Rex Ryan praises Geno Smith’s “great” practice


The last time we checked in on Rex Ryan’s assessment of Geno Smith’s performance at practice, the Jets’ coach was calling his rookie quarterback “brutal.” This time, Ryan has a much kinder assessment.

Asked how Smith practiced on Wednesday, Ryan answered, “It wasn’t brutal, that’s for sure.”

Ryan then elaborated that Smith had an excellent practice, and that many of Smith’s practices have been very strong.

“That was a great day. I don’t know if that was his best day, because he’s had a lot of good ones, but he had a great one today,” Ryan said.

For his part, Smith said he thinks he’s getting better every day, but that Wednesday’s practice wasn’t necessarily better than any other.

“I wouldn’t say it was my best day. I think, like I said, overall every single day I’ve been getting better. Whether it’s been a good day or a bad day, it’s about progression,” Smith said.

Although Smith says the ankle he injured in the Jets’ first preseason game is still not 100 percent healed, he is expected to start the third preseason game, Saturday against the Giants.

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  1. Being a Viking 4life since 1968 that reminds me of Bud Grant when he said they (the Vikings) had a “great practice” on the Thursday before their Super Bowl against the Raiders, and of course my Vikings got their asses handed to them-I still don’t know what that means “great practice”?-It’s the game performance I’m most concerned with………………….

  2. Sounds like Rex is trying to employ the old “Tear them down, then build them back up” strategy.

    Too bad Rex is playing checkers when he should have brought chess pieces. His strategy rings hollow and has more than a tinge of disingenuity to me.

  3. Meanwhile the other 31 teams have their starting quarterbacks in place. Not the Jets!
    First string needs time for precious reps together, meetings, film analysis, etc.

    Well…you know the rest.

  4. So the third preseason game is the one they use to really start to prepare for the season and start game planning, and Geno Smith is starting. Ruh ruh, Mark…

  5. Is that in the same context that Vernon Gholston could be a great player? Sexy Rexy’s words, not mine.

  6. mythaimyke says:
    Aug 22, 2013 8:12 AM
    Does anyone really care about Geno and what BIG MOUTH has to say?

    Well, you obviously don’t care, and that’s why you didn’t comment in this thread.

  7. That’s the thing to all that bravado I don’t even hear Rex Ryan anymore. I don’t live in that market, I am not a Jets fan. I can only imagine what it’s like living in that market playing for that team.

    Either you know you are good or you know you need to get better. If you have to keep putting in the press your good your insecure.

  8. How depressing it must be to be a Jets fan.

    Think about it. The head coach’s decision making process includes a Sanchez tattoo……..and this guy……

  9. mythaimyke says:Aug 22, 2013 8:12 AM

    Does anyone really care about Geno and what BIG MOUTH has to say?

    Yet you read, think for awhile, and attempt a witty reply.

  10. Wow. Kid looks just as good if not better than Sanchez, and you still here experts saying Sanchez should start.

  11. @lrjets the jets havent named a starting qb yet bc Geno Smith got hurt…so to give him a fair shake they are waiting until after the game on saturday night to name a starter….

    very logical to not name a starter until both players competing for the position have had a shot to actually compete for the position.

  12. Quote from San Diego Chargers a few years ago – “Ryan Leaf had a great practice today!”

    Quote from Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago – “Akili Smith had a great practice today!”

    Quote from the Jets last year – “Mark Sanchez had a great practice today!”

    Practice means very little until these players actually get into regular season games for the first time. Then and only then do you see what they really have.

  13. FWIW, Smith went 15-16 w/ 2 tds in that practice.

    Bottomline is, Geno is an unknown quantity right now because of only 2 Q’s of pre-season action. Sanchez, is just who he is, impressive 1 drive, w/ mediocrity and turnovers following, inconsistent.

    If Geno protects the ball, first and foremost, he definitely could start week 1.

    Theres also a possibility of the Jets bringing in another QB if the price is right.
    The Eagles’ Foles, has lost that competition, and has previously played for Morninweg.
    If that happens, the Jets would cut Sanchez, and bring in competition for Smith, thus not coddling him like they did Sanchez.

  14. im rooting for the guy, Genos got to be mentally tough.

    being stuck in jets no mans land is hard but if he’s patient, next year may bring another coach. But you still have the same owner.

    Sanchez’s butt fumble will live in infamy. I cant look at him w/o thinking butt face

  15. He is getting adept at those 5 yard dink passes all right.
    If I’m correct, he can’t read defenses and will el cougho up the ballo.

    Sanchez must be the biggest moron on the planet if he thinks there is a legit competition going on. He is toast and doesn’t know it. They didn’t draft Geno to sit on the bench.

  16. isphet71 says:
    Aug 22, 2013 7:30 AM
    Sounds like Rex is trying to employ the old “Tear them down, then build them back up” strategy.
    Which is fine, but in my book that should be done in practice, away from the media. Perhaps RR thinks that the added pressure will prepare Geno for the extra scrutiny he receives by playing in the NY media market, but I don’t see any upside to a coach criticizing his guys to the media.

    Either way, I like Geno and I think he handled this line of questioning well.

  17. Surprised that Rex even knows he is part of the team being that he is an offensive player and all.

  18. This is all you will ever hear about Geno, “great practice”, because he will never be the starter.

  19. But where’s the most important detail missing in the article? That Geno was playing shoeless at practice yday…

  20. lrjets says:
    Aug 22, 2013 9:39 AM
    mythaimyke says:Aug 22, 2013 8:12 AM

    Does anyone really care about Geno and what BIG MOUTH has to say?

    Yet you read, think for awhile, and attempt a witty reply.

    Excellent point. I hate the jets and the attention that they get. I see stories like this and rarely glance at them. When I do, I always notice the majority of comments are people “saying who cares stop talking about the jets”, or some variation of that.

    People, it’s so simple- getting attention results from having attention gotten in the past. So long as you continue to comment “who cares” you will only get more pointless stories about them- so just stop. If you you truly dont care, then dont read. I can guarentee you that the authors of these stories, be it on this site or any other are not factoring in your “ugh who cares already” comments when they decide what to write. If people stop caring about the Jets, the media stops caring about them. Nothing more to it.

  21. It’s incredible how many people jump on Rex for no reason. Geno Smith went 15/16 with no Ints and a TD or 2 and Rex was asked about what he thought. He said he looked good.

    Is this news?

    But because it’s the Jets, ignorant fans of other teams HAVE to make a corny joke.

  22. How low is the bar in NY…. Praising a Rookie QB for having a good training camp practice? Ridiculous.
    Rex Ryan is a baffoon and Sanchez is dead in the water.

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