Report: Steelers believe Le’Veon Bell has Lisfranc injury


We already knew that the Steelers were waiting for a second opinion on running back Le’Veon Bell’s injured right foot before determining how long of “a while” he’d be out of the lineup.

Now a pair of reports shed some light on what’s worrying the Steelers. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network both report that the Steelers believe Bell has suffered a Lisfranc injury, which could mean a lengthy stay on the sideline while he recovers.

Glazer reports that Steelers are hopeful that Bell will be able to avoid surgery, although they won’t have any confirmation of that until after they get the second opinion. Tight end Matt Spaeth needed surgery on his own Lisfranc injury and is expected to miss 8-10 weeks, although earlier reports say the injury wasn’t as severe as the one Spaeth suffered. Rapoport reports the same in regard to surgery and adds that the Steelers are “pretty frustrated.”

You’d expect as much since the Steelers went through one injury after another in their backfield last season, to say nothing of the fact that players drafted in the second round are expected to play major roles for their teams and it is looking increasingly likely that Bell will be barred from doing that for the immediate future.

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  1. This is going about as disastrously as possible. After passing up Eddie Lacy because of a fear his toe would never heal properly, he just goes out and looks like a stud instantly while their pick has been too fragile to get 10 carries in a preseason game.

  2. I heard 3-6 weeks a couple days ago…looks to still be in that range if its comparable to speaths but not as severe.

    Either way, balls.

  3. thegreatgabbert said:

    The search for Lis Franc goes on, but she disappears as quickly as she strikes.


    If he can find her, Roger Goodell will fine her.

  4. dgreenfi says: Aug 21, 2013 3:04 PM

    Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman

    Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer

    Fantasy Football decisions.

    Gotta go with Redman. He is such a violent runner!

  5. Before the draft. The Steelers worked out Beanie Wells. I wonder if he will be brought in for another physical at this point. There aren’t a lot of veteran options out there. There are the likes of Michael Turner, Cedric Benson, Ryan Grant etc… Steelers might be forced to go down that road.

  6. cincy85 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 2:57 PM
    Sucks for bell, but…. Hahahahahahahaha steelers

    Cheering for injuries is low rent. If you think your team is worth a damn you should want to prove it by beating the best everyone else has to throw at you.

  7. Always interesting to me how you don’t ever seem to hear of certain types of injuries then BAM, it seems like everyone gets it. When Westbrook got a lisfranc injury back in ’05, no one knew where the hell it was even located. Now…

  8. blackngold4life says: Aug 21, 2013 3:14 PM

    Just came to read the funny page..

    Minn. Vikings stories are on the next page

  9. Ok….the kid is a big back, 6-1 244, and he just had 382 carries his Junior year. That’s up from 182 the year before.

    That’s roughly 29 carries a game (counting bowl).

    2,000 yards RB’s in the NFL? 332, 379, 335, 392, 387, 358 and 348.

    Most of those guys were never the same. If anyone expected a 244 pound rookie who just got 200 more carries than he’s ever gotten to then have the crazy offseason he had and then be expected to be the bell cow for the Pittsburgh Steelers….thats a crazy person.

  10. bengalguy says:
    Old slow team
    very creative bengalguy. Maybe you could help your team create a playoff win, instead of spending your time and a winning team’s boards.

  11. I know I’m gonna catch some h-e- double hockey sticks for this but here goes….

    Sign Brandon Jacobs. He’s big, has low miles on him and can protect Ben. Pitt will be passing plenty and it’s no secret that Ben is an injury waiting to happen. Why risk your franchise player on a RB who is practice squad fodder?

  12. Bell should have never been drafted in the 2nd round anyway. Let alone the 2nd rb taken. Nearly everyone knew that when his name was called, but since it was the Steelers it was called a great pick. Slow, plodding, with no burst. Health was suppose to be his calling card. Looks like that call went unanswered.

  13. cincy85 – as another Bengals fan I’d like to say it lacks class to celebrate your competitor’s injuries. You should hope both teams get to play at full strength and you win, not win because of injury.

  14. the o line will once again be terrible. 7 drafts and Colbert and tomlin haven’t put it together. and just like the TB bucs when they realized gruden had taken them as far as he could, the steelers will fire mike tomlin after another lackluster campaign.

  15. Maybe this will mean more time to work with the receivers. No huddle 5WR shotgunformation. Brown, Wheaton, Sanders, Cotchery, Dunn, Woods, Justin Brown, Moye!?!? C’mon! Can we get those guys some more work.

    Running is important when you’re 14pts in the first quarter … not necessarily when you’re down 14 pts. in the 4th.

  16. Im done believing in my team. I love em and wont ever stop but i think we shld get rid of everyone and start fresh. Ben is so annoying the way he holds that ball lookn for kill shot every play. Our oline is terrible…AGAIN. I mean come on. Whens the last time we had a good oline? Obviouslly someone is doing their job right. This is pathetic and we are most def the basement dwellers now. Cant do anything right.

