David Wilson to start at running back for Giants

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The Giants’ depth chart currently has two players listed as their starting tailback, but only one of Andre Brown or David Wilson will be on the field for the first snap against the Cowboys on September 8.

During an appearance on ESPN Radio on Friday, General Manager Jerry Reese said that Wilson, the team’s first-round pick in 2012, would be that player.

“We expect [Wilson] to be our starter, and be in the backfield with Andre Brown, who had a terrific season going last year until he got hurt,” Reese said. “[Brown’s] had the injury bug a little bit since he’s been in the league. But if he can stay healthy, and David Wilson comes on like we expect him too, we think we can have a pretty dynamic backfield.”

It’s not surprising that Wilson wound up with the job. He has a game-breaking gear that Brown doesn’t have and the team didn’t draft him where they did to sit behind a player who has played 14 games in his four NFL seasons.

Starting isn’t everything, though, and the preseason has revealed that the Giants still prefer Brown as a third down back because he is a more capable pass blocker than Wilson. If Wilson can’t pick that part of the game up to the satisfaction of the coaching staff, the split of playing time might be closer than some expect because the Giants will want to avoid both big hits on Eli Manning and the predictability that can come into an offense when defenses know that certain plays are off the board due to the personnel on the field.

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  1. I’d rather start Woodrow Wilson than David Wilson at this point. At least he was President not just some guy with fumblitis.

  2. Wilson will be the 2nd running back for the Giants to win the Superbowl MVP title and a home game Super Bowl is icing on the cake. Go G-MEN!!!

  3. justintuckrule says:

    Aug 23, 2013 1:50 PM

    Put them both out there on third down with Nicks and Cruz.


    Thank God you didn’t go on with your crush on Tiki Barber. No one needs to read more about how great Barber was and how he saved the Giants from doom or how Eli Manning would have been cut without Barber there to protect him.

    So you know, Barber isn’t just disliked by his former teammates, coaches and front office with the Giants. Strahan pretty quiet about it, but he loves that Barber tries to get next to his halo these days. Huge comeuppance for Barber who looked down on Strahan from the beginning for having gone to a school without a strong academic reputation.

    Barber’s intensely disliked in Charlottesville, at Fox and at NBC too. One of the nicknames he was given behind his back was “iTiki” because it was all about him all the time. At Fox they knew he was going to blow up his marriage and they couldn’t believe Ginny put up with him. At NBC he was all over Traci from her first day and his antics with Traci turned production staff and later network management (this was when Zucker was in charge, and Barber amazed everyone by making Zucker look like Mr. Humble).

    It’s all for good that Barber is out of the limelight.

  4. Dude can break it. He is like HR or strikeout.

    You can see him. He looks at the holes and hits it. He either scores or he gets tackled.

  5. yetanotherfan….

    You addressed your post to Justintuckrule…
    He isnt the one who posted about tiki…
    That was justinstuckrule…
    Two different user names…

  6. not a giants fan, but this guy is gonna be a stud, if they continue give him the rock, FF sleeper too

  7. tellingphatstories says:
    Aug 23, 2013 1:53 PM
    I’d rather start Woodrow Wilson than David Wilson at this point. At least he was President not just some guy with fumblitis.


    Ignorant people who just listen to the media and don’t pay attention to the game shouldn’t comment. Wilson has 1 career fumble yet he has fumblitis? I guess if he fumbles twice this year the Giants will cut him and he will never play another down in the NFL.

  8. Wilson’s explosiveness will not be denied and will be a perfect compliment to the Eli/Cruz/Nicks tandem. Best little guy for the GMen since Joe Morris.

  9. Hey nohopeleft —

    You are very very wrong.

    justintuckrule writes a lot about Tiki Barber. The guy has a crush on Barber. He’s a clown. He’s written lots and lots of love posts to Barber. He proudly admits it.

    Here’s one of his more stupid posts about Barber. See “Tiki recalls dropping “like, a thousand” F-bombs on Coughlin” from August 8, 2013.


    justintuckrule says:
    Aug 8, 2013 12:56 PM
    Here we go….100+ comments bashing Tiki with no substance.

    If someone out there can save me the time and dig up the 50 actual intelligent Tiki defense posts that I have posted over the years, that would be great.

    They summarize as follows:

    Tiki was THE Giants offense for 8 years and the first 4 of Eli’s young career. It’s easier for a young QB to grow when there is 9 in the box and man to man on the outside. Ask Sanchez what it was like to have a running game early on and now not to.

    These “Giants were better w/o him comments” are not based in fact. Sure they won SBs w/o him but he laid the groundwork for Eli to grow by taking ALL the pressure off him early. Without Tiki early, Eli gets smoked and he’s likely toiling away with his 4th team right now as Miami’s backup.

    From a knowledgeable Giants’ fan.

    What a clown justintuckrule is. Go back to that August 8 article and you can see more crazy love posts by justintuckrule about Tiki Barber.

  10. Wilson is the real deal & should be the starter (& this is coming from a Dallas fan). I thought Coughlin should have not been so hard on him last year just because he fumbled in the first game. The Boys are going to have their hands full with him this season (especially considering how suspect this new D looks already).

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