Report: Santonio resisting practice despite medical clearance

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Jets receiver Santonio Holmes still isn’t practicing, 11 months after suffering a Lisfranc injury in his left foot. But the doctor who treated Holmes’s injury reportedly thinks Holmes could practice if he wanted.

Dr. Robert Anderson, who operated on Holmes, has cleared Holmes to begin football activities, according to Brian Costello of the New York Post. Holmes, however, has resisted returning to the field.

According to the report, many people around the Jets think Holmes just wants to avoid having to go through training camp practices. Some around the team think Holmes will suddenly declare himself good to go at the start of the season.

Holmes wouldn’t even answer definitively when asked if he’ll play at all this season.

“I don’t know how to answer that question as far as missing the whole season,” he said. “We have 16 weeks of football. At any point, I could be ready to play and if not I’d be willing to accept it.“

Ultimately, the date of Holmes’s return is a decision that only Holmes can make. And he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry.

74 responses to “Report: Santonio resisting practice despite medical clearance

  1. The dudes toes were separated from his foot, if he doesn’t feel he can contribute with how he feels right now there is nothing wrong with it.
    If he played now he’s potentially hurting the team and his career. But he shouldn’t sit out the whole season.

  2. Guys a real head case. Last week he was ok and couldn’t wait and was itching to practice. Now this week he’s talking about missing the season? As a Buckeye fan Santonio you’re a complete embarrassment.

  3. A diva wide receiver who really isnt that good. The guy should just be benched when he finally feels well enough to return but given Rex’s history that would never happen.

  4. ryann252013 says:
    Aug 22, 2013 3:22 PM

    “If he played now he’s potentially hurting the team and his career.”

    Regardless if he played now or not – he has already hurt the team and his career…….. He should just retire and get it over with. No team with a chance of doing anything will waste their time on him.

  5. Total bust since he left Pittsburgh. I am sure no one there is crying about him leaving anymore!!

  6. Kobe can teach these guys a thing or two about dedication and committment to the game.

    Jameis Winston is solid!


  7. USC’s current WR corps would beat out ever WR on the Jets squad right now no problem. The only question that remains?

    How will the Jets drop back from the #1 pick to draft Marquis Lee?

  8. This is just bizarre….what is entirely glossed over is why the Jets are allowing this…Assuming he is medically cleared to play by team doctors (assuming this guy counts as team doctor), doesn’t his contract and CBA stipulate he HAS to practice / play or else he is forfeiting salary?

    The Jets obviously have to play it that way, but odd that you never even here this floated by media as an option…Basically “Santonio will play when Santonio decides he can play”, but Santonio apparently will collect the $7.5M he is owed?…something is fishy there…

  9. Jets fans are getting the team that they deserve. A bunch of Long Island and north jersey trash rooting for a trash squad. Fireman Ed is a degenerate drunkard yet is held up as some symbol of New York pride. They deserve to be regarded on the same plane as that cesspool in Cleveland but because they’re je…New York, Espn broadcasts them like some shiny exemplar of a franchise.

  10. This guy is fine example of what is wrong with the NFL, overpaid players who don’t want to earn their money, who choose when they want to do training camp or practice. Give it time, he will be on the news after he is out of football and broke!

    Complete disgrace to the Buckeye Nation!

  11. Always loathed Santurdio, but I think at this point we all know that team doctors rarely have the player’s best interest at heart.

    Hard to tell which one is more full of it in this case

  12. I’ve never liked Holmes, but in this one I can certainly see where he’s coming from. These are painful injuries that some guys never fully come back from. Skipping out on any extra stress on that foot from the pointless farce that is the NFL preseason is probably a good idea. Even if he wanted to play right now, I’d practice him but probably not play him. No sense risking further injury until it actually matters in the regular season.

  13. Hmmm I wonder if his former teammate La Dainian Tomlinson gave him any tips on how to be medically cleared to refuse to play when his team desperately needed him?

    This contract is a big reason Tannenbaum is gone in my opinion. Just an inexcusably awful decision for both on and off the field reasons. I don’t know of any Jets fans who liked the extension let alone not cutting him.

