Martellus Bennett isn’t worried about lack of preseason targets


Earlier this week, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said that worries about the passing attack being overly focused on wide receiver Brandon Marshall again this season were unfounded because the Bears were going to spread the ball around on offense this season.

Tight end Martellus Bennett, who hasn’t been targeted at all through two preseason games, echoes the lack of concern about another solo show in Chicago. Bennett said that the Bears have been the football equivalent of a poker player who hasn’t shown all their cards during the preseason and that he’s not worried about the possibility that Cutler will fail to see him on the field come the regular season.

“He sees me; I’m 6-foot-7, a big black guy running down the middle of the field. He sees me,” Bennett said, via Jeff Dickerson of “I wear white gloves so he can see the white gloves when I wave them like Mickey Mouse. I clap when I’m open. So I do enough to let him know that I’m open when I have to tell him. Even when I’m not open I tell him I was open.”

The Bears have kept things quite vanilla to this point in the preseason and they probably aren’t about to show all those cards in the two remaining games, which means that the defenses facing Chicago early in the season will have to do a lot of guesswork to figure out what Marc Trestman’s going to do. That should work in the Bears’ favor, whether the throws wind up going to Bennett, Marshall or any of the other receiving targets that Cutler will have at his disposal.