Steelers defender not opposed to ban on low hits on defenseless receivers


Hell has frozen over.  Dogs and cats are living together.  A member of the Steelers defense is advocating further protections for defenseless receivers.

That’s what linebacker Larry Foote had to say to reporters on Wednesday, via 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh.

Specifically, Foote has no problem with a ban on low hits by defenders against receivers who have yet to get in position to protect themselves.  Foote realizes that many offensive players have been injured when defensive players have gone low, especially before the offensive players can brace for contact.

“As long as they turn up and see you coming you can hit them wherever you want,” Foote said.

Foote added that he doesn’t think it’s a dirty play “because they’ve been doing it for ages.”  But he realizes the benefit of the added protection.  And he supports it.

In contrast, defensive players routinely resist changes aimed at reducing blows to or with the helmet.  The fact that so many players support a restriction on low hits means that the league and the union should commence immediately efforts to make the rules match the expectations of the men who are playing the game.

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  1. I’ve started an official campaign to introduce team flags that would be worn on the waist by the players. When a player has the ball he would be “tackled” by removing this flag. I believe this will still provide all the entertainment value of the current game but make it safer and set a good example of children. We can’t be too safe. Who’s with me!

  2. If you remove the facemask what are the odds that players suddenly become far more capable form tacklers? Than say using their body as a missile for that “big hit”.

  3. This is the NFL… Players range from 160 lbs to almost 400 lbs… If a 250 lb WR/FB/TE is coming at a 175 lb DB, why shouldn’t he go low? The whole point of going low after they catch the ball is to get them down before they can develop a head of steam & can run you over. If they create a strikezone & say you can only tackle between waist & shoulders… A lot of defenders are going to have to hold a man & hope for help… It will look like little league football.

  4. I still laugh when I think about how he got flagged for tripping against the Ravens last year.

  5. Can’t go low, can’t go high, can’t do this, can’t do that.

    I’m telling you guys. As much as it pains me to say it, people are going to have to start boycotting games if more rules are added that change how the game is played.

    At this rate, each and every game is going to look like the Pro Bowl and mans football is going to become extinct.

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but I always took to football because of the contact – On both sides of the ball.

    Removing a good chunk of physicality from the game is like making the game die a slow, undeserving death.

  6. oldirtyman says:

    “Steelers players are the most intelligent in the NFL. Goodell should pay attention when they speak.”

    Thank you for that. I needed a good laugh.

  7. The human torso is the largest target… Freakin Steelers! The only team that is has as ugly of town, team and people is Cleveland. Whenever I’m feeling down I always say to myself, “at least I don’t live in Cleveland.”

  8. It does not matter what rule is implemented. Yeah… a guy might get fined for hitting the knees on a defenseless receiver but……he’s only losing chump change, while the guy he hit… loses his ACL,MCL, and PCL, and possibly his career! A fine will not stop what GODELL has forced on players.

    He said dont go High ….so they go low.

    The will not be happy until this is powder puff football!

  9. New Rule: No hitting a ball carrier unless you ask for permission first. And then he points to the spot you can hit him. If you don’t hit that exact spot, you get a 1000 game ban.

  10. Pretty soon madden on playstation is going to be the only football. Until they outlaw that because people are hurting there thumbs. We are a nation of wussies. All the nfl’s highlights are of big hits lets end all the crap and just play football again. The way it was.

  11. This is the NFL… Players range from 160 lbs to almost 400 lbs… If a 250 lb WR/FB/TE is coming at a 175 lb DB, why shouldn’t he go low?


    Why shouldn’t he go low? Because a WR shouldn’t tear a ligament or three because the defender isn’t big enough to tackle properly. Require better tackling fundamentals and DBs will get bigger and tougher. We’ll get more big hits and fewer chip shots. I don’t see how fans lose in that situation.

  12. We play the game the way it was meant to be played.


  13. Between the knee pads and shoulder pads is fair game.

    Sounds like a reasonable requirement of someone paid more in one year than most make in 10.

  14. Mark Barron last year did a perfect, and I mean perfect, form tackle of RGIII and was flagged for unnecessary roughness because they said Barron “spiked” RGIII into the ground. Go watch the footage, it’s one of the best examples of how to properly tackle someone that you’ll ever see. Regardless the NFL didn’t even issue an apology for their moronic refs. If you can’t go high, can’t go low and run the risk of a penalty for tackling someone correctly but doing it “too hard” then what is the point of continuing to play this game? They should just move on to using robot players, that way no one gets hurt, and isn’t that what sports is all about.

