Another week, another poor first half for the Oakland Raiders


It was an ugly first half for the Oakland Raiders last week when they fell into a 23-7 first half deficit against the New Orleans Saints. Quarterback Matt Flynn was sacked five times and the Saints had no problems moving the football against a porous Raiders defense.

The Raiders’ performance Friday against the Chicago Bears may have been even worse.

The Bears scored on each of their first four possessions of the game, including three touchdown drives in taking a 27-3 lead into halftime. Matt Forte scored on a 32-yard pass from Jay Cutler and Michael Bush carried for two scores on 10- and 1-yard touchdown runs, respectively. The Raiders only points of the half came on a 58-yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski to end the half.

Flynn was just 3 for 6 for 19 yards before being replaced by Terrelle Pryor late in the second quarter. The Raiders had just 92 yards offensively heading into the break.

The debut of D.J. Hayden appears to be the only bright spot for the Raiders tonight. It is still just the preseason but the last two weeks for the Raiders have been anything but encouraging.

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  1. So, we’re hearing there will be 2 NFL teams back in SoCal…let’s hope the Raiders aren’t one of them….

  2. To all the haters did cutler spread the ball around enough??? Or did he lock on to Jeffery too much??

  3. And, look…Cutler is spreading the ball around on offense, like he and M. Bennett said would happen. Time to rest the starters now.

  4. Maybe it’s time to just let Pryor play. It’s not Flynn’s fault but considering the players around him Pryor may give the Raiders the best chance to be competitive!

  5. I’m not a Pryor fan, but he does bring an excitement to the team. I think tonight he won the starting job.

    Flynn had a great shot to actually start somewhere with the competition he faced on this roster, but I think he proved to be everything I as a Raider fan hoped he wasn’t. He’s just not a starter. To his defense the roster is bare, but Pryor is still finding ways to make plays with his talent and the lack of talent that surrounds him. I just hope he can become more consistent.

    Dennis Allen has his work cut out for him to earn a third season as the HC.

  6. The way Pryor played in the 3rd is really going to make this Raiders coaching staff think that maybe Pryor should get a chance. He kept plays alive and made the offense exciting.

  7. Given this is just the preseason, but the black hole feels like just that. Trapped in a vortex of a never improving football team. I sit here from an outside perspective and wonder if they’d just keep a coach for more than a year or two, it would build some consistency in the organization, but year after year the coaches makes it hard on the front office to actually allow them to stick around for more than a year or two. They just need some luck or something. Bottom line, start your fantasy RBs at will against these guys this year.

  8. Dayammmnnnn Raiders got smoked! I know its preseason but there were starters in there for the first and second quarter but COM’ON MAN! The Raaaaaaiders need some playmakers!

  9. Last week Flynn has terrible protect, and the excuse was he needs the o-line to protect him. Tonight, Flynn gets the protection he needs and he throws behind receivers and can’t move the offense. Make things worst, he also threw 2 picks. 2/3 of his incompletetions were picked off. Flynn plays with no confidence, he has no arm strength to put zip on the ball, he has happy feet, no pocket awareness, and cannot account for blitz pre-snap. So where’s the intelligence people talk about? The smart throws? Accuracy? All I see is him throwing behind receivers, check downs, and failing to recognize the free or delayed blitzer.

  10. Agree with everything, but let’s be honest. If Hayden hadn’t almost died you wouldn’t have mentioned him in the story. Why only give credit when there’s a back story that increases readership

  11. Preseason or not. The Raiders are an awful team this year. The Lions might not have to wait much longer for someone to join the 0-16 club

  12. Flynn is terrible! Just when you think the raiders are getting it they go out and sign an unproven player to be there starting QB. I say stick with the younger more athletic Pryor. After all 4-12 is 4-12 right?

  13. As a Bear fan I would have to say that Pryor was a bright spot too. He played against some of the 1’s and Da Bears 2’s, and 3’s are solid. Pryor played well and sparked the team and fans for sure. I’m not even a fan of his but give him his do as a bright spot for the raider nation.

  14. Trestman has impressed me finally.
    Cutler looked like he was ready for the post season. and the defense looked ready for the Superbowl.
    go Bears go!

  15. It is pre-season, but the Raiders o-line looks really bad since Veldheer went down. There was really no plan to back him up, and it is evident. Actually, the whole team was a big chew spit tonight.

  16. Playoffs here comes Trestman. post season here come the Bears.
    send the division title to Chicago.
    and the Superbowl may have a unexpected guess from Chicago.
    Cutler is about to get Paid.

  17. The only bright spot was Hayden?
    Pryor had a solid performance and how you made it through this ‘article’ without mentioning that is boggling. I understand it’s the pft thing to troll Raider fans, but Pryor deserves credit for his performance. Flynn should be very nervous.

  18. While it’s easy to bash the Raiders, this was more about a Chicago team establishing itself as one of the best in the league. They are solid in every department, and have about 15 guys on that team that have been Pro Bowlers. No one talks about them, but they are definitely an NFC sleeper.