  17. No excuses on 9/16 when you all come to Cincy’s house… When you buckled Palmers Knee after the half all we heard was “no excuses” When Shayne Graham missed the fg in 06 that would have sent us to the playoffs..All we heard was ‘No excuses” So all Nati fans are saying is NO EXCUSES!!!

  18. crownofthehelmet says:
    Aug 21, 2013 3:32 PM
    bengalguy says:
    Old slow team
    very creative bengalguy. Maybe you could help your team create a playoff win, instead of spending your time and a winning team’s boards.


    8-8 is not a winning team, FYI.

  19. As a Ravens fan, I have to say that this sucks. I gotta admit, I hate the Steelers, but respect them and you always want your best to beat their best. The Ravens lost Pitta, so I’m not reveling in this guy’s injury.

  20. That’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. It’s hard to be a run first offense without a healthy running back.

    I still like Dwyer and think that he can be something special, if he ever learns how to hold onto the football. Think Tiki can come and teach him high and tight?

  21. wearethechampsandyourenot says:
    Aug 21, 2013 3:40 PM
    they may as well blow this team up


    What did they redo?

  22. This is looking like the 2008 draft all over again. The Steelers took Mendenhall, only to have Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, and Jamaal Charles come off the board afterwards.

  23. He wasn’t going to start anyway. We have a stable.

    Pittsburgh wasn’t built in a day.

  24. @realfootballfan Yea injury prone…. The guy carries the ball 30 times a game the past 2+ years. I’m sure you know all about physical aptitude huh, fatboy?

  25. “Always interesting to me how you don’t ever seem to hear of certain types of injuries then BAM, it seems like everyone gets it. When Westbrook got a lisfranc injury back in ’05, no one knew where the hell it was even located. Now…”


    The reason we are hearing about more lisfranc injuries most likely has to do with the medical community’s better understanding of the ankle joint complex and attention to the symptomology of such injuries.

    I bet, in past years, a lot of lisfranc injuries were misdiagnosed as lateral ankle sprains.

  26. Todd Haley mess? You’re confused, you mean the currently unemployed Scott Pioli. Haley took KC to the playoffs, lost his QB as well has his pro bowl safety and RB. Then was blamed for not making Cassel into the all star Pioli thought he was. Haley is employed and has a promising job, Pioli is azz kissing the media circles hoping to find friends.

  27. js11js11 says:
    Aug 21, 2013 3:38 PM
    Funny how they avoided Lacy because they thought he was an injury risk…


    Eddie Lacy hasn’t even played a regular season game in the NFL, so I wouldn’t go acting like he was worth the risk or that the Packers are in the clear with this guy. Try again in 2015 or 2016 after these guys have been in the league for a couple of years.

  28. Eddie Lacy was still the better pick, and the Steelers are going to regret not taking him.

  29. I was more impresssed w/Stephens-Howlings than I was with Bell. That said, Tomlin has to be feeling the heat because the team that Cowher drafted has now either retired or are so old, that they’ve become ineffective.

    The Offensive Line still doesn’t give Ben protection so he’s running for his life. When was the last time he was able to drop back in the pocket without staring at three defensive players in his face.

    Rebuilding year for sure, but with the recent drafting by Tomlin and Colbert, we’re looking at a downward spiral for a while.

  30. I’m a Browns fan and I don’t think we’ve beaten the Steelers since the 1980’s! Am I supposed to feel sorry for them because their running back is hurt? Oh … and by the way … the Browns will beat them twice this season.

  31. Tough injury again for Pittsburgh. I agree with some posts that either Cedric Benson or Brandon Jacobs could help. Problem is cap space if they have it They have to retain some space for the remainder of the season. Another problem is whether any back would block for Ben in passing downs, let alone catch the ball out of the backfield.

    Finally, people should be admonish for cheering when another team loses a player.

  32. bohste:
    You’re a “Browns fans” yet you have no idea when the last time was that the Browns beat the Steelers? You casuals are hilarious…

  33. As much as I love watching good football and always want the best players possible on the field I have to say this couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of arrogant, self-righteous, trash talking (even though steelers haven’t been relevant for a few years) fans! I’m not a browns fan or any AFC North team fan but I absolutely hate the Steelers and it is for one reason only……. Their lame fans!

    With the Bengals and Browns looking like youngteams headed in the right direction and the Ravens being tough year in and year out have fun being the AFC North doormat for the next 5-10 years losers! Mark my words Steelers are going to be the new Browns of that division and I can’t wait to see how many of the bandwagon fans abandon them!

  34. Bell was the better choice, at least on paper, which is where all draft picks are until they’ve played. Bell was durable in college and had by far the highest yards after contact numbers in college. He had more yards after contact than before contact and no one else had that in all of college ball last year. The Steelers drafted the more physical player, at least as far as college goes.

    Bell also had a horrible QB and passing attack last year – unlike Alabama’s. Bell had a below average O-line as well – unlike Alabama’s, which is littered with future pros every year. And what have the other recent past Alabama running backs done lately after they’ve been drafted?

    It’s easy to talk afterward, isn’t it?
    This is why y’all post here instead coach for your teams :p

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