Personal fouls continue to plague Lions


Lions coach Jim Schwartz has been saying for years that he needs his team to cut out the dumb penalties. The message still hasn’t gotten through.

In last week’s preseason game against the Browns, the Lions were flagged for three personal fouls. In the first quarter on Thursday night against the Patriots, the Lions picked up two more personal fouls.

Both of those personal foul penalties came against defensive tackles, but in something of an upset, Ndamukong Suh didn’t draw either flag. The first came against Nick Fairley for a late hit, and the second was called on C.J. Mosley, also for a late hit.

Despite those penalties, the Lions’ starters played well against the Patriots’ starters, jumping out to an early 10-0 lead. Reggie Bush had a couple of big plays for the Lions’ offense, and the Lions’ defense forced three turnovers and one punt on the Patriots’ first four offensive series. The Lions look like they have the talent to be a good team. Now the question is whether they have the mental makeup to be a good team.

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  1. “Blame Schwartz more than the players. That’s bad coaching.”
    It’s not even necessarily bad coaching, this is what he wants. He’d rather them play hyper-aggressive and stop the offense any way possible and risk the occasional penalties.

  2. unbiasfan says: Aug 22, 2013 8:21 PM

    That’s what happens when half your team are ex-convicts…

    – – – –

    Half? You’re delusional.
    More like 90%

  3. It’s not even necessarily bad coaching, this is what he wants. He’d rather them play hyper-aggressive and stop the offense any way possible and risk the occasional penalties.


    That’s fine if you’re just a meathead DC like Gregg Williams or something, and even then it isn’t fine. 15 yard penalties are killers. He’s the HC and no team will win the ultimate prize by defying the rules of the game.

  4. The Fairley penalty was weak and NE committed a penalty on that play first that should have been called. Not to say that Fairley wasn’t still a hair late with his…maneuver.

  5. Really MDS???? How many personal fouls did the Lions have last year???

    A shocking total of 3! Yes three. Clearly that was the issue.

  6. unbiasfan says: Aug 22, 2013 8:27 PM

    The AFC is really soft this year…

    NFC > AFC

    I don’t know, the Bills didn’t have much of a problem handling the Vikings…..

  7. I laugh every time we hear how dominant the lions are in pre-season.
    The last time they were this dominant they went 4-0 for their preseason games. Then proceeded to go 0-16 locking in the first draft pick.
    Come to think of it, they looked awesome last pre-season too and that got them all the way up to 4-12.

    Remember folks, they are still just the lions.Who will finish in the nfc north basement as usual.

  8. herlies says: Aug 22, 2013 8:22 PM

    Bullying the Patriots so far.

    My goodness how strong is this year’s NFC?


    NFC is good…Patriots are also on a steep decline.

  9. Despite the raw anger, they’re handling the Pats well. Love seeing the 2 sacks and 4 forced turnovers. I can watch that D all season despite a few personal fouls.

    The bigger issue is will Stafford start connecting with these WR’s?

  10. I don’t care if they have the most talented player at every position, until the day this team is disciplined, it will never go anywhere and will rarely even make the Playoffs.

  11. first off the penalty to Fairly wasn’t for a late hit it was for hands to the face , but what was funny the Pats OL had his hands in Fairly’s face also

  12. The “L” in Lions is for Losers. Suh has coached his guys up on playing dirty and getting personal foul penalties. U know Suh itching to commit a personal foul but is doing a stellar job of restraining himself until the real games when he can make it really count…

  13. detroitcityy says: Aug 22, 2013 8:59 PM

    Lions are smashing the patriots like they will be doing to the NFC north this season



  14. Penalties are only bad when they lead to points you can disregard them if they were 50/50 late hits or unnecessary roughness being ultra aggressive will lead to turnovers even from a offensive that specializing in keep away like the pats.

  15. Yeah and on a side note the Lions absolutely destroyed the Patriots so I guess those personal fouls didn’t really affect them much, huh?

  16. ajsjr40 says:

    “Nothing in the NFL matters in August.”


    Tell that to Danario Alexander, Dustin Keller, Le’Veon Bell, Bryan Bulaga, etc.

  17. Men, the Lions are just taking a page of the Saint’s book , Book of who’s getting paid. Roger Goddell just went to Decon 5. “I love the smell of lawyers running after an ambulance ”

    And yes, somewhere Drew Brees wants an expalanation.Terrible Tides commercial.

  18. As much as I’d like to think the Lions will break through the NFC North this season, I like the Bears. Everyone is excited to see Chip Kelly’s system at Philly, but overlooking Trestman’s impact in Chicago. Our CFL friends to the north were happy to see him go for a reason. If Cutler get’s tackled ONCE, though, you can throw this prediction out the window.

  19. ‘A shocking total of 3! Yes three. Clearly that was the issue.’

    3 personal fouls, but you are forgetting the other majors like unsportsmanlike conduct, roughing the passer, horse collars, etc.

