Roethlisberger getting more freedom from Haley


The early returns were all positive on the relationship between Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Perhaps as a result, Roethlisberger’s getting a little more leeway.

According to Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, there are signs that Roethlisberger has more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage now.

Former Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch, now an analyst on the team’s radio network, explained it by paraphrasing a conversation with Roethlisberger: “‘Yeah, you have to run the football, but sometimes there are eight people in the box. Let me turn around and throw this football.’ By not being allowed that flexibility, like [former coordinator] Bruce Arians allowed him to have to change at the line of scrimmage to a pass, that frustrated him a little bit.”

Having more flexibility now is a sign of trust, and if coach and player are on the same page, it can’t hurt the end result.

27 responses to “Roethlisberger getting more freedom from Haley

  1. Watch out Todd, you give Ben an inch, he’ll take a mile, usually in a bar bathroom in Georgia.

  2. And here I was thinking that Haley was his “wife” and that she was letting him off the reigns a little bit. Gosh I was excited to see him at more college parties. Until next time…

  3. The guy has won two Super Bowls, I think he has earned the right to have some flexibility.

  4. Bruce Arians should have been replaced at the end of last season. It’s like he is trying to kill Roethlisberger’s career. The offense has been non exsistant so far this preseason, and won’t be improving if they keep going in the same direction.

  5. Vick gets strung up for animal cruelty. Big Ben gets more freedom from Todd Haley for sexually assaulting a human and putting people’s lives in jeopardy behind the wheel.

    Stay classy Pittsburg; enjoy Charlie Batch mumbling incoherently on the radio all season.

  6. He should he has earned it. Too bad it won’t help CrownoftheHelmet with his small man syndrome. Must be tough to be a lowlife loser who lives off attention in a cyber world.

  7. I think its crazy that a Veteran QB like Big Ben didnt have that flexibility last year. The QB can see things that the o coordinator doesnt by being out there. Audibling out of a run play with 8 in the box is smart anyway. Ben plays best that way anyway.

  8. Folks I’m a Ravens fan but lets let up on the Roethlisberger bathroom assault jokes/comments. We don’t like Ray Lewis comments and defend them but this draws them out. Lets show our class as a fan base and let it stop here.

    If you a fan of another team then I don’t know what to say other than it isn’t funny anymore.

    That being said our defensive will make sure Ben also gets more freedom from the football too.

  9. So, who was it that called for Big Ben to throw that screen pass for a TD to a wide open Redskin last week? Was it Haley’s call, or did Big Ben decide that he was going to show Haley and audible to 7 points for the other team?

    Maybe Haley leaked this to the media to let us all know Big Ben made the call (Twilight Zone music)


  10. @ ridingwithnohandlebars

    Look how he performed in those superbowls. Yes he played pretty well in some of those playoff runs, no doubt but QBs get way too much credit for being great because they are on SB winning teams. I despise P. Manning but even I never thought it was fair that people would say TB is better because “he” has more rings. What matters for any position from backup CB to first string QB is what you do to help your team win the rings or hinder them from winning rings.

    Also, thanks to bobzilla I know that BR has never not once ever depsite having a top 5 defense pretty much his entire career led an offense that was top 10 in scoring. Never. Meanwhile Flacco has done it twice in a shorter tenure. Your main job as a QB is to get your team into the EZ. At that, he’s merely average to below average.

    I know Pitt’s OL has had issues and it’s a legitimate criticism. But BR never gets blame from analysts because of the times he sits back there like a 16 year old girl choosing a prom dress then gets sacked instead of throwing the ball away. He could make his OL look a lot better if he made quicker decisions. Same goes for a guy like Cutler. Again, I hate P Manning but it’s true that guys like him make their OLs look better because of their quick decision making.

  11. What’s with all the anger and insults humbleminded? And I’m 5-11. Not tall, but far from short.

  12. Special treatment should be awarded to a QB who’s won two rings. Regardless of his poor judgement off the field, Haley should have leaned on him a bit more ladt year. They really seemed to underachieve last year.

  13. Its all about the Offensive Line avoiding injuries and creating that chemistry with each other. The line will only get better as the season goes on providing guys stay healthy. Big Ben receiving more freedom to change the plays at the line will end up being more positive results for the steelers offense.

  14. I’m all for giving more freedom to the guy who lost his last Superbowl, got Tebowed out of the playoffs, and dragged his team down to an 8-8 season. Works for me!

  15. Roethlisberger has been “allowed” change plays for years now. In fact, just last season during a game, he ignored Haley’s calls and ran plays from Arians playbook. He bragged about doing so after the game.
    This same“more freedom for Ben” story is repeated about this time every year. Nothing new.

  16. He’s allowed to call a pass-play if there are 8 players in the box? Is he allowed to conduct the orchestra like Peyton?

  17. who cares about play calling ben always makes a play when he gets in trouble which is a lot he is a big strong QB and can shake off a lot of D players and always looking down field so give the beast some credit for those rings.

  18. Kinda sad to see such a storied franchise rapidly on the decline. Unfortunately is realistic to see them 4th. in the AFC north for the next decade or until Ben is replaced.

  19. Of course Haley is going to let Ben call more of his own plays. All of the running backs are hurt and you can’t run a six yard slant every down, so Haley’s playbook is fairly empty.

  20. much as I see the Steelers Ravens rivalry as the best in the NFL, I personally think that the Steelers are going to have a disappointing season. Ben has not been able to stay healthy for sometime. He is still a good qb, but I think his best days are gone. Without Mike Wallace, they have no real speed. And their defense while getting younger is still old.

    I see it Ravens, Bengals and then the Browns and Steelers fighting it out for third and 4th, as much as I honestly hate to say it

  21. Ben thinks he has the Cowboys O-Line from the 90s..He’s not the fastest makin reads..or the smartest when it comes to getting rid if the ball. 50% of those sack totals are his fault, but the Awfull O-Line (pass) play these last 2 games is on them 100% along with the 8 penalties 4 on converted 3rd Downs. Anyway..Ben should have more options to option and run a no huddle.That’s when he’s at his best

  22. If Ben wants to stay healthy, he should run every play Haley calls from his 1980s playbook. Better to let the running back get killed than the QB behind that offensive line. Hand off and walk away then try to make something out of third and nine.

    I don’t see Haley lasting beyond this season. At some point, the Steelers organization will have to admit to themselves the game has changed. The core of the game is still the same (big plays off of turnovers…Did I say turnovers again?), but how one goes about maneuvering around the core has changed. The Steelers need some fresh faces from the GM to the coach to both coordinators to many of the players on the team. The team needs to modernize in lieu of entrenching themselves in the past.

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