Santonio Holmes on looking like he’s in great shape: Looks can be deceiving


There’s been a rush of positive reports about Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes’ condition after a long stay on the shelf because of a foot injury.

General Manager John Idzik said that Holmes was close to returning and fellow wideout Stephen Hill said that Holmes has been telling his teammates that he’s ready to play, but Holmes sounded a less positive note when speaking with reporters on Wednesday. When asked about head coach Rex Ryan saying that Holmes looks like he’s in great shape, Holmes said that “looks can be deceiving.”

“I say that with a smile, because if I actually felt as good as I looked, I’d definitely be at 100 percent,” Holmes said, via Mike Mazzeo of

Holmes still isn’t cutting and said that any positive reports about catching passes from Geno Smith before the team’s second preseason game were blown out of proportion because all he was doing was running in a straight line. Holmes also said that he still feels pain in his foot every day and reiterated that he can’t say whether or not he’ll be healthy enough to play at all this season, although he stressed that he’s doing everything he can to make sure he does play for the Jets this year.

It adds up to pretty much the same status quo for the receiver that’s been in place for a while. There remains a decent chance that Holmes is able to play for the Jets this season, but any idea of when that might be is speculative at best.

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  1. Lisfranc injuries are pretty much career death for a guy who makes his living as a skill player.

    That’s one of those injuries that you’ll feel for the rest of you life, at least the part of you life that includes walking.

  2. From the moment Santonio Holmes signed with the Jets I knew he would never be worth the money. What a waste. Some guys just can’t wait to play. He always sounds as if its the last thing he’d like to do. Tannenbaum’s legacy with a exclamation point.

  3. I honestly feel for the guy it must be pretty sad to have your foot hurt when you walk And be expected to run and catch and cut. Oh well at least he’s a millionaire.

  4. He’s in no rush fellas. He’ll collect his dough from the Jets this year, get back to 100% healthy, the Jets will release him, and he’ll sign a nice contract with some other team.

  5. Sounds like its going to hurt all season. The question is, has the fracture healed to the point where he’s cleared to cut, and jump? If so, saddle up your paid millions to entertain young man.

  6. I dont blame him for waiting, if he tries to play before his foot is ready hes back on the shelf and teams will hold it against him when he is looks for a new deal…..

    take your time and think about you first, GM are ruthless

  7. I know it’s really fashionable right now for all Steeler homers and Jets haters to post on Santonio stories about how the Jets were oh so stupid to trade a 5th round pick for this former Super Bowl MVP, but let’s not forget something: Without this guy on the roster, the Jets don’t even make the playoffs in 2010, never mind the AFC title game.

    He beat Cleveland with 22 seconds to go in overtime on a TD catch where the ball traveled farther in his hands than it did in the air, then came back the next week and caught the game winning TD against the Texans with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

    Sure, Tannenbaum shouldn’t have extended him after the season, and that’s part of why he’s gone now. Holmes was a brat in 2011, but 2012 was looking up until he hurt himself. I have no animosity toward the guy. Wish him the best and hope he comes back strong.

  8. Just another example of what a mess the Jets are. The guy can’t make a cut yet but the GM has declared him as coming back soon and Rex is going on about how good he looks? What is gained by them blowing smoke about a rapid return? These guys just love to hear themselves talk.

  9. Sounds like he doesnt want to play in 2013 and deal with a ‘wasted season’.
    Smart move. We all know the Jets arent going anywhere.
    Now as for 2014 – we all know the Jets arent going anywhere lol

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

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