Sean Lee agrees to six-year extension with Cowboys


The Cowboys have been dealing with a slew of injuries to their offensive and defensive lines this summer, but linebacker Sean Lee has managed to stay healthy after missing 10 games last season with a toe injury.

That’s not the only reason why the Cowboys were trying to sign Lee to a contract extension, but it probably didn’t hurt when it came time to hammer out the final details. Lee’s agent Mike McCartney announced that his client, whose contract had been set to expire after the 2013 season, has agreed to a six-year extension that will put him under contract to the Cowboys through the 2019 season. The Cowboys have confirmed that Lee is signing the deal right now.

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that it is worth $7 million a year and can rise to $8.5 million a year through incentives. There’s no word on guarantees or signing bonus, however.

The Cowboys said during the offseason that they would likely look at giving Lee an extension, which is no surprise given how quickly he became an important part of the defense after joining the team as a second-round pick in 2010. Lee’s shown a facility for all aspects of life as an inside linebacker and his brief preseason appearances have shown that those abilities translate to the middle linebacker spot in a 4-3 defense as well.

As long as Lee is healthy, he’ll be a linchpin for new coordinator Monte Kiffin and, given the length of his contract and Kiffin’s age, probably the next Cowboys coordinator as well.

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  1. As a cowboys fan I am so unbelievably happy. Ratliff is on his way out soon and ware only has a couple years of being Ware left, so its good to know we have another stud player on defense locked up for the remainder of the decade.

  2. In about 2 or 3 years he will be asked to take a salary cut or be released. NFL contracts are a farce for the players . That’s why they try to get most of their money in upfront bonuses.

  3. Initially very happy. But, can he stay healthy? He didn’t let nagging injuries hinder his ability in the past, then last year happened. it’s also a new scheme which I’m sure he’ll flourish, but nevertheless, approach with caution.

  4. Can’t stand the Cowboys, but you just gotta love this guy. Take him as your defensive player on your fantasy team and you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Sean Lee plays MLB on the same level as Lee Roy Jordan did under Tom Landry and Ernie Stautner. Delighted to see his contract extended.

    Next up will be Dez Bryant. His contract will be extended sometime before the year ends.

  6. Remember when Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome picked Sergio Kindle before Sean Lee, Daryl Washington and Navarro Bowman.

  7. theuglitruth says:
    Aug 21, 2013 8:03 PM
    Remember when Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome picked Sergio Kindle before Sean Lee, Daryl Washington and Navarro Bowman.


    Totally forgot about that…good call.

    Although, had Kindle reached his potential, he would have been really good.

    Newsome deserves a mulligan, hell, even Parcells made some bad calls in his day…

  8. andyb02 says:

    Thank you Jerry for spending money like you don’t even know what the words ‘salary cap’ mean.

    I’m sure Mara Jr had to approve the deal first.

  9. bigdinla says:
    Aug 21, 2013 7:11 PM
    Penn State produce lbs that are constantly hurt! Can’t believe they paid him when he has not played a full season yet.


    Tell that to:

    LaVarre Arrington, Jack Ham and Matt Milen

  10. Since this dude no longer has to worry about a Golden Tate crack-back block, he should have no problem staying on the field.

    I kid! I kid!!! Seriously, even Seahawks fans respect Sean Lee. Good player; class act. Best wishes.

  11. Take a long good look at the Cowboys roster. Young, fast and talented.

    The add a solid O-Lineman and Defensive Tackle next year….

    Salary cap opening up…

    They will be solid for the next few years.

  12. Lee is a excellent player with good instincts but he is not going to last that long. He isn’t physical or big enough to take the punishment of a full year at this point of his career.

  13. Lee has been injury prone since his Penn State days. He has had two knee surgeries, shoulder, wrist and toe problems. No other team would give Lee the money he got from Dallas because of his injury history. This is why JJ is an idiot. Plain and simple the man is a buffoon.

  14. I wonder what Lee’s signing bonus is? That will make or break this deal. Lee is the real deal on the field and would break other teams pocket if they tried to trade for him.

    Sean Lee is the young Peyton Manning of middle linebackers. I believe that even the great linebackers would all agree that Sean is physically and mentally able to redefine the position.

  15. Assuming he can stay healthy this is an amazing deal. Should be a pro bowler this year if he plays to his potential. If Bruce Carter is healthy too, wow, top 2 up and coming LBs of the NFC.

  16. First off, I am not a cowboys fan. As I have watched Dallas lately, I have noticed Lee quietly excel at his position. No complaining, plenty of production, football guy. Great signing that I hate…

  17. For all of you haters, CALM DOWN. The deal includes just over 16 million in guaranteed money. That is less than 3 million per year for a player of this caliber, and it is much less in guaranteed $ versus Patrick Willis or Navarro Bowman.

    It is a good deal for both sides, and only gets better for both sides if Lee stays healthy and plays lights out – and he has played lights out when he has played. It is time for him to complete a full season, and I think he will be able to do so in this new D.

    With Bruce-Lee in the middle, this D will be tough, and the Cowboys D will be a force this year. You heard it hear first…..

  18. This is Lee’s breakout year in the NFL. He’ll be the best, most productive Mike in the League. No long hair prima donna like a certain Packer, Lee’s the real deal. Brains, brawn and a nose for the Ball. Thrilled to have him til 2019.

  19. I am not a Cowboys fan, but admittedly the NFL is more popular when Dallas is competitive and a force. The NFL East will be great this year with the Giants and Dallas going after one another. Philly should be improved. Oh that team in Washington-they don’t matter.

  20. This time of year, Cowboy fans are always so bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them (except JJ is an embarrassment to the NFL) and hope they beat the Skins twice, but your team is a chaotic mess and has been for some time now. When was the last time they even mattered in the grand scheme of things?

  21. Sean knee, u must be from Oklahoma, that’s a town there
    Except spelled Shawnee for all u Cowboys
    haters that can’t spell. This is a great deal for
    Sean Lee and he’s gonna be big trouble
    for some offenses this year so get over it
    and talk crap about teams that have sucked
    worse than Dallas the last few years.
    GO COWBOYS!!!!!

  22. I love how people just regurgitate the crap they hear and pay no mind to the facts. This is a GREAT deal for both sides. Protects the Cowboys if he does get injured, and pays him top dollar (which he deserves) if he doesn’t.

    As far as ‘not having played a full season’, two years ago he missed ONE game and last year’s was nothing more than a freak injury. Lineman steps on his toe and basically severed it. Had he not had skin around it, it would’ve fallen off. Don’t care who you are or how ‘injury prone’ you are, that stuff can happen to anyone.

    Let’s also not forgot Dallas has shifted to a 4-3 from a 3-4 where he was always asked to take on unblocked offensive linemen. Automatically should cut down on the injuries everyone is so concerned about.

  23. man i hate andy reid.

    not a single middle linebacker ever drafted that could play..

    instead of taking Lee in rd 4,, Reid trades the pick to dallas…

    Man, any KC fans that are hoping for a revival are sorely mistaken

    teams have 13 years of game tape on Reids every predictable move.

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