    Believe the Lions had 19 of those.

  20. Ahhh the lions, Too bad the per season didnt have a Super Bowl. Your skunk head looking coach is a joke and I cannot wait to see the 4-12 record again. Perennial losers.

  21. Bill must be secretly loving this. Now he can spend two weeks humbling his players before the opener.

  22. The Lions looked like every team trying to make a rep by acting bad with a team that’s already there – like punks.

    IMO whether or not their coach is encouraging them to do it is unimportant – punks will be punks.

    Belichik on the other hand loves games like that in the pre-season because this week every single player on that team will be hanging on his every word – in other words he gets to coach.

  23. Where is the accountability? Despite many of the stale slams many commenters have posted, the Lions have a lot of talent at key positions, enough talent to be winners.

    They are young, though, and I don’t see improvement in the leadership/accountability areas. Margins are too thin in the NFL, and immature penalties will result in losses.

  24. Give it time. I am sure Brady’s wife will stick her nose into the game against the Lions and blame them for hurting Tommy’s itty bitty feelings.

  25. the most undisciplined team in the league. too bad, the lions have some good players, they need a good coach to come in and lay down the law.

  26. The first 2 on Fairley and Mosley, were flags that might not have been called by other officials. Stupid but were hustle penalties. The third one on Willie Young was stupid. First off its preseason, second off its Tom Freaking Brady, i mean i have no idea what Willie Young said, but i’m sure Brady was like “who are you again?” Schwartz Benched him, you could see him say something and point to the bench after it. I didnt see MacIntosh’s. But thats 4. and i believe there was a Chop Block on Joseph F. undrafted rookie. So thats 5 15 yard penalties, weather they were ticky tack or not, thats far too many. When you start having more and more, the benefit of the doubt goes out the window. If they want to win, the dumb penalties have to go away.

  27. “That’s fine if you’re just a meathead DC like Gregg Williams or something, and even then it isn’t fine. 15 yard penalties are killers. He’s the HC and no team will win the ultimate prize by defying the rules of the game.”

    Spy Gate jokes in 3…2…1….

  28. Take a look at the game tape and you’ll find many of the penalties called against the Lions yesterday were pretty damn weak. The taunting penalty against Willie Young was genuine, and Schwartz took him out and sat him for the game after that. But some of the other calls, like the holdings and the pass interference on Scheffler were terrible, terrible calls. The referees clearly need to open their eyes.

    That said, last year in pre-season the Lions crushed the Patriots as well. A lot good it did them in the regular season…..

  29. Yes, it’s preseason and none of this really matters, BUT the Lions are winning some games. Can I just enjoy a couple victories over here? If they want to play dirty, then they will have to accept the penalties that come along with it. Maybe it just me, but the penalties didn seem to affect their game when they were stomping on the Patriots (no Suh pun intended).

  30. patsfan22 says:
    Aug 22, 2013 9:12 PM
    Lions playing in their superbowl again…


    Geez… Pats fans lose a meaningless game and they get all sassy.

    We all know this isn’t the first time Brady had another guy pointing something at his face…

  31. Sorry to say it, but this is the same loser attitude that has held the Lions back in years past. Showboating and taunting after a few good plays in a preseason game? Act like you’ve been there before.

  32. Whether or not preseason, it’s good for the Lion’s to get those takeaways going into the regular season. That’s what they didn’t get last season. They did get them in 2011 on the way to the playoffs. That D line was crushing the Pats.

  33. Lions had 3 personal fouls last season and 5 the season before. Baltimore, incredibly, had 11 personal fouls last season. That must not have been good for them. 🙂

  34. @m2karateman said “That said, last year in pre-season the Lions crushed the Patriots as well. A lot good it did them in the regular season…..”

    No, it was in 2011, and the Lions went to the playoffs that season. Thanks for playing.

  35. Same result in 2011 preseason, the Patriots won the AFC Championship. The Lions made the playoffs via wildcard, and that was it. It’s one thing to be talented and another thing to be smart enough to use that talent to maximize production for wins. The Lions obviously have the defensive talent, but so far it’s fare to question if they are smart enough to check their emotion after the whistle blows.

  36. I dont mind a few personal fouls throughout a game from players of every team, as long as, those personal fouls dont translate into injuries and “cheap shots”. I will say, as a Packers fan, that I appreciate the “nasty” the Lions play with on defense because the greatest defenses all had the identifiable “mean-streak”, but Im sure QB’s will be eager to use their cadences and audibles to strain their communication at the snap during the season.
    Love Jimi.

  37. The Lions are a team that can’t stand prosperity!! They seem to have a very good team with a shot at winning their division this year as in past years. But one thing that continuously haunts them is their lack of discipline!! They are a true black and blue type football team who seem to take on the personality of their head coach. But the constant penalties, and dumb football descisions they make, always shoot them in the foot. If Schwartz doesn’t make the playoffs this year with that team, then we may see Detroit clean house. Only my opinion!!

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