Musgrave doesn’t rule out a return by Webb to quarterback


After three seasons at quarterback and an abysmal postseason start against the Packers, the Vikings moved Joe Webb from quarterback to receiver.  Now, as Webb struggles to make the roster as a wideout, the team could move him back to quarterback.

On Thursday, offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave didn’t rule out a return by Webb to the position he previously played.

“I’d say anything is possible,” Musgrave said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “That’s a lot of speculation here in August.   Joe has played quarterback, Joe has played wide receiver.  You know we’d have to go to our contingency plans if we ever got into that state of affairs.”

Webb currently is listed as a third-stringer on the team’s depth chart, which means he’s on the bubble when it comes to making the 53-man roster.  But Webb would be no higher than No. 3 at quarterback, since the Vikings have Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel.

So it could be that Webb is facing the end of the road in Minnesota.  If that happens, look for the Chiefs to give him strong consideration; former Vikings coach Brad Childress is on the staff there, and head coach Andy Reid saw Webb put together a strong performance at quarterback on a Tuesday night in December 2010, in an unlikely win by the Vikings over Reid’s Eagles.

52 responses to “Musgrave doesn’t rule out a return by Webb to quarterback

  1. As a Vikings fan, KEEP HIM AT WR….Joe Proved he’s not capable of even being a solid backup QB in the NFL with his bad performance in the playoff game, he has way more upside at reciever, and his knowledge of the routes and where the reciever should be as a previous QB will really help him out

  2. Abysmal is too nice of a word for that playoff performance. I’m completely indifferent towards the Vikings, and watching that guy out there trying to play QB looked as awkward as Tebow trying to play QB.

  3. Ha. It’s decisions like that that have prevented Vikes from winning Super Bowl. And one of the many reasons why they never will. Skol!

  4. Not even close to what he said…the press conference is up on
    In a nutshell all the planets and stars would have to explode in the sky before that would happen. Unreal.

  5. Doesn’t whether QB or WR is next to his name on paper. He whichever you want him to be on any given night. Even at third string at either position, that’s a two’fer and opens up a spot for one more guy.

  6. I don’t see the Chiefs considering Joe Webb. They already have four on the roster. KC will cut Stanzi, but they won’t throw away the potential of Tyler Bray for Joe Webb as the third QB.

  7. I say keep him he’s had a solid camp and he can bea good returner as well as a wide receiver but could be thrown into a qb spot as 3rd saving 2 spots on the roster for other guys because bethel thompson could walk and Webb takes his 3rd string role he could play the 5th or 6th wr and could be a return man so we can keep other guys

  8. it doesn’t matter what they list Joe at as long as they have a roster spot for him. i would be really sad to see him go.

  9. The guys been in the league for about 5 years now and the Vikings still can’t decide on a position for him. He’s on if the most gifted pure athletes in the league. Absolutely embarrassing. He’d probably be a dynamic receiver by now had the Vikings started grooming him 4 or 5 years ago.

    What was all the talk about seeing him return kicks and punts in preseason? I understand Patterson pretty much has the kick return job locked down, but these bums returning punts in preseason couldn’t break away and get past my grandma in a wheelchair. Where’s Webb?

    If the Vikings are dumb enough to let him go, a coach and coordinator with half a brain will figure out what a weapon he is and use him. My advice, run as far away from Childress as possible.. He started this whole mess and would ruin almost any offensive skill players career.

  10. unbiasfan says: Aug 22, 2013 7:57 PM

    Joe Webb could probably be the starting LT on the Packer’s depleted offensive line

    Shouldn’t he be starting LT for the Vikes then? Kalil and the rest of your offensive line looked like a turnstyle against Buffalo last game.

  11. They are better off keeping Webb as a slash (QB/WR/RB) than keeping Toby Gerhart.

    Webb can be useful on a field and has been way more helpful in his Vikings career than Gerhart.

    Bill Musgrave and Leslie Frazier have no excuse to have Gerhart slow down the offense while not having Webb’s athletic ability to be used in routes that fit him and be an emergency quarterback.

    New England has used running back Shane Vereen and ex-tight end Aaron Hernandez at wide receiver and there are teams that use offensive linemen as blocking tight ends.

    Why waste a roster spot on someone who clearly can’t play and shows no versatility, but not on someone who is raw, trying something new, has not really regressed at his new craft, and technically can play another position?

    Webb actually gives the Vikings depth at two or three positions. Gerhart is not even worthy of being considered as a provider of depth at any position.

