Rex expects his defense to be a top-five side

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Perhaps based on the shaky status of his quarterback situation, or his own, Jets coach Rex Ryan has been almost subdued this offseason.

But the brashness is always there under the surface, and it came out again when he was asked if his defense could be a top-five caliber unit.

We will be,” Ryan said, via Rich Cimini of “Right now, we’re not there. Obviously, we have to make some improvements, especially after this past week. But I’m certainly confident that we’ll be where we always are — or better.”

Asked why so confident, he replied: “My history.”

The Jets have a number of issues on that side of the ball. They traded away cornerback Darrelle Revis, and are replacing him with first-rounder Dee Milliner. They’ve also lost outside linebacker Quinton Coples to a broken ankle, and have seven new starters on that side of the ball.

But they’ve also never finished a season worse than eighth in the league in total defense under Ryan, who makes the expectations clear.

“We have a lot of good players,” Ryan said. “There’s going to be a lot of new faces in there, but I guess, you put that decal on the side of your helmet, it says ‘New York Jets,’ so you have to be special. You have to understand there are expectations that come along with it. I expect our guys to play extremely well.”

They better, if the Jets want to be competitive.

34 responses to “Rex expects his defense to be a top-five side

  1. Well he always did have a top defense in the league. Not as if it’s unrealistic. If he was talkin about the offense on the other hand…

  2. He’s just pumping them up for the Superbowl … which for the Jets is their annual pre-season game against the Giants.

  3. Uhh…..Rex? Remember that super bowl prediction that backfired? Might want to throw your crystal ball away.

  4. “You have to understand there are expectations that come along with it. I expect our guys to play extremely well.”


    Expectations and reality are two totally different things.

  5. Professor to student, “Do you have any facts to back up your statement?” Answer”Well you know, um like everyone knows ‘cuse it’s common knowledge, like it’s on the web, I mean come on Professor. Hey Rex, do not make your players have to answer for your lake of control. It is difficult enough being a Jet.

  6. Great defense last year. They lost 6 games by more than 2 touchdowns and only beat one team with a winning record, the Colts. They were out of so many games teams let up on them.

  7. Does this idiot realize the absolute lack of talent on this team. Don’t know what he’s smoking, but half would be fine with me!! The GM wants him gone so after they start 0-4, he’ll be replaced and can finally get a job as a circus clown which is where he belongs!

  8. @red26sox Glad to see you went and actually googled the Jets record, schedule and statistics of last season to make a measely little comment on this thread. Your obsession with the Jets is obvious at this point. So be sure to visit for season tickets starting as low as $50 per game!

  9. scoops1 says:Aug 21, 2013 10:51 AM

    Does Rex expect his team to get to the Super Bowl….again???

    Did he say that?
    Yes he has a big mouth and he won’t ever learn to shut it. But he didn’t say that for a couple of years.
    The difference between your repetitiveness and his are millions of dollars.

  10. Have to wonder what these haters will do when Rex and Sanchex are gone? You think maybe they’ll follow the same team for more than one season?

    Talk about withdrawal.

  11. We don’t have to follow Sexy Rexy and Sancheezy to get a good laugh as long as the jests are in the NFL.

    Will Sexy Rexy immediately quit if the D isn’t in the top five? Sure, they were top five with the Mangenious’ players, but not since he has gotten rid of all the good players and put his own in. I seriously doubt any defense could be top five if they have to be on the field most of the time.

  12. “when he was asked if his defense could be a top-five caliber unit.”
    Clearly a set-up he never saw coming.

  13. Talk about an irrelevant statement. How can a guy that’s supposed to be so smart sound so consistently dumb?

  14. Rex is a proven defensive coach, he will get the best out of what they have.

    But expect the Jets D to be top 5 in minutes played, which will make it really hard to be top 5 in points / yards allowed, etc.

    They could be a top 5 D if graded on a curve that allows for an offense that could be top 5 in 3-and-outs…

  15. why is this guy just satisfied with being a top 5 defense each year…why not try to be a top 5 TEAM in the league this year…this is this guy’s downfall…he needs to be braggin about something..ALL THE TIME..shut up already!

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