Patrick Peterson’s offensive portfolio keeps growing

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The Cardinals haven’t tried to hide Patrick Peterson’s involvement with the team’s offense.

Given the rate at which that involvement is growing, that’s probably a good idea. Darren Urban of the Cardinals website reports that the team’s star cornerback said Thursday that the package that he’s part of has grown to 60 offensive plays.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this many,” Peterson said. “I am definitely getting my workload. The thing that intrigues me about the plays I am in there, I don’t go in just to get the ball. I can be in there as a decoy. I can be there to open up the field for other guys, to take the top off the coverage. That’s what I love about it most.”

Against the Cowboys last weekend, Peterson served as a decoy and he also gained six yards on a pass behind the line from Carson Palmer that went into the books as a running play. That was just a taste of what appears to be in the works for Peterson, who used the example of returning a punt 99 yards for a touchdown as a rookie after three plays covering receivers on go routes to explain why he wasn’t concerned about the offensive work taking away from what he can do on defense.

That’s a real concern for Bruce Arians and company to weigh when deciding how to deploy Peterson, but it appears that the prospect of getting the ball into the hands of perhaps their most talented player after Larry Fitzgerald is appealing enough to risk it.

15 responses to “Patrick Peterson’s offensive portfolio keeps growing

  1. Richard Sherman (the REAL best CB of that draft) and Brandon Browner would both detonate Pee Pee back into the Dark Ages if he had the gall to line up as a WR against the Seahawks.

  2. Might be too much, maybe they should make him worry more about the defensive side of the ball. Last year was a good year for him in terms of interceptions but he got burned quite alot.

  3. I think Peterson is too valuable on defense to use as a receiver. He may get worn out and not be as effective in coverage.
    Devin Hester was transitioned used as a wr after playing mostly cb, but that’s a completely different scenario because Hester was mediocre at best in coverage.

  4. He’ll prolly get injured and then not be as good at either of his three responsibilities. The first time he gets hurt not being a DB it will be hailed as a major mistake.

  5. A player can get hurt on offense, defense or special teams. The goal is to use him as a ‘weapon” to help win games. Also, the Cards are really deep at corner. And as said before, Peterson needs a little work and time before he gets his own island anyway.

  6. Great for change of pace or a gimmick here and there but if he’s in their consistently on offense i’d throw at him all 4th quarter long.

  7. At its most basic, Peterson can help the Cardinals on both side of the ball (and special teams). Predicting (or hoping) for injuries doesn’t seem the smartest (or classiest) way to spend one’s time.

    If the coaching staff feels he can help spread the field as a decoy, or put up some points on the board with the ball in his hands, then they’ve done their jobs. He certainly has the talent. Put him out there.

  8. From a completely unbiased perspective, I would take Patrick Peterson 10/10 over Sherman or Browner.

    Browner is one of my favorite corners in the league, because its just awesome to be a 6’4 corner. And hes a stud.

    Sherman I absolutely hate. Hes a good corner, but I probably hate him more than anyone else in the league. I love smack talk, but I hate his smack talk. When I hear him talk crap it doesnt come off as that swag/confidence smack talk. He sounds more like a whiny little kid. He had an great year last year but he should just slow down on thinking hes the next Dion Sanders. Or thinking he’s better than Revis for that matter.

    Peterson has much more upside than both because of his ridiculous athleticism. And obviously the punt returning and offensive game are huge. Great idea for the Cards, hope we see him plenty on offense.

  9. Is it just me, or does Seattle have the most annoying fan-base in the country? God forbid they ever actually win something… Can anyone imagine the trolling and blatant cries for attention we will all be subject to? Boy, one good year and they are all certain they have the next dynasty in pro football. Enjoy it while it lasts, you’ll be back to completely irrelevant before you know it. Then we may finally have a little peace without these bottom feeding trolls who are starving for a little recognition.

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