Terrance Ganaway retires from Rams to go back to school


When Wednesday began, the depth chart at running back for the Rams started with Daryl Richardson and ran through Isaiah Pead and Zac Stacy before eventually making its way to Terrance Ganaway.

It won’t look any different up top when Wednesday comes to a close, but anyone behind Ganaway is going to be moving up a slot. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Ganaway has decided to retire from the NFL in order to go back to graduate school.

Ganaway, a 2012 sixth-round pick of the Jets out of Baylor, didn’t record any stats in three games after joining the Rams last season. If his name is familiar, it is likely because Ganaway spent part of his offseason in very unfamiliar surroundings for an NFL player. Ganaway took a job making sandwiches at a Jimmy John’s outlet in Waco, Texas because he said he wanted to avoid any possibility of getting into trouble while waiting for the next football season.

It was a fairly remarkable thing for a professional athlete to do, even one that was on the relative fringes of his sport. That kind of work ethic should serve Ganaway well in whatever pursuit is next.

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  1. Best of luck to him, that’s a tough decision for him to have made. Hoping it works out for him!

  2. I had my doubts about him as an NFL caliber rb but have no doubts about him as a very smart man. He was working at a sandwich shop in the offseason. Too bad more people couldn’t know the value of a dollar like he does. Best of luck to him!

  3. Good for him! My guess is that he wasn’t earning an enviable amount of money to begin with, and his career probably wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway.

  4. I wish him the best, but I still laugh at all the people who at the end of last season had him listed as the Rams number 1 RB going into this season. Once the Rams drafted Stacey, the writing was on the wall for Ganaway. With that said, his injuries that have kept him out of every preseason game so far didn’t help him. He might have still had a shot at making the final 53 if not for that.

  5. This kid probably wasn’t gonna make the team, but he’s an idiot for quitting. Where else is he gonna make nfl money? Making sandwiches? Please!!! Hang around the league long enough to get a pension then quit! Not smart! Get your money while you can!!!

  6. It was obvious That he had no desire to play! I do wish him the best of luck!!! I had high expectations for him. Do what you gotta do TG!!! Good luck buddy!

  7. A 2012 pick doesn’t “retire” in 2013. He quits. “Retirement” is for vested veterans. Just because he’s quitting doesn’t mean he’s “retiring”.

  8. I am a big Terrence Ganaway fan…
    If you recall he was the running back who played at Baylor with RGIII and Kendall Wright who were both 1st round picks…
    Mr Ganaway had a smooth running style for being a big back, and he ran between the tackles…going from starter in college to one of many running backs on a roster / depth chart in the pros are completely different …major difference for a football player… Only about 6% of NFL players have a 10 year career… NFL careers seem to get shorter and shorter… Good luck Mr. Ganaway ! I hope you come back…to the NFL someday…

  9. Dumb choice. He could do grad school any time after an NFL career. If you have a shot at it, try to maximize your NFL career. Grad school isnt going anywhere.

    At least he wasnt as stupid as the starting Texans RB (Alexander??) who quit to become a rapper after a couple years, then returned to football soon after.

  10. T.G. was enrolled in Baylor’s MBA program and well on his way toward earning an MBA degree in Healthcare Management when he was drafted by the Rams. A bright young man, strong work ethic, and successful future ahead of him. Best wishes to him.

  11. I have known T.G. since he was in high school. He is highly intelligent, has great wisdom and a work ethic second to none. I’m certain he weighed all of his options well and chose the path that was best for him. No doubt he will excel and succeed at whatever he endeavors to do.
    I know his mother is in heaven smiling down on him with great pride.

    Good luck Terrence and God Speed!

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