  12. You lavender Larry stool samples are completely void of any intellectual honesty. You endlessly boast that the front office of the queens is so pensive in all the personal moves and draft picks that a dynasty surely must be just around the corner. Yet here you are going into a new season and the most important position is a huge question mark.

    Ineptness in MN is only out weighed by your unmerited, galling arrogance.

    skol irrelevancy!

  13. Why does everyone think this guy is so talented? He is sounding more like Tebow II to me.

  14. I never thought I’d see a QB look worse than Teebow, until I saw Webb. How he’s still in the league confusticates me.

  15. I vividly remember last year’s Saturday night wild card game between the Pack and the Vikes. Pre game on NBC, Tony Dungy was waving his finger saying “Watch out for this Joe Webb Kid. I like him to come into this game and win it for the Vikes. This kid is something special”

  16. As a Vikings fan, I loves me some Joe, but only as a WR. He has crazy speed and more moves than X-Lax. That guy can shake-and-bake with the best.

    I’d still like to see McLeod Bethel-Thompson have some time with the first string offense. The guy has an accurate rocket arm. Showed some nice touch, too. Do not let him get away. Let Cassel go before MBT.

  17. Abysmal is the key word here but I would use it to describe the performance of their front office in drafting QB’s. Webb is just one of many draft day busts at Qb. Remember T Jack, he was terrible and he too had a playoff game that was abysmal.

    Ponder never should have been drafted at #12 overall, he is a bust and the only people who don’t seem to realize it are the Vikings and their brain dead fans. From what I seen of Cassel last year, abysmal is the first adjective I think of.

    In summary, the Viking’s chances of making the playoffs is abysmal. Mostly because of their abysmal QB play because of the abysmal job of the abysmal GM.

  18. Never has their been such interest in a 3rd string QB who only crowing achievement was when he miraculously knocked the Eagles out of the playoffs THREE years ago. Make him a WR or cut him! He’s the “great athlete” type who’s okay at everything but not good at anything. Great guy, but let’s move on already. – Vikings Fan

  19. The guy can catch. Just get him the damn ball. The problem isn’t the receiver, it’s the quarterback! Guarantee you Favre could make Webb like a 2009 Sidney rice

  20. Training camps are full of great athletes right now, but that doesn’t mean they can play in the NFL. The Vikings were enamored with his strong arm when they drafted him and now they’re enamored with McBLT’s strong arm. The fact is, neither of them will ever be a starting quarterback or wide receiver in this league, so why all the angst about cutting Webb? He’ll never be a contributor.

  21. I won’t rule that possibility out, but its more likely that he won’t be doing anything after he doesn’t make the team of 53.

    After all, there has to be someone that can help the Vikings have a chance to win more games than having him out there.

  22. the kid does have some talent (and a lot of speed). Chilly f*cked up his career from day 1. If he is that close to being on the bubble then find a team that needs some speed that has extra decent o-line or linebacker backups, we need that more than anything, and put special teams coach Preifer on a 10 year contract, he is that good and will be a HC someday

  23. What? You just cant make this stuff up. Not only is Webb a joke as a qb the offensive coordinator is as well.

  24. How about we draft a good QB next year. That should be an interesting battle for Ponder. Keep Webb at WR not unless somehow Ponder and Cassell can’t play then its the choice we would have to make.

  25. Childress didn’t ruin his progression any more than Musgrave and the current staff. Why did they move Webb from QB in the first place this offseason? Was it because of a “lack of depth” at WR or because he stunk at QB in the playoff game against Green Bay?

    I think the whole thing is embarrassing, and the notion that Webb is one of most talented athletes in the NFL is what drives this madness.

    He entered the league at WR. The Vikings quickly felt like his ability at QB was better than his ability at WR. Lets not lie here, this is the NFL. You don’t just move a guy to QB at the NFL level if he has skills to play another position.

    The coddled him as a QB behind the starters. He flashed a big play in a preseason game, and was penciled on the roster. LAST preseason, Webb was terrible yet they still cut Sage Rosenfels.

    When that Green Bay playoff game ended, they were left standing with Joe Webb egg on their face. The charade that this guy can play QB was over.

    They announced Webb’s move back to WR soon after the season ended. Everyone jumped up and down in excitement as if he was some elite WR pulled from his position…

    Well here we are AGAIN. A camp worth of work on film at WR and the team doesn’t like what they are getting, but they have themselves scheming ways to just keep him on the roster.

    The biggest problem is the coaching staff want to GIVE this guy a roster spot as much as the fans do. What was the justification for moving back to WR right after the playoff game? Why didn’t they move him back to QB as soon as the signed Jennings and drafted Patterson?

