Patriots’ offense struggles in Detroit

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Through the first two weeks of the preseason, the Patriots’ offense looked virtually flawless. In the third week? Not so much.

The Lions’ starters on defense gave the Patriots’ starters on offense a rude awakening in the first half at Ford Field, as the Detroit front four dominated the New England offensive line and the Patriots turned the ball over four times.

When he had time, Tom Brady threw the ball well, completing 16 of 24 passes for 185 yards. But the Lions were in Brady’s face for most of the first half, and he threw his first interception of the preseason while failing to get New England to the end zone. The Patriots’ starting running back, Stevan Ridley, had eight carries for eight yards.

In nine possessions, the Patriots’ first-string offense had one field goal, an interception, three lost fumbles, three punts and a turnover on downs. By the time backup Ryan Mallett came on for Brady, the Lions had a 23-3 lead. This was not the offensive performance the Patriots wanted.

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  1. The Patriots shouldn’t have just assumed it would be the same Lions team that played the Browns last week. And I was in the process of complimenting Kellen Moore but couldn’t complete the sentence before a really ugly pass missing Kris Durham with an easy inside dart throw that came out like a curve ball outside.

  2. Yawn, welcome to the preseason.

    3 fumbles and an int in the first half. Belichick is going to be serving out some humble pie this week lol.

    Defense has looked very good.

  3. The N.E. Putz deserve an arse kicki.g. McLady is losing his grasp on fhe prima donna QB of the NFL.

  4. The Lions defense must be reckoned with.

    The Bears are rebuilding. The Vikings have no QB and a RB who has peaked. The Packers have too many issues to list. Lions win the division.

  5. Gee I wonder what Raven fans are gonna say now after another preseason game, I guess they won’t say much considering they got whooped by a team that didn’t have to play offense…

  6. Same thing happened in 2011, and I think they turned out just fine that year. This is Detroit’s super bowl… New England is running a vanilla offense.

  7. As much as I hate the Pats, its preseason…..NO BIGGIE!!! Although I know these writers on here are upset!!

  8. Why do imbeciles insist on using hashtags everywhere now? Unless you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you just look too lazy to use the spacebar.

  9. Better to get the bad game out of your system now in the pre-season and have time to correct the problems than to have growing pains in the regular season.

    At least this sort of game eliminates any complacency that might’ve been the case given how flawlessly they looked the first two games

    Plus Pats won’t face a front 4 as good as the Lions rest of the season

  10. The Patriots have won recently because of a high powered offense, despite their awful defense (giving up the 2nd most yards over the past 2 years). After losing Welker, Lloyd, Hernandez and Gronk being injured, I haven’t been able to understand how everyone had this team labeled as a top-10 team. The fall of the Patriots have begun.

  11. Think it’s time for Brady to hang it up. Oh wait, didn’t the Lions have a perfect preseason before their perfect winless season.

  12. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened two years ago in game three of the preseason. The Patriots only went to the superbowl that year. There is a reason these games dont count. Detroit is out there acting like fools, I think they had 5 personal fouls. Detroits superbowl is in August the Patriots is in February.

  13. @unbiasfan….you really need to change your name. anytime I read comments on a Lion’s post, you’re the first one to criticize everything they do. and to say they’re the worst team in the NFC is just plain blind criticism. you’re really going to sit there and say the Lion’s are worse than the Cardinals? keep on hating. Lion’s rock:)

  14. wearethechampsandyourenot says:
    Aug 22, 2013 9:41 PM
    unfortunately for the lions & panthers this isnt the regular season


    Unfortunately for you, this isn’t Twitter.

  15. the last time the Lions beat the Pats in preseason it was also the 3rd game and the Patriots went on to win 13 games and go to the Super Bowl.
    Yes, the all important 3rd preseason game. Crucial.

  16. No Amendola. No Gronk. Minimal game planning. Blah.

    The good news for Pats fans is the first team defense kept them in the game despite 4 first quarter turnovers. Talib, Mayo, Spikes, Jones, Hightower, Wilfork, McCourty, Adrian Wilson…they have the horses now.

  17. Detroits front four are NASTY! When they played the Browns last week they were dominating our guards.If you don’t have a good offensive line you’re in trouble against the Lions.I just wished they played pittsburgh earlier in the year.

  18. This is the most important game of the preseason and the Pats wee’d their drawers. That fabulous undrafted TE? Fumble. Belichek hss to be concerned. Brady had a left hand bleed. After practicing with the Bucs, let’s hope he doesn’t get Mersa.

