Raiders trying to figure out offensive plans with Jared Veldheer out


Left tackle Jared Veldheer’s torn triceps may not wind up ending his season, but he’s going to be out for a while and that’s forcing the Raiders to reevaluate their offensive plans for the seasons. 

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson said that the team wasn’t able to fully install the power blocking scheme they had in mind for the running game this season before Veldheer was injured and that the final two preseason games will tell them if they’ll be able to make full use of it once the season gets underway. Even if Olson decides that the remaining offensive linemen can run that scheme effectively, he knows that the offense will be hamstrung without Veldheer on the field. 

“I think it changes how we’re going to use everybody,” Olson said, via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group. “It’ll impact how I use Darren McFadden, it will impact how I use Marcel Reece. You don’t lose a player like that and think you’re not going to have to change some things or do some things differently.”

Based on the way new left tackle Alex Barron and the rest of the line looked against the Saints last week, Veldheer’s absence is going to be felt in the passing game as much, if not more, than it’ll be felt in the running game. If the group doesn’t get find a way to jell into a more effective unit quickly, it’s probably going to be another long season for the Raiders offense. 

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  1. It should be one of 2 plans:

    1: Run right, Run Right, Roll Flynn right…hope it’s a first.


    2: Start Pryor and use pistol, read option…basically anything misdirection and try to make the d-line think a little.

    Veldheer going down has taken me from thinking we could surprise some people to wondering if Clowney will wear 77, 97 or some combo with 7 I haven’t thought of….

  2. If your offense hinges on one player it’s safe to assume it’s a crappy offensive plan.

    Plug-in the next guy and keep going… draft for depth/replacement next year and keep getting a little better. No more short-sighted trades, stay the course and improve.

  3. What will be intersting is to see if the Davis son has the guts to roll these sorry jokers who have destroyed the franchise, which was on an upswing when his father died, in such short order. My guess is the coach will be gone, but the clueless GM will soldier on.

  4. This line was crappy last year, and they didn’t make any notable changes. Reggie seems to have focused the majority of his time on the defense, and may have overlooked the O-line. If none of these guys can play, why are they on the roster? Reggie’s first draft pick (Bergstorm) is looking more like a bust every day.
    The formula has been proven time and time again – build the lines first and move back from there. Reg might have it backwards.

  5. As a Raider fan this is going to be another tough year. We have $49 million in cap space used for players not on the team. Which is almost 40% of our salary cap!

    Big Reg has gotten rid of the “Al Davis Scholarships” and got our draft picks back and made cap room.

    We will likely have a top draft pick next year, hopefully Clowney and have $69 million in free cap space. Over 50% of money we can spend on new players! This is the most cap space ever in NFL history.

    Big Reg has put together a decent team with some great deals. Flynn has a cap hit of $3.875 which is less than Jason Campbell and we have locked this year and next year to prove himself.

    This year will be tough but it takes a while to clean up the horrible mess that was made.

  6. Anyone else think the Raiders will be in LA by this time next year?All the signs are there,lease up at the Coliseum and Davis isn’t interested in renewing it unless there is a solid stadium plan in Oakland which there isn’t.They are tapping off 10,000 seats to avoid a blackout which they still may not.The Niners and Giants are the Bay Area darlings while the Raiders are barely mentioned on sports talk radio there.the topper is the Niners open their new stadium next season and they could be coming off another Super Bowl appearance.Seems to me like the Raiders and the Bay Areas marriage is pretty much over its just time to sign the papers making it official

  7. realfootballfan says: Aug 21, 2013 12:22 PM

    What will be intersting is to see if the Davis son has the guts to roll these sorry jokers who have destroyed the franchise, which was on an upswing when his father died, in such short order. My guess is the coach will be gone, but the clueless GM will soldier on.


    Wait. Wait. Wait. On an “upswing”? What are you talking about? Losing more than 11-games a season for almost a decade doesn’t sound like an improvement to me. Not that they’re in any better position now. It’s going to be a sad, ugly fight for last place in the AFC West this year. The Raiders still are the obvious favorite, followed closely by the Chargers and Chiefs. Even the Donkeys are likely going to crash back down to Earth. Ugly!!!

  8. We’ll know more in ten days when teams have to get down to 53. There has to be some guys getting cut that will be an improvement over the starting lineup now.

  9. Veldheer is a beast (and a great Al Davis draft pick), but if losing one player off the O-line kills our plans for offensive production then we never really had a very good unit to begin with. Go Raiders!

  10. It’s a tough task to design an offense when you no QB, your starting left tackle is a third stringer anywhere else and most of your receivers are practice squad talent.

  11. biggest challenge is the fact is Tom Cable was a zbs guy, so he got guys for that scheme. Then along comes Hue who wants maulers, so they draft guys like bruce campbell, and barksdale. Then comes gregg knapp who wants to go with a zbs, so we trade away those picks and sign guys like Brisiel, and draft bergstrom. Now we are back to getting maulers….Add the fact the o-line has been bad for years, and we did not even draft an o-lineman at all in 2008 or 2009 does not help..time to stop flip flopping ….screw the zbs…get me some beef up front that can pave the way.

  12. humb0lt says:
    Aug 21, 2013 12:34 PM
    It’s a tough task to design an offense when you no QB, your starting left tackle is a third stringer anywhere else and most of your receivers are practice squad talent.

    Says a Charger fan…whose team has the same issues. No LT, average at best QB, no RB and WR’s that can’t stay on the field.

    Stones in glass houses buddy.