  15. I don’t agree with the “defenseless receiver” part but helmet hits to the knees should be banned. All hits leading with the helmet should result in an ejection and huge fine because that’s not what they are there for. The proper way to go low is put your shoulder through the guy’s thigh pad. You are not taking any physicality out of the game when you tell players you can’t hit guys in the head or the knees.

  16. I wouldn’t have a problem if the league mandated a strike zone from just above the knees to the shoulders, but that should apply all the way across the field to the other side of the ball too. No more RB diving at D-linemans knees/ankles to help pass block for the QB. No more TE chip blocking one guy then rolling up on the next guys legs to take him out of the play.

    No more WR going into motion then diving into a DLineman’s legs when the ball is snapped…

    If you are going to enforce the rule, then do it across the board. Don’t just target DB on the defensive side of the equation.

    But I do agree with the big sentiment going on here – it used to be a man’s game. We have been steadily moving away from that since a certain Commish started ruling the roost…

  17. Can’t wait to watch the Vikings destroy the Steelers in Great Britain in front of all the foreigners and show them what real football is..

  18. wearethechampsandyourenot says: Aug 22, 2013 6:02 PM

    you know you have no respect in league circles when you are not referred to by your name, but instead as “defender” ..LOL


    It’s probably Ike Taylor, ssshhhhh

  19. Its funny that were so bad but you clowns still troll our Steeler sites and make up fake names to try and promote something your QB , team and city aren’t. Ravens copied everything Steelers did. Copying someone or something is the biggest form of flattery.

  20. The way the game it today you can’t hit a player high(concussions, penalties), you cant hit a player low(knees). Where are you supposed to hit a player then if your unable square up and hit them properly? I’d rather see a player get hit low then high for the sake of concussions and penalties thrown all the time.

  21. scoobies05 | Aug 22, 2013, 6:00 PM EDT
    i dont see many people being jealous of the steelers these days.

    Funny for someone always posting on steeler threads, always trying to joke about the steelers, and finally comparing your team to the steelers in everything since the existence of the ravens….if your not jealous Dont post on steeler threads

  22. scoobies05 | Aug 22, 2013, 6:00 PM EDT
    i dont see many people being jealous of the steelers these days.

    I don’t see anybody jealous of the ravens….not many not any.

  23. vasteelerfan: Look in the mirror. You’ll see somebody who is extremely jealous of what the ravens did last season. Maybe you’re just jealous of raven fans celebrating a 2nd SB victory in such a short existence. If you’re not jealous of the ravens, why do you constantly post on their threads? Cheer up at least yinzgotsix!

  24. rottenbellybutton

    As the only person in Pittsburgh against the steelers you must feel very proud of yourself….great …look in the mirror and you’ll see ….?

  25. Tackle in the baseball strike zone… between the arm pits and knees. Not that hard to figure out.

  26. Dogs and Cats living together in full harmony is the full joke from Ghost Busters you meant to steal. Peter Venkman is the man and I think that Bill Murray guy could be a real someone if he works at it.

  27. Tooz 74,

    Big Ben = 2-1 vs. Super Bowl opponents. Wtf even IS the raiders qb this week? Vince Evans???


    Vikings don’t even play outside and = 0-? In super bowls.

    Still waiting to see that 250-lb WR, but ppl should tackle the way they teach you in 3rd grade.

  28. I can see not taking out the knees. There is no place in the sport for attacking someone’s livelihood.

    But if it takes the shoestring tackle out of the game, then you’re going to see a lot less backfield tackles and sacks. And that’s an exciting part of football as well. How about we all just agree that a dirty shot is dirty and not makes rules for it? And if someone breaks the gentleman’s agreement, then maybe the refs can suddenly be inspecting the knee pads of a player to ensure proper fit and “miss” the retaliation shot on the guy who got dirty.

  29. Ben 1-4 vs the raiders is funny. Your back up QB beat your starting QB in 2009 when your defense was ranked 5th ypg. SO what does that say about your elite QB. Most over rated QB in NFL history.

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