  19. Big deal, it’s only preseason. When the regular season starts, things will be back to normal with the Pats in control, the Lions in panic, and Suh with his cleats stuck in some guy’s ribcage.

  20. Just What we Wanted to Sée them move the ball without megatron but imagine How This offense will look week one when he plays and you double him you will see alot more bush screens go out the gate

  21. Basic plays, basic schemes, no game planning for opponents…the team with 4 significantly high 1st rounders (Stafford, Bush, Suh, Fairley) show off their physical talent while their opponents use nothing but base schemes to try and stop them.

    Even in 2007, nobody was confusing the Patriots for the most talented team in football…Laurence Maroney/Sammy Morris running back tandem, Kevin Faulk and Jabar Gaffney being the 3rd and 5th targets in the passing game, Mike Vrabel leading the team in sacks… Asante Samuel and Randy Moss were probably the most gifted guys on that squad and we all have witnessed how consistent those two have been on different teams

  22. I wonder if this Hernandez thing will poison the pats this yesr; much like Vick with the Falcons, Plaxico and the Giants. This would have been the sort of thing that Belichick would have been able to control or possibly rally around, but I don’t think so anymore. Brady is getting old and has nobody to throw to. I think this team, like the Steelers, is about to fall hard.. I don’t know if that means multiple decades of mediocrity or what but all things come to an end. Especially organazations and coaches..

  23. May be a good loss……came out lazy and flat….first three drives, three turnovers. Sometimes a game like this serves as a wake up call. Was a sloppy game and the Pats were totally outplayed. It’s only pre-season as we know so I look forward for them to regroup and get ready for the season. One bright spot was thompkins at WR, who had a good game.

  24. In 2011 preseason game at Detroit, Brady was sacked twice, fumbled once, threw a pick
    He then threw for 517y, 4 TDs in opener and Pats won 13 games that year.
    Lets wait before crowning the conference after 1 game.

  25. hey now!

    now there’s some news.

    I’m on the cape and got to see the first half….damn, Detroit schooled the pretty boy tonight.

    Hope the rest of the league took notes. Pressure up the middle. Stay in his face. Hit him. Then hit him again.

    In the 2 year span when my Jets beat them 3 outta 5, one in the playoffs in NE, that’s what we did.

  26. When he has time, Brady does really well. Any QB would. However, when he is pressured at all, he could never handle it. The Giants proved that a few SBs ago. The Ravens come to mind too. In other words, his blocking is what makes him look good. If he went to KC instead of Cassel, he probably wouldn’t have done any better than Cassel.

    BTW, it doesn’t hurt him being in the “powerful” AFCE.

  27. Isn’t this game supposed to be the “dress rehearsal”?
    23-3 with the first teams? Of course, this is just preseason, everything’s just fine, no need to panic. If Brady had played the second half, it wouldn’t have been 40 to 9.

  28. Kudos to the Lions for a great Defensive effort. But Pats, this was just a tune up to the real thing when the Gmen stomp Brady into the ground for yet another SB victory.Can’t wait for Giselle to twit some more BS on Wes. Oh , can’t blame Walker no more.

  29. Let’s just remember this is preseason.

    Didn’t the Lions go 4-0 in the preseason where they went 0-16 in the games that count?

    Have to agree though, that the NFC seems the stronger conference.

    Top AFC teams all have issues:
    Pats: Offense will be fine, don’t trust the D.
    Ravens: Lots of turnover, and a QB who now got a fat contract, let’s see him live up to it.
    Broncos: Injuries left and right, V.Miller suspended, and Manning getting older.
    Texans: Still have to “prove it” in the playoffs, if they make it….
    Steelers: Turnover, age. Ravens are better.
    Bengals: Prove it.
    Jets: Yeah, right.

  30. My first thought when I saw the halftime score was that the Pat’s were deliberately trying to throw off their week one opponent by not exposing any of their potential schemes.

    BB even has me brainwashed into thinking what he’s thinking about what another team is thinking they might do.. If that makes any sense.

  31. Nice headline. If I had written the article it would have said “Lions defense dominates the Pats” though.
    Where are you Suh haters now? He played out of his mind tonight.
    Expect him to own your teams offensive line this season too if you’re unfortunate enough to have to play us.