  14. What genius in the Jet organization thought it was a good idea to guarantee this clown’s contract?

    What were they afraid of – that he would go someplace else?

  15. Trying to catch passes from Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith might be more painful than a Lisfranc injury.

  16. youarejealousof6rings says: Aug 22, 2013 3:35 PM

    This is why he is no longer a Steeler.


    this has to be a complete joke!!!! your starting RB, leveon bell, has a lisfraync injury, and may be out 10-12 weeks, you passed up on eddie lacy in the draft b/c of injury concerns!LOL

    Heath Miller is out for a while and your defense as a WHOLE is horrible!!!!

    The only thing you have going for you is Ben the raper!! If that is all you have going for you, you’ve got major issues!!!!!



  17. First off, the contract was way too generous, and it cost a couple other Jets their jobs, but it shut Santonio up, as well as made him a Jet.

    Jets doubled down on that mistake by not cutting him in the Spring of 2012, thus guaranteeing him 2013’s salary, after a meltdown in Miami late in the 2011 season. If they had cut him early in 2012, they wouldn’t be going through this now.

    However, whatever Santonio’s condition is, he’ll surely be cut by the Jets after this season.
    So it would stand to reason that Holmes will need to get on the field sometime this season in order to establish some value, and get a decent offer for next season.

  18. long island, je…new jersey trash lol….because Pittsburgh is SO much nicer right? LOL Pittsburgh, where Curtis Martin’s grandma was murdered in her own bed by having a samurai sword driven thru her torso…Pittsburgh a great place to send the kids to school! hahaha this guys gotta be kidding me.

  19. This sounds a lot like Derek Rose in every aspect except one: no one likes Holmes, so they won’t give him the benefit of the “he knows his own body, let him take his time” doubt.

  20. Holmes may have a history of being a headcase, but no doctor can tell you what he feels.

    People did this sort of thing with J.R. Richard in 1980. He complained that he wasn’t right; the doctors cleared him; the fans called him lazy; and then he had a stroke.

  21. “As a Buckeye fan Santonio you’re a complete embarrassment.”

    Winning a Superbowl MVP is a complete embarrassment then Maurice Clarrett, Jim Tressel and Vernon Gholston must be totally awesome in your mid western fantasy land.

  22. If he is cleared by the team Doctor, then he should be fined daily by the Jets for not reporting to practice.

  23. The Not Yets should bounce this waste out of that stadium. He’s a lazy player who pouts when he doesn’t want to play. That’s why Pitt dumped him.

  24. mogogo1 says: Aug 22, 2013 3:51 PM

    “No sense risking further injury until it actually matters in the regular season.”

    Professional football players risk injury every single day they’re out there. This offseason has shown us that injuries happen during practice, too.

    My view is that Holmes, now that he’s got a big pile of coin from the Jets, isn’t happy about playing for that franchise given what an absolute mess the offensive is.

    They used a high draft pick on a QB with questionable talent (and questionable heart) and are keeping the same turkey QB that performed so poorly last season.

    I can’t blame Holmes for feeling that way, frankly, the Jets prospect for success on the O side is dismal, but by holding out, he’s more part of the problem than he is a solution. I don’t like his attitude.

  25. Whatever. If it’s D. Rose it’s okay. If it’s a member if the Jets, must be milking it. And by the way, this isn’t basketball. Little more at stake if the old body parts aren’t ready to go when a player takes the field.

  26. tombradyswig says:
    Aug 22, 2013 4:20 PM

    Heath Miller is out for a while and your defense as a WHOLE is horrible!!!!

    We ranked #1 last year on defense. Jealous much?

  27. Just put him on IR and get rid of the distraction. It’s not like he’s a difference maker at this point anyway.

  28. “How is he still on a team? He should have been a cap casualty along time ago.”
    He’s not. He’s on the jests. Haven’t you read how it is in their locker room?

  29. The Jets don’t want NE to know they’re up to. Holmes is Practicing under cover with Geno. The Jets don’t trust Bill Belicrap sending spies to the Jets Practice. Taken down formation on where each player will be.

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