Foster increases practice reps, still not ready to play

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Texans running back Arian Foster has returns to practice, and he’s already ramping up the reps.  But he’s not ready to suit up and play.

“[H]e looked good,” coach Gary Kubiak said Thursday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “He did more.  He put his pads on with everybody else.  I think we went from like 10 reps to 20 today.  We picked up his work.  He felt fine coming out of yesterday.  Today’s the same, looked the same to me.  We’ll just keep taking it almost as if he started training camp yesterday.”

That doesn’t mean Foster will be ready to participate in the third preseason game.

“I don’t see him playing,” Kubiak said.  “Like I said, I hope he has such a good week that he’s feeling like, ‘Hey, I can go play 10-15 plays,’ and talking to me that way.  I think with the time he’s missed, the smartest thing is to get in a couple of good weeks of practice.”

Foster missed much of camp with a lingering calf strain.  More recently, a back problem had kept him out of action.

14 responses to “Foster increases practice reps, still not ready to play

  1. I bet you won’t get any breaks on your pre-season ticket prices, even though your favorite player is sitting.

  2. @unbiasfan AP is almost as good as Jim Brown was and ArianFoster is close behind. I suggest you check out Mc coy in Philly also if you are at all capable of being unbiased.

  3. youarejealousof6rings says:


    At least the Texans’ RB will be playing in the next few days. Where is the alleged Steelers workhorse RB, LeVeon Bell (or however you spell his name, like it matters)? How long will he be sitting, nursing that little foot injury?

  4. I mean, do any of you believe this façade? We all know that if dude he gets hurt in preseason your season is over. Lingering hammy my arse. We all know Schaub can’t carry the squad.

  5. My fellow Vikings fans are a damn embarrassment on this site. I hope foster is full strength sooner than later. I’m evidently one of the few that wants every team as healthy as possible.

  6. In 2011 Foster missed 3 games and still ran for 1200 yards and 10 TD’s. That’s also the only year he missed regular season games as a starter.

    The Texans will be just fine.

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