  19. Dennis Allen is starting to look like a horrible HC. One way he can make himself look a little better is to rid the Matt Flynn project and start Pryor who can put up some points and win games. It also looks like he needs to bring up some 2nd teamers to the 1st team. Crawford perhaps? How does this coach rid people like Stevie Brown and start lames like Rod Bartell? It looks like another long year and another post season looking forward to the draft and a coaching change yet again. smh

  20. “Quarterback Matt Flynn was sacked five times and the Saints had no problems moving the football against a porous Raiders defense.”

    If the Saints had no trouble moving the ball then the Oakland D is pretty suspect. Considering the Raiders were playing the Bears.

  21. DA- I understand our back is against the wall, and we don’t have playoff talent.

    Flynn will get killed behind this o line without Veldheer.

    Atone for your Knapp mistake and start Pryor.

    Go Raiders….

  22. The Raiders are going to be a fantasy gift for any team that plays against then both offense and defense.. It will be a long season.

  23. If the Raiders want to win some games this year and give the fan base some excitement…..

    Terelle Pryor should start.

    The offensive line cannot protect Flynn to give him the time to be successful. (Veldheer HUGE loss)

    For now we need the mobility and athleticism of Pryor.

    If Flynn has to be under not stop pressure…..

    We have no chance.

    Start Pryor.

    Go Silver & Black

  24. Fans are already calling for pryor. Jeez. Flynn has no oline to protect him, and people are ready to toss him. How silly. Raiders traded 2 draft picks for Flynn. Can’t have this guy as a backup, can they?

  25. It was more of the dominance of the Bears Offense and the Saints Offense then the raiders being bad. This was game planned game 3! Clearly the arrow is pointing up for the Bears and Trestman is the real deal. Love Cutler or not, give the guy time and he is a very special QB. Should be an interesting season and playoffs a certainty with how horrible Greenbays Defense looks and the Lions a perennial loser. The Vikings…Ponder LOL

  26. Sure…the Raiders suck…but the Bears looked great last night. The rookies on the line are maulers.

  27. Its painfully obvious that the Raiders will be at the top of the draft board next year. GM Reggie McKenzie will feel like a kid in a candy store…what do i pick? what do I pick?
    So many choices…so many holes to fill. But when its all said and done, the Raiders select J. Clowney. You don’t let rare talent like that escape from your grasp.

  28. I love my Raiders, but you cannot win in the NFL with Alex Barron and Kalif Barnes as your tackles.

  29. Another reason why Reggie McKenzie must go, he’s done nothing but take the Raiders backwards. Plus Denise Allen has to go because he’s clueless at coaching.

    They bring this trash in to replace Hugh Jackson who had the team heading in the right direction winning 8 games and now look at how poorly the Raiders are doing after some fool got rid of him.

    With this group of sorry loser leading the Raiders the only place the Raiders will be led is to being a cellar dweller yet again.

  30. With Tony Sparano offensive guru, what does anyone expect?? Why would things improve with him there? Just look at the Jets and the Dolphins when he was there!!

  31. So Mr. Raiders who is it going to be – Jadeveon Clowney, DE or Teddy Bridgewater, QB.

    Wait, I have a better idea why don’t you trade for Tim Tebow he will fit right in, no problem.

  32. glynners said above: 2:05 AM

    Detroit Lions PreSeason Champions 2008 – 4-0

    The Lions might not have to wait much longer for someone to join the 0-16 club.

    But the Lions were preseason champions the only undefeated team in preseason in 2008.

  33. TP is the best bet for the Raiders but not because Flynn isn’t good, but because he can scramble for yards when the o-line fails him and the receivers fail to get open.

  34. Since they are in rebuild mode, who cares? They are just getting out from behind the 8-ball on the cap and couple that with some good luck like getting Clowney and a good QB, they can get there. The owner with the bad haircut just can’t get antsy and thin-skinned. Unless of course Dennis Allen stinks as a head coach.

  35. its going to be a long year…
    frankly, DA doesn’t inspire much confidence in me as a guy who would know what to do NEXT season..i guess the only real litmus test is to see what elements brought under his rule have developed. the ability to recognize and shift from a zbs to a pbs is at least an indication that he can build off mistakes. the current status of the O line can’t be blamed on the mangement…pull out any team’s best lineman and see what happens. i would look at criner and streater at wr to see what they can do this year and most of the defense behind the front 4. if they regress, bye DA and thanks for the fish. i know this year is going to be crap but at least put in the guy who’s going to generate a little bit of excitement so us tortured diehards don’t jump into misery one second into the 1st.

  36. Did Mckenzie get fired yet for putting this crap team together.
    Raiders hire a real GM instead of the buffoon collecting a paycheck.

  37. Well folks here it is, the db’s,especially safteys, gave no run support. O line couldnt get to the second level. And id like to see Matt Flynn check out of some run plays when teams show heavy run.blitzes. Also the running backs and Oline are not on the same page in pass protection.

  38. If Veldheer was healthy, Flynn would be the guy to start, but Veld isn’t, so Pryor should get the nod. Pryor is a much better athlete, and he’ll have to be with Alex Barron “protecting” his blind side.

  39. I don’t blame Big Reg just yet. We’ll have 69 million $ to spend on free agents next year. We’ll see how it goes. The Raiders are very much like the Chicago Cubs right now. Both are paying for mistakes of the past regimes. Both are rebuilding. It remains to be seen who is better at it Reg or Theo.

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