Kirk Cousins: I’d be pushing it to play in third preseason game


No decision has been about who will start at quarterback for the Redskins when they face the Bills on Saturday afternoon, but the signs are pointing toward Rex Grossman.

An MRI on Kirk Cousins’ sprained right foot turned up no structural damage, but Jeff Darlington of reports that Cousins said it would be “pushing it” for him to be on the field for the Buffalo game. Given the recent history of Washington quarterbacks when they try to push through an injury, this should a good moment to show off what they learned from Robert Griffin III’s knee injury in the playoffs last season.

Cousins is on board with that plan, saying that it is more important for him to be as close to 100 percent as possible in the regular season than it is for him to get more reps in the preseason. While playing Grossman may limit some of what the Redskins would ideally like to do on Saturday, it’s hard to argue that there would be more reward than risk from starting Cousins when there’s still a possibility that Griffin won’t be ready to play Week One.

That possibility seems a slim one, but the fact that it exists at all should be enough to lead the Redskins to Grossman.

7 responses to “Kirk Cousins: I’d be pushing it to play in third preseason game

  1. Isn’t there a holiday coming up in a couple weeks? That means Grossman won’t be focused or prepared for any game. He has an issue when Holidays are around. I remember that from the Packers game when he was with the Bears.

  2. Play Pat White the entire game. Let’s see what he can do. Like him or hate him, we know what Rex can do?

  3. I used to like Bob, heck of an athlete, but after seeing all of the shenanigans this egomaniac has pulled during the off-season and preseason has me really disliking him to the point of hating him.

    Starting with the jumping jacks during the draft rally when it was for the new draftees (had to be in the spotlight) to the pregame warmups when he has to take snaps and take up room on the field when he’s not even playing. Those reps should be for Cousins and Grossman to get ready for the game, not this egomaniac. And what’s with d ressing up in the entire uniform when he’s not playing?

    Don’t even get me started on how he second guesses the coaches and says he’s going to play in the preseason, his ego is cashing checks his body can not possibly pay.

    And nobody recovers from a torn ACL & MCL in seven months without some medicinal help (hint-hint).

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