Anquan Boldin shining in mentor role for 49ers

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The 49ers knew they were getting a proven receiver for their money, when they took Anquan Boldin’s contract off the Ravens’ books this offseason.

But they’re getting more than their money’s worth in the lessons Boldin is sharing with a young receiving corps, sharing 10 years of NFL experience every day.

Q has been so good with the younger guys, trying to teach them how to be professionals,” wide receiver Kyle Williams told Jim Trotter of “He’s not just teaching them what to learn, but how to learn it, how to learn concepts and how you can see certain things in coverages. I think his whole mentality, his whole approach to this game is something we all can learn something from. He’s so serious about it. He doesn’t play around.”

That includes not even taking time to celebrate his Super Bowl win with the Ravens, including a visit with the President which he skipped. Coming close with the Cardinals showed him how small the margin was, and he didn’t want to give it away.

“For me it doesn’t change,” Boldin said of his motivation. “That’s the reason why I didn’t go to the ring ceremony at the White House. If you take time to celebrate, you kind of lose that edge, lose that hunger.”

That professionalism is going to be huge for the 49ers this year. In the absence of injured Michael Crabtree, he could end up a safety net for Colin Kaepernick, giving the third-year quarterback someone to rely on as he grows in the game as well.

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  1. anquan boldin has always been #1 to me. the guy has a great attitude and is clutch in big games. i really think this guy will have a big year in san fran this year.

  2. Consummate professional. I cannot wait to see what Boldin brings to the table for the Red and Gold this year. They’re gonna close out the ‘Stick in style!

  3. Words: Q is a great mentor for younger receivers.

    Deeds: Cut Ricardo Lockette.

    Deeds > Words.

  4. trollhammer20 says:
    Aug 23, 2013 2:46 PM
    Words: Q is a great mentor for younger receivers.

    Deeds: Cut Ricardo Lockette.

    Deeds > Words.
    WAIT! What? They cut a receiver, shocker….They have 10+ guys trying out for maybe 6 spots. What are they gonna keep them all just so Anquan can mentor them? What point, if any, are you trying to make?

  5. Words: Q is a great mentor for younger receivers.

    Deeds: Cut Ricardo Lockette.

    Deeds > Words.

    Q > ‘Not Famous’ Ricardo

  6. @trollhammer20 & whatwhat2013

    You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Those guys couldn’t get with the program so they got cut. The 49ers have done a great job of building a very deep team. Q being able to get young talent to step up their game is only going to help them.

    The biggest thing you get with Boldin is something that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. He makes the back breaker catch over and over. Either it is converting a 3rd down on a ball he has no business catching or hauling in a touchdown right before the end of a half/game, the dude is clutch.

  7. He should be. that is what he was brought in to do. He is the champion. The rest of the team lost their last game and are first loser.

  8. Randy Moss was a great mentor for the guys too, but ended up being borderline worthless on the field. Boldin will ultimately be judged a good or bad pickup by his personal performance on the field this year.

    I am optimistic that he will produce, but we’ll see.


  9. I live in Austin and just bought tix to see the Niners vs. Colts… Can’t wait to see Kapernick to Boldin for six…

    Go Niners…

  10. To get a good receiver, Super Bowl star, and mentor for a 6th rounder, what a great move by the GM. I’d expect him in the slot though; it sounds like he’s taking over Crabtree’s role…?

  11. ninerfaithful75 says:
    Aug 23, 2013 2:56 PM

    kaepernick is a third year player

    I don’t understand why that’s so hard for people to remember. It bugged the heck out of me last year when everyone referred to him as a rookie as though he was part of the RG3, Luck, Wilson draft.

  12. Lucky they got Boldin for parting gifts. No guarantee Crabtree comes back, and they can’t make the Super Bowl without him. Again, some of these G.M.’s in the league are overrated. Hopefully they don’t emulate the Texans, and wait six years to draft a #2 receiver…

  13. It is awesome having a proven champion like Boldin lead and mentor our wide receiver corp. I can’t speak for the rest of the Faithful but I had a feeling like Crabtree this year would have let his success go to his head and not put the team first. The injury will both humble him and leave him hungry.

    In the meantime we got Boldin, Williams, Manningham, Davis, McDonald in the air attack and Frank the Tank leading a primier run game. Oh and a pretty good QB named Kaepernick. Forward march, the Quest for Six continues!

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  14. He is right about the winning mentality. If you let yourself feel an ultimate accomplishment, it likely decreases your motivation. It is actually extremely smart of him to recognize that. He can celebrate all he wants after retirement.

  15. Q… I just wanted to say thanks.

    For always being a professional.

    For sharing the correct tools of the trade with the young receiving corp.

    For keeping that hunger and fire burning for another ring.

  16. Boldin’s also out to show the Ravens they made a huge mistake when they cut him loose. And he’s sure right about that one. I hope he gets another ring. He deserves one, unlike so many of the prima donna receivers who are all talk and no character or leadership.

  17. Worst personnel the Cardinals made in the last decade was letting Boldin go. Worse than signing Kolb.

  18. As a current Arizona residents, we already knew that Baltimore was set for regrets over Boldin. Its been 4 years and AZ is still rebuilding talent and leadership wise.
    K & Dylan A (New Vistas Acad bud)

  19. it must suck being a frustrated disgruntled fan of a crappy team who gets no news on PFT for there team, and has to troll on superbowl contending teams with immature comments to seek attention. but i do respect fans of other teams who comment on 49ers posts with good mature comments.

  20. “Cardinal fan here. Q is a great leader and first class person. We miss him.”

    I still cant believe you guys had him and Fitz together at one time. As a Niners fan I am certainly glad those days are over – maybe the scariest tandem I have ever seen in the NFL.

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