NFLPA, NFL still can’t agree on Goodell’s role in HGH testing

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Remember that HGH testing that was agreed to two years ago and was said to be close in recent weeks? Yeah, that was fun.

It seems the NFLPA and the NFL are still hung up on some basic issues, as union president Domonique Foxworth urged the league to move forward without commissioner Roger Goodell having jurisdiction over appeals that involve violations that don’t involve positive tests or violations of the law.

“If the NFL justifies keeping Roger’s power because of the CBA, then why did they agree to change it for every other part of the new policy?” Foxworth wrote in an email to Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “The fact is he wants a ‘carve out’ an exception to neutral arbitration. All of our players voted for fairness.”

There have been no formal meetings on the topic since the NFLPA agreed to an HGH population study, which leaves the league has three possible courses of action: Sign the letter authorizing the population study, giving in to the union’s demands that Goodell be hands-off, or continue to argue about this over process as they have for months.

The first isn’t viewed as likely, because the league doesn’t want to implement anything until a full agreement on the policy is reached. The second is unlikely, because Goodell and the owners don’t have a long track record of giving up any kind of authority.

Which leaves us with Door No. 3, which is more talking and less doing.

And that increases the likelihood that the much-talked-about testing program won’t happen before the start of the regular season, after all.

11 responses to “NFLPA, NFL still can’t agree on Goodell’s role in HGH testing

  1. NFLPA wants Raj’s role to be that of a lowly test subject. An unglorified lab rat. While they’re at it, they have a few other things they want to test out on him as well.

  2. I hear Goodell wants to drink the blood of the players in order to gain their powers. De Smith is against this.

  3. Goodell and the owners know they own the union. They bent em over during the last CBA and gave it to em rough. Players got less money and in exchange…. players got to practice less… whoopiedidoo.

    Goodell and the league won’t give up this power either.

  4. I don’t blame them. Not one little bit. Fines have gotten out of control, even for plays that
    egregious or flagrant. To even give the Bears rookie Jon Bostic a fine to appeal at all is preposterous. It’s ridiculous. The fines are high, incredibly high. I know there are millionaires in football, but the high fines, the suspending of Ed Reed last year trying to make an example of him. I don’t care that he appealed it and it was reversed. Fines should be for Haynesworth-type acts, Shaun Smith “man grabbing” acts, or anything outside of the normal acts of football and/or flagrant and repeat offenders on prohibited acts.

    Commissioner Goodell is Joaquin Phoenix’s character Commodus in Gladiator. He is a bully that enjoys having the lives of all NFL players in his pocket, like so many nickels and dimes. They didn’t hold out to remove or reduce his power then, but they should without a doubt do it now.

  5. Remember when people would defend Goodell and his power plays? I wonder if they figured out just how wrong they were. Hopefully the NFLPA sticks to it’s guns on this.

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