  13. dougydougdoug,

    It’s your team, so I would think you would be familiar with your team finishing 8-8 and being on your way to the playoffs when Al Davis died before catastrophic injuries to your starting QB, RB, and receivers derailed all of that back in 2011.

    But I guess Raider fans are so used to having their heads in the sand, they don’t notice the difference between when their offense is actually good like it was in 2010 and 2011 as opposed to what it was last year and looks to be again this upcoming year.

    Not to mention that your defense, which your defensive minded HC was supposed to fix, actually did about as bad a job again last year with that unit that held you back in 2011.

  14. The biggest problem with the Raiders was changing coaches every year PERIOD!
    Three things you need for a winning team … good coach, good QB and a good DE.
    What’s sad is that if Al was still alive Hue would have the Raiders in the playoffs. He would have had them in the playoffs in his first year if the NFL suspended Von Miller then instead of waiting 2 years.
    Anyways Hue will prove he is worthy of a HC job after this season with the Bengals running game and Palmer will once again be a good QB … it helps when you have WRs who can catch the ball and run the right routes.
    The Raiders … well Reggie McKenzie will prove he is not ready to be a GM and Mark will thank him for tanking the season so he can move or sell the team to LA.

  15. Being a realistic Raiders fan, I know we have no shot at wining the Super Bowl. To me, unless you win it all, you are a LOSER like the other 31 teams. Why does it matter if we win 1, 2 or if we are somehow lucky, 4?? The more we lose, the better for the future. 2013 is NOT our future. We have so much to work on and have a long way to go to build a winning team. I hope we all as true Raiders fans wish for an 0-16 season so that we can finally draft high, draft the right players. The only way we will ever be successful is through the draft. We need the next Lawrence Taylor and he is going to be in the draft in ’14. I am talking about Clowney from South Carolina. We have been horrible for 10 yrs plus, I am willing to give up another 2 years and build w/ the right picks and then be great for the next decade or so. Big Reg has 2 more years to make the right picks, or else he is gone. So far, I like his vision. My only issue is instead of signing Woodson and Cribbs and Porter and Jenkins, I would rather have had him save the $$ for the future and give unproven rookies / youngsters a chance to show what they can do in the future. These 4 and even Kluwe are not our future.

  16. realfootballfan:

    The absolute LAST thing I am, is a Raiders fanatic. My allegiance is more towards the AFC (and western sports) in general. The Raiders, however, are such an unprecedented train wreck, and the fanatics are such mealy-mouthed joke fodder, that it’s a pleasant distraction to comment on these absurd things.

    I’ve heard established sports writers make the same comment, that you have to go out of your way to be as bad as the entire Raiders’ organization has been for over a decade now. They make the Jags look like a beacon of hope and promise.

  17. The first half of the Saints game was so telling . I think our drunk Polish kicker can lead us to a couple of wins but we are grossly weak in the trenches . Now here’s hoping Clowney can stay healthy for the season . Rome wasn’t built in a day . Go Raiders !!!

    BTW you can safely pick Indy week one in your suicide pool .

  18. No Veldheer is bad news for Offense!


    McFadden might be gone after this year.

    RAIDERS are trying to save $$$ and although I love the 2 years he put in under Hue Jackson….

    I don’t think he will stay for less than a monster deal.

    Here is hoping Run DMC stays healthy……But also stays in the Bay!

    Go Raiders.

  19. humb0lt says: Aug 21, 2013 12:34 PM

    It’s a tough task to design an offense when you no QB, your starting left tackle is a third stringer anywhere else and most of your receivers are practice squad talent.
    Humb0lt is the semi-literate master of deflection. My team sucks, so let me talk about yours. The Chargers signed Robert Meachem to a big guaranteed contract, just to discover that their former QB is what made him look good, while their current QB cannot. Jared Gaither is still eating at Arby’s every day on Charger money. Eddie Royal finally caught a catch in practice, and hurt himself. The Chargers were the talk of the league this spring. Not for what they did, but for what they didn’t do. They didn’t do anything.

  20. Since so many have written the Raiders off before the season has even kicked off, why post on such a horrible team and franchise?

    I really don’t see the fascination about talking about a team you say will win 3 games at best.

    Now, for the Real Raider fans, I can’t remember the last time a team won the superbowl before the season. The Raiders will compete and compete hard. Once that mindset is established, everything else will come to fruition.

    smh@people that bury a team before a real game has been played!

  21. I’d have Blechler (The black Lechler, King) punt on every first down; that is the only way Darren McFadden will be available for every game and that is the only way we will not have to suffer through Pryor running around like he is a dodge ball competition once Flynn is hurt.

    The Raiders’ roster is a veritable garbage scow of trashy players, most of whom couldn’t make the practice squad of any of last year’s playoff teams and if you think Charles Woodson is going to be a help, take your lips off the bong.

    I have been a Raider fan since 1960 and this is the WORST collection of low-life losers I’ve seen since 1960.

    The last time I was in Oaktown was a few years ago when the dog ass Chiefs whipped our sorry asses and it will be a long time before I ever go back.

    Many fans were saying, give Reggie a chance – ok, we did. Now what?

    I hope Mark Davis fires McKenzie and Allen and hires some young talent – there has to be knowledgeable experts out there now who’d be willing to work for the Raiders now that Lord Al has died.

    It is SO depressing to see this crummy collection of clowns in these uniforms and to read SO many of their fans anxious to deny the reality of the low-team-talent that stares them right in the face.

    How the Raiders get to three wins is WAY beyond me.

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