Joe Philbin on Jonathan Martin: He’s quietly improving


Early in training camp, reports from Miami stoked some fear about how well Jonathan Martin would do as the team’s starting left tackle.

He was getting beaten for sacks by Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan at practice, raising concerns about how well he’d do when facing guys like Paul Kruger, Robert Mathis and Elvis Dumervil in the early weeks of the season. The Dolphins have played three preseason games since then, but the concern about Martin hasn’t grown based on his performance in those contests.

According to coach Joe Philbin, that’s because Martin has been “quietly improving” over the course of the summer.

“That’s probably a good thing for an offensive lineman. You don’t want to be noticed too much as an offensive lineman,” Philbin said, via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post. “I think the timing on his punch is getting better, his footwork is getting better. Again his continual work, he’s working hard at it he’s very detailed with his preparation.”

The Dolphins explored other options at left tackle before ultimately deciding to go with Martin as the protector of Ryan Tannehill’s blindside. It’s a decision that will weigh heavily on Miami’s chances of offensive success, making it a clear positive that things have trended in the right direction over the course of the preseason.

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  1. Not too many people realize how hard it is for an offensive lineman to switch sides. I played LG for a D-1a school. Anytime I would switch over to the right side in practice it messed with your head. The footwork is the hardest part, especially your post foot when a d-lineman rushes inside. Give him some more time and he’ll get used to it. It’s even harder for tackles than guards also.

  2. He played LT all his college career so it was a natural transition for him to go back to LT. The premature panic is typical of the media driven hype!

  3. “Meanwhile in St. Louis, Jake Long has been destroying DEs. What a great signing!!!!”
    Here’s hoping he can stay healthy for y’all. If not, hope you have an adequate backup.

  4. @michaeljacksonisback

    No one doubts Jake Long is (was) a Stud. However, I will gladly give you $50 if he plays in every game this Season. At best, he’ll play in 10 of them and poorly in half those with a bum Back, Knee, Bicep or Tricep!

  5. michaeljacksonisback says:
    Aug 22, 2013 8:19 AM
    Meanwhile in St. Louis, Jake Long has been destroying DEs. What a great signing!!!!
    Let’s talk in week 12 and see if you still feel that way. Honestly, though, I’m rooting for Jake Long to have a great year. In no way would that affect my belief that letting him walk was the right thing for Miami to do. Committing that much money to an offensive lineman (one who appears to have already played his best football especially) makes no sense when your team desperately needs playmakers on both sides of the ball. Good luck, Jake, but Miami’s offense will move on just fine without you.

  6. I liked Jake and respected him as a player. With that said, sadly, he’s done. I saw him manhandled last year and St. Louis fans will undoubtedly be seeing the same thing over the course of the year (that’s assuming he can finish the season without going on IR as he has the past two seasons).

  7. I can’t say enough good things about Jake Long, but I’m glad he’s no longer in Miami. While I’m rooting for him to do well, I’d like to warn St. Louis fans that he’s proclaimed that he’s “the healthiest I’ve ever been” every preseason for the past 3 years. And we all know how that turned out.

    Martin will be fine. Like the other posters said, it’s the RIGHT side of Miami’s line that has me worried.

  8. I hope he has been improving! Some of ya’lls jobs are on the line if he don’t. I say that with the thought that should Martin fail, it will grreatly impact the offense and possibly keep us out of the playoffs. Heads ill roll on that result. However, I do think Martin is improving and can handle the job better than Long did. I tend to be more concerned with whats happening on the right side of the line and how our Tight Ends play.

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