  32. Living in the ” little d ” allows me to follow this Lions teams day to day activities. They actually have a good amount of talent on the roster. Without jumping the gun here, the Lions have most of the pieces in place to actually have a good team that should have a real chance to win some games and do so with an impressive showing. The real question is whether or not the coaching staff can keep them under control and cut out the stupid mistakes and penalties. Reggie Bush looks good. Calvin, don’t really have to say much there. If Petigrew can actually hold on to some balls, and of the D line can stay consistant, I think that a lot of teams might actually get caught or guard and burned this season just like hoodie and cry baby did tonight. I mean after all, how many teams are really going to go into the week worried about the Lions…

  33. Really? You know this in August? Just remember something: the Lions went 4-0 in the preseason the same year they went 0-16 in the regular season. Bad barometer to try and judge that, chuckles.

    Wake me when the regular season starts .

    (P.S., I’ll be in Orchard Park on 9/8, watching the first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and the rest of the Pats lay yet another a beatdown on the hapless Bills)

  34. Cough on Brady – the dude crumbles, sack Rodgers 55 times – He leads the league in passer rating.

    – meant for skipbayless, if he reads PFT..

  35. It’s easy to make excuses for the Pats since they were missing Gronk and Amendola, but in all honesty, they looked sloppy, but they’ll still end up finishing better than the Lions this season.

  36. And just think, the Browns absolutely owned the Lions last week, good luck Pats it looks like you’re gonna need it

  37. It’s going to be a long year for Tommy Uggs & Co. Their line is trash, their RBs can’t pick up the blitz, they really don’t have any WRs, their 1 TE will NEVER be right again (unless @a frat party) & the other TE is spending life in jail. Brady will be injured by 11:30pm on the Thursday of week 2 vs. NY. I love it… They blow.

  38. The Patriots offense turned the ball over, but both offenses struggled.

    4 turnovers (in less than a half) with 3 of them coming in Pats territory and 2 in the red zone… and they score 13 total points?

    Detroit’s offense struggled quite a bit too.

  39. Boy oh boy, this was a full blown boys-vs-men game. The lions D line manhandled the pats O line. scary.

  40. Restore the roar! Need to clean up the personal foul penalties but still maintain an edge, though.

    Good acquisitions over the last week adding veteran depth showed.

  41. Not a Lions fan but awesome job by the defense flustering Brady. Even though he’s one of the best ever, where is he without Welker? A tandem that shouldn’t have been broken up.

  42. when will everyone understand, the preseason means absolutely nothing. a bad game in preseason shouldn’t be dissected because it will be erased from our memories once the regular season begins.

  43. Typical preseason performance from the Lions. It was 16-3 at halftime, we all know if this was a regular season game it would have been 17-16 Pats by the end of the 3rd quarter.

  44. This is what happens when this Pats team plays a team they haven’t practiced against all week. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this a lot in the first few weeks.

  45. Lions defense is good. I am glad hatriots got exposed. If you shut running game down than tommy doesn’t have enough weapons to thrive.

    However I think the broncos texans bengals colts and ravens argue that AFC is not going down without a fight

  46. Ha Ha. Stick a fork in the Pats! I love it. If my team lost to the Lions i wouldn’t show my face in public for weeks. Ha Ha. Geaux Saints!

  47. The thing about preseason is the truth is somewhere in the middle. The Lions are not that much better, and the Pats are not that much worse. These are two teams in the top 5 of their conferences. I imagine a regular season game would be close and swing either way. The Patriots fell victim to treating this game way to cavalier, turning up 2 hours before kick off. That doesnt give you a lot of time to focus. Especially against a Lions team that can strike fast, and punish errors.

  48. unbiasfan says:
    Aug 22, 2013 9:41 PM
    The worst team in the NFC is beating on the best team in the AFC

    I think we all know the better conference this year…

    Well, your credibility is pretty well shot. Lions worst team in the NFC? Not really.

    Patriots best team in the AFC? Not even close.

  49. This is exactly the type of game Bill Belichick loves at this point in the preseason. He’s got the starters right where he wants them going into the regular season.

    Patriots fans recognize and see this correction by Bill every year.

  50. Just as it was when the Pats offense was clicking in the first two games….doesn’t matter, preseason games don’t count in the standings. Lions killed the Pats 2 years ago in a preseason game and the Pats went on to be 13-3.

  51. The Lions defense looked great, and they’ve been hammering people all preseason.

    But in all fairness:
    * The Patriots always seem to suck on the 3rd preseason game.
    * The Lions did this in a similar fashion to the Pats in 2011 and the Patriots still went to the Super Bowl (the Lions also made the playoffs).
    * Belichick benched Tebow so the Patriots wouldn’t have an unfair advantage. Obviously.

