One of the newest members of the NFL media says he isn’t

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Randy Moss could be the NFL’s answer to Charles Barkley.  Already, Moss is taking a page from the Barkley playbook by claiming Moss isn’t something he necessarily is.

For Barkley, his argument that he’s not a role model was more philosophical than literal, a point on which reasonable minds may differ.  For Moss, no reasonable person would agree with his latest contention.

Moss, now a member of the media by virtue of his employment with FOX in an on-air role, says he’s actually not a member of the media.

I don’t like that term,” Moss tells Richard Deitsch of  “I just like being called part of FOX Football Daily and our Sunday show.  I am not part of the media.  That’s not my label, and I don’t want it to start now.  I love the game of football, and this is just a new way for me to be part of the game.  Everything from the makeup to the studio to the lights, camera, action, I am enjoying everything.  I like to adventure out and learn new things, and this gives me the opportunity to keep learning.”

Sorry, Randy.  But it is your label, whether you like it or not.  Anyone who appears in an on-air capacity talking about football is a member of the media.

He’s not a reporter or a play-by-play announcer or a studio host, but he’s still part of the media.  His work as an NFL analyst makes him part of the media, by the very definition of the term.

Perhaps Randy’s point is that he won’t behave like a traditional media member.  For example, he likely won’t be engaging in promotional efforts like radio spots and other things that go along with being a full-fledged member of the media.  Chances are he’ll bring that same stubborn independence and aloof demeanor to his new job (especially when dealing with the “media”), with interviews like the one he provided to Deitsch few and far between and the product of extensive prodding and persuading by FOX colleagues.

Regardless, Randy Moss is part of the media.  He just is.  If he continues to insist he isn’t, he’ll look foolish.

And if the label bothers him that much, then he needs to take off the microphone, remove the IFB, wipe off the makeup, and come back to West Virginia.

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  1. Moss never really liked the media. Paul Allen of KFAN was one of the only ones he seemed to like. Hell get used to the label eventually. Just needs to work through the cognitive dissonance

  2. Sentencing him to West Virginia is a punishment which far outweighs the crime.

    You do understand Moss’ broader point, yes? Not everyone relishes being associated with a profession that has sold its soul to the highest bidder. Don’t you get that?

  3. “What are you talking about?” Moss “I am a media member when I want to be a media member.”

  4. He was already doing radio spots as a player. Anyone remember his horribly botched line about CapitalOne on WEEI?

  5. No Randy is right. There are talkers and there are media. Talkers cherish the game. The media is the yahoos reporting on the jets qb situation as if anyone cares. You know, TMZ type crap. Who the heck cares if Geno Smith had an OK practice?

  6. Moss did a surprisingly good job last week. He was very well spoken and comfortable in front of the camera. I never would’ve imagined back in the late ’90’s that he and Cris Carter would both be media analysts one day…crazy!

  7. There’s no denying that he is a member of the media, but I wouldn’t blame him for trying (I’d rather be accused of being a lawyer)… except for the fact that he took the job in the first place.

  8. Randy Moss on TV sounds like he’s reading from media cards issued by the Jets with all the redundant transitional phrases. He could be 50 years old and still have more stage presence and composure on a football field than he will ever have in front of a TV camera. It’s an embarrassment to the network so far and they should fire him if he can’t figure out a way to up his game in a hurry.

  9. Think back.. How many interviews has this guy done in his career?? Not many! He’s great, let randy be randy and it will be fine. Lets not forget he used to reside in a retirement community to avoid all the B.S. I have stories when he was in Minny to prove this guy is old school near redneck when it comes to personality.

  10. I think the analogy of Moss being to the NFL, what Barkley is to the NBA is flawless. Brash, unapologetic, and a great accent to make him unmistakable as anyone else.

    On a selfish side note, here’s to hoping Aaron Dobson turns out to be the next great WVA wr for the Pats.

  11. Mike: come on Mike, what’s the big deal? Randy is just being Randy. If he would like to define himself however he is, whatever he is, more power to him. You usually have more sense of humor and perspective than that. Randy’s non-sense is quite refreshing. So lighten up : )

  12. “I love the game of football, and this is just a new way for me to be part of the game.”

    When a player loves the game, he goes balls out every play.

    Unlike you, Randy.

  13. What is wrong with these networks? Why do they insist on hiring ex-athletes as broadcasters? Very few of them are any good. Do they at least audition these guys? Because if they do, someone higher up at the networks need to be fired.
    Randy Moss can’t put two sentences together. Deion Sanders is God awful…… The list goes on.

  14. He’s better at it than I expected.

    Only a matter of time though until he decides to mail it in.

  15. I think your a tad too sensitive doling out your criticism of Moss. Lighten up. Its no big deal. He just got the job. Not everybody is as sensitive about a perceived “attack” on media (you) as you are.

  16. He’s a great football player and your not. Now he’s in your business. Is that what’s eating you?

  17. That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who claimed for the longest time he wasn’t part of the media either.

  18. I’ve already disagreed with you on Twitter and am not going to re litigate what I said. But I just wanted to add that being a part of a “media” organization does not necessarily make somebody a member of the media. By that logic, a person who writes horoscopes or creates a crossword puzzle would be a member of the media. I place Moss in that category. He is a commentator who appears on a show were people opine about football. That’s different from people who interview players, shot video or take pictures.

    And yes, I’m a Randy Moss fan, but I’d say the same thing about Brett Farve or Marques Tuiasasopo.

  19. by trying to be something different (and in my eyes better) than the talking heads, he is already my favorite ex-player analyst.

    He is media, but he doesn’t want that tag. I respect him for that. Major media is the worst part about sports today. If more people fought to either clean up that image or get away from the preconcieved connotations maybe things will get better.

    Randy Moss will be a person talking to other people.

    Not a walking commercial corporate tool sell-out.

    He is likely to get some really good interviews once he gets the hang of it, and he may get some very candid answers out of people who wouldn’t talk to a “sports journalist” or talking head.

    Randy is the man.

  20. I tuned in to listen to Randy in his first foray into the waters of the third estate……….it was baaaddddd……he didn’t say anything……even after repeatedly being set up with professional hand offs from his colleagues…….Please FSN……you can’t tell me he gets a spot on the opening day roster!!!!

  21. Aug 23, 2013 3:42 AM
    Wait…wait…He started with and mentioned makeup! I don’t care if its part or not who would mention make up?


    Dennis Rodman

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