    Even as an emergency 3rd QB, what does he bring to the table? What part of being caught with their pants down did the Vikes like?!? I’d rather see Bethal-Thompson take the snaps if it really came down to the 3rd stinger taking snaps.

  26. I see gb4mno opened up his dictionary to find some pretty words in a vain and ineffective attempt to sound smart. Didn’t work.

  27. gb4mn0 says: Aug 22, 2013 9:16 PM

    You lavender Larry stool samples are completely void of any intellectual honesty. You endlessly boast that the front office of the queens is so pensive in all the personal moves and draft picks that a dynasty surely must be just around the corner. Yet here you are going into a new season and the most important position is a huge question mark.

    Ineptness in MN is only out weighed by your unmerited, galling arrogance.

    skol irrelevancy!

    Lots of big words there, buddy. The one I like best, though, is ‘pensive’. Nice. But you clearly do not know what it means. It means demure, or shy, or uncertain. And the Vikings front office doesn’t make personal moves, they make personnel moves.

    When you go on about how dumb your adversaries are, you’d better be certain that you are NOT. It damages your relevance.

    And a Packer fan speaking about others’ arrogance is purely the guard calling the tackle fat.

  28. purplehayseuss says:
    Aug 23, 2013 11:46 AM
    Lots of big words there, buddy. The one I like best, though, is ‘pensive’. Nice. But you clearly do not know what it means. It means demure, or shy, or uncertain.


    Your arrogance must allow you to alter the definition of words for your on self-actualizing reasons much in the same vain as Bill Clinton’s questioning what the meaning of is, is.

    adjective: pensive1. engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought.
    “a pensive mood”
    synonyms: thoughtful, reflective, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, ruminative, absorbed, preoccupied, deep/lost in thought, in a brown study; More

    I won’t disagree or make excuses for my inappropriate use of “personal.”

    I would suggest that you should be careful before you take someone else to task concerning their literacy when your’s is questionable at best.

    Furthermore you tried to discredit my message by attempting to discredit me. That shows weakness in ones discourse. Since you obviously fancy yourself as a “pensive” person, why not try to discredit me by refuting my point?

  29. gb4mn0,

    Arguing with the likes of you is a challenge, especially when considering your assumed supremacy in all things football. Your assumption, I mean.

    Way to cut/paste that definition. Totally made me look stupid, I guess. This is football blog, so football it is.

    Why, if QB is the most important position in the game, and you claim the upper hand, (and perhaps rightly so, with Ponder…the jury is still out on him) does your own QB situation seem to in flux, too? At least Minny has a legitimate backup. Today, Harrell is going to be cut, according to the authoritative press (meaning this blog). That leaves #12 followed by Vince and another nameless guy, who, if put into emergency service, will spell the end of your assumed claim to the next Lombardi trophy. Hey, no one can argue that GB has those titles, and Minny has no super bowls. No sir, that’s pretty clear.

    How’s that for a refutation of your claimed point? Notice further that I’ve not used any playground language or juvenile name-calling.

    Your derision of Minny’s front office seems to imply your own clear superiority in those matters. And you say Minny is ‘irrelevant’, yet it was Minny just last season that blew your seed in the playoffs. Led by that guy you all seem to think is a joke. And that forced Webb to play via Ponder’s injury. That seems pretty relevant to me. If Minnesota was irrelevant, there would be no real worry about them and their MVP RB. And their younger, tougher secondary. And their draft choices, among whom will be a guy whom calls himself “Flash” and is going to scare the urine from your body. Good luck covering him, Jennings, Peterson, Rudolph, et al. Your Defense is not world-class.

    You, sir, should be more concerned about your own O line than about riding Ponder or Webb, or Minny’s front office. Without #12, you are doomed, period. And everyone, and I mean everyone in the NFL knows that. The Green Bay Packers will slide into ‘irrelevancy’ (as you put it) quicker than VY into oblivion (again) when he has to win a game for you with your passing game.

  30. GB has already spent a many more years as an irrelevant team and are headed there again. Their O line and their defense is already there and if it were not for Rodgers they would be completely washed up again.

  31. Many teams are going to 2 QB’s I’d be OK with WEBB as # 4-6 WR and # 3 emergency QB. Em QB means that # 1 & # 2 go down in the same game and you need someone to finish it out with a certain number of limited plays that you run.

    WEBB had one really bad game, 2 not so good games and one good game. About the same ratio as Ponder.

    Nice jump ball catch by WEBB in zone vs 49’s.

    I am not sold on the OC & the QB coach of the Vikings ability to develop QB’s. They just do not seem to get better.

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