-round rookie from Wake Forest who had been battling Hilliard for the job.

After three seasons with the Dolphins, appearing in every game, Hilliard signed with the Vikings, who cut him prior to the start of the regular season.  After two games with the Patriots, Hilliard was available again.  The man who coached him in Miami, Tony Sparano, brought him to New York.

Hilliard will land on injured reserve, collecting the full amount of his $715,000 base salary.  And that may be the best news for Hilliard; if he’d lost the job to Bohanon and been cut, Hilliard may have earned roughly $715,000 less than that this season.

12 responses to “Jets lose Lex Hilliard for the season, rookie Bohanon apparently wins job

  1. The best news for Hilliard is not to have broken his scapula (wth?!?) and remain the injured property of the NY Jets.

    The best news might have been to either win the competition and play or be a healthy cut and sign with another team.

    Since when is breaking your body and forsaking your dream to play in the NFL “great news”?

  2. Jeez…they’ll do anything to get away from the Jets! The worst NY team ever assembled in either the NFC or AFC.

  3. @nyfan63 he is currently on the bengals

    Sad he got hurt but to be honest now he atleast get an injury settlement as opposed to getting cut and losing out on all of his money. Tommy Bohanon was going to win the job anyway.

  4. In a twisted ironic way sometimes its better to suffer a season ending injury in order to get paid in the NFL especially if you are on the bubble.

  5. NFL = Not for long.
    Take care Lex, at least you can tell your kids and grand kids that you were a professional football player.
    Good Queston what happened to John
    Conner the terminator.

  6. I watch Bohanon on youtube, He did very well, but that’s ony une game on youtube. He was a fulback in that dame.

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