Cam Newton: Offense didn’t do its part on Thursday night

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The Panthers defense and special teams had a great night against the Ravens.

Ted Ginn returned a punt for a touchdown and the defense scored three touchdowns to account for 28 of the team’s 34 points. As you would probably imagine, the offense wasn’t clicking on quite as many cylinders.

Coach Ron Rivera said that the offense had limited opportunities because of all the touchdown returns, but said that didn’t excuse them from averaging 3.5 yards per play when they were on the field. It also doesn’t excuse three sacks of quarterback Cam Newton nor several other missed blocks and dropped passes that left Newton lamenting his unit’s failure to hold up their end of things.

“When the defense plays like that, I feel like we let those guys down,” Newton said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

The offense clearly needs to be better than they were on Thursday, but the issues didn’t just crop up against Baltimore. The starting offense hasn’t scored a touchdown since the opening quarter of the opening preseason game and there hasn’t been much dynamism on display at any point. Some of that could be explained by not wanting to show too many tricks in the preseason, but the questions about whether offensive coordinator Mike Shula is the right man to run the offense will linger until the team proves otherwise.

21 responses to “Cam Newton: Offense didn’t do its part on Thursday night

  1. Cam should abandon the Superman schtick and defer to Clark Kent. Luke is the biggest offensive producer on that team.

  2. Cam Newton… Last night didnt produce a single TD,granted his receivers were dropping, but he still SHOWBOATS after every first down like he just won the Superbowl. He’s gotta grow up.

  3. It’s safe to say that Luke Kuechly is not just the best player on this team, he’s the best player by far.

  4. Im so tired of this vanilla offense, this jr college coach, and these butter hand receivers, and in the lack of run game and Cam has to be superman, because he has very little help from that O. I love olsen, smith but comeon man, Cam needs a offense. So media/ naysayers please get off of his back

  5. I see it now. The coaching staff has taken away the things that Cam Newton does best….. his improvising… his running if the pass isn’t there. They are trying to make him into a more traditional pocket passer. Back when he was eligible for the draft, some scouts said they like him, but not first round…… because he can’t be a great pocket passer.

  6. Give this Kid some help Panther nation. I saw drop after drop or WR running short of the 1st down marker. Should have made a run at Boldin or scoop a vet up with hands if one gets cut. Outside Steve or Olsen the kid has nothing. Hoping they are hiding their cards in the preseason. Got this guy in fantasy team, lets go!

  7. Cam Newton? More like Cam eats a lot of Fig Newtons. That dude needs to stop eating so many cookies and start eating defenses for dinner.

  8. Best qb’s from 2011 class has to be between Kaep and Dalton. Cam is falling further and further behind…

  9. Even though this is just preseason, the offense has little to be motivated about. Panther’s GM is one dumb pathetic idiot. You drafted Cam, now build around him. In 2 years after they drafted Cam, defense, defense, defense. Yeah the D stinks, but so does you most important asset without some threats. I might be wrong, but Cam is the francise. Luke is great, but last I checked, offense brings you to the playoffs, defense wins the playoffs.

  10. If Cam is the franchise, the Carolina fans are neck deep in despair for the foreseeable future. This guy hasn’t grown up a bit over the off-season. Indeed, he’s taken steps backwards where maturity is concerned. If the Cats go 6-10 this year it’ll surprise me.

  11. Cam Newton threw some really inexcusably awful passes.
    Did you all not notice them?
    Blaming any one but Cam and his O line like Shula is ludicrous.

  12. Cam missed a couple of open receivers, though the LaFell over throw on their second possession looked like it may have been a communication problem, not an accuracy problem. But, his receivers dropped more than he missed. The O line is really bad, Cam had no time and the backs had no holes to run through. Of course, Cam is the lightning rod but Cam is playing with by far the worst personnel of all the successful QBs from the last 2 drafts.

  13. Of course… When the defense is scoring 3 touchdowns and the special teams also scores… The offense doesn’t get to see the field nearly as much as in a normal game.

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