  52. Maybe a super strong front 4 is the potion to rock Brady’s ocean?

    If so, the Patriots play a bunch of teams with solid D-lines this year.

    Week 1- Buffalo
    Week 3- Tampa Bay
    Week 4- Atlanta
    Week 6- New Orleans
    Week 12-Denver
    Week 13-Houston
    Week 16-Baltimore
    Week 17-Buffalo

    It could just be a preseason fluke, but the Patriot Offensive line did look shook Week 3.

  53. spedman24 says: Aug 23, 2013 3:10 AM

    It’s going to be a long year for Tommy Uggs & Co. Their line is trash, their RBs can’t pick up the blitz, they really don’t have any WRs, their 1 TE will NEVER be right again (unless @a frat party) & the other TE is spending life in jail. Brady will be injured by 11:30pm on the Thursday of week 2 vs. NY. I love it… They blow.

    Really, it’s funny how these comments come now. When after the first 2 PRESEASON games the haters were saying “calm down these games don’t count”. But when they get beat its they “blow”.

  54. I know it’s preseason and all but it’s still funny to see Miss Brady struggle so much.

    We once again see how she wilts under pressure. Why do you think the Dolphins went out and got Dion Jordan?

  55. thegronk87 says:
    Aug 22, 2013 10:25 PM
    Relax non-patriots fans, no wilfork, mccorty, gronkowski or amendola tonight
    McCourty played, but only the 1st Q.
    No sugarcoating how many errors the Pats had on offense especially. I hope this doesn’t portend their still having trouble with tough physical defenses.

  56. I wonder what the genius level of Belichick would have been without a Tom Brady? In a few years we’ll find out, unless he retires, which is a very high probability as I don’t think he’ll want to go out following several 5-11 seasons as that would validate the Brady thesis.

  57. I’m a Saints fan so I don’t have a dog in the race. Under normal circumstances I would side with pat fans and say that this wasn’t that big of a deal. But, game planning or a lack there of doesn’t explain what I saw when the Lions frist unit d was of the field. The Lions front four wipped the pats o line. That’s not about game planning. That was man on man. Secondly the pats receivers had trouble getting off of press coverage against the lions DBs. I could be wrong but it looked like Tom got his yards when the Lions were in zone coverage. And, to all those who are saying it’s preseason. Not the 3rd game. This is the one you really want to be sharp in. It could be possible that the Pats may have just lost too much. If I’m a Pats fan I’m a little worried.

  58. 16 days until the games start counting. So, all teams have that much time to address and correct their weaknesses/problems. The AFC east will be very competitive this year with no clear favorite. Problems that show up in preseason are of some concern if they can’t be corrected.

  59. “I wonder what the genius level of Belichick would have been without a Tom Brady? In a few years we’ll find out, unless he retires, which is a very high probability as I don’t think he’ll want to go out following several 5-11 seasons as that would validate the Brady thesis.”

    He may not be a genius, but he’s smart enough to retire the same year Brady does. He’d have been let go years ago if Brady hadn’t come along. Which is not to say he’s terrible without Brady– just that he wouldn’t have had the success necessary to keep that gig.

  60. Btw– Amendola didn’t play. Pat Fan might have to get used to that.

    Love watching the guy play, but if he keeps getting hurt, Pat Fan will deny deny deny, then finally turn on him and call him a bum.

    Let’s hope he didn’t suffer a concussion in that last game– definitely want to see him catch a lot of passes this year, he’s fun to watch.

  61. Ryan Mallette the has been throwing passes since he was a little kid in pop Warner. 20 years of throwing all different routes. Yet I find it astounding when this dude is getting PAID to complete a pass he chokes!! Time after time and game after game he Can’t hit an OPEN receiver???? Maybe it’s time to move on and find an heir apparent cuz I’ve just about given up on this dude.!!

  62. @EJ

    Maybe a super strong front 4 is the potion to rock Brady’s ocean?

    If so, the Patriots play a bunch of teams with solid D-lines this year.
    You missed one that’s better than all those you listed, and they have to play them twice… The Dolphins have one of the best defensive front sevens in the league. If you don’t believe me, look up the stats.

  63. revischrist16 says:
    Aug 22, 2013 10:21 PM
    “Oh, and I’m loving it.

    – Jets fan”

    Thanks for clearing that last part up. Figured that you were a Tampa Bay fan because of the name.

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