Tarell Brown trying to recoup some of lost $2 million


Due to some lack of communication between the San Francisco 49ers, Tarell Brown and his former agent Brian Overstreet, Brown forfeited $2 million in salary this season by not attending the 49ers’ offseason workouts.

Now Brown and his new agent, Joel Segal, are trying to get some of that money back.

According to Janie McCauley of the Associated Press, Brown hasn’t put the issue behind him and is still focused on recouping the lost salary.

No, I haven’t moved on,” Brown said. “Nothing has happened. They’ve been working, going back and forth and just seeing what we can do.”

Brown said he hopes the issue will be resolved before the regular season opens with a matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Sept. 8. Head coach Jim Harbaugh also said he hoped something could be worked out.

Brown said he didn’t want the issue to be a distraction to the team and is going about his business on the field while letting Segal worry about the business with the front office.

21 responses to “Tarell Brown trying to recoup some of lost $2 million

  1. A hard and expensive lesson: read what you sign. I hope the niners don’t budge. 900k is still good money where I’m from, and since he agreed to have his contract structured that way I don’t feel bad for him in the least bit.

    Play or get out Tarell. Your choice.

  2. I’m sorry, but giving Tarell Brown a dime for anything less than a team-friendly extension sets a horrible precedent. You will have players for 32 NFL teams lining up with their hands out, demanding money they didn’t earn under the terms of their contracts.

    I don’t feel the least bit bad for him. As a player, you get to pick your own agent to represent your interests. Clearly, he picked poorly. That’s not the 49ers’ fault. It’s also not the 49ers’ fault that he didn’t call his agent before the offseason started to say “hey man, what do I have to do to earn my full contract this year?” Teams have too much to do around that time of year with the draft and free agency to be babysitting grown men.

    The bottom line is that even without the salary escalator, Brown and every other player in the NFL are getting paid an obscene amount of money for what they are actually contributing to society. The fact that this is such a rare situation (in fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it) is a testament to how badly this particular individual and his representatives neglected his financial interests.

  3. Good luck, that scummy low-class franchise won’t give you a dime. Meanwhile, the shining Seahawks rewarded Brandon Browner with a big bonus they weren’t obligated to.

  4. Your former agent had Error & Omission liability insurance for a reason. That’ll be a good place to start.

  5. When one signs a contract worth millions of dollars, he should read and understand the terms. Failing to do so is solely the signee’s fault.

  6. 49’ers shouldn’t pay him a penny. He didn’t honor the contract not them.

    If he thinks not reading or have someone explain his multimillion dollar contract isn’t important then so be it. That has nothing to do w/ the organization, that’s lazy.

  7. I don’t see how you can feel like the money is yours when it is attached to workouts that you did not attend. I get why he is upset, but this is directly the result of failure by his agent to inform him about his contract. He should seek the compensation from his now-former agent.

  8. Good luck, that scummy low-class franchise won’t give you a dime. Meanwhile, the shining Seahawks rewarded Brandon Browner with a big bonus they weren’t obligated to.
    Low class is blasting amplified crowd noise when the opposition has the ball and hitting players on the ground after the whistle, 2 thing the Seatwats do regularly…

  9. The seahawks do not pump in crowd noise they have been looked into by the league COUNTLESS times. Please stop with the Bs. Nor do they hit players who are down after the whistle. I bet your the dumb guy who thinks the Manningham hit last year was illegal.

    Well take your hater glasses off, he was not down and it forced an fumble, most teams players and fans applaud those hustle and strip plays. Your crying being they go to the whistle that’s how teams out compete one another is by being relentless.

    Now u don’t get me wrong, no way they should pay the man, honor your contract or don’t reap the benefits period. Paying him is a bad example for others. If he is struggling or wad counting on that money he should have been on top of it.

    Also this is why they made fun of jay z and his firm they have Geno Smith under and even worse off season pay scale type of contract. Anyways don’t represent your fan base their are man who great niner fans, but people like you try to disgrace them with your lack of knowledge. Stop it already.

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