Dolphins start the process of paring roster


Teams have to reduce rosters from 90 players to 75 by next Tuesday.

The Dolphins are just getting a head start on the process.

The team announced they had waived five players Friday: Guards Jeff Braun and Chandler Burden, defensive tackle Chris Burnette, linebacker Alonzo Highsmith and wide receiver Kenny Stafford.

Highsmith is the notable name of the bunch, primarily because he shares a name with the former Oilers, Cowboys and Buccaneers running back and Packers personnel man who happens to be his dad.

18 responses to “Dolphins start the process of paring roster

  1. That new jersey looks so sweet on the field. Only the best 53 will get to wear it.

  2. For the Dolphins, getting down to 53 will be much harder this year. There will be some guys snapped up off the waiver wire. Some decent players will not make this team because less talented players will be retained for depth at other positions.

  3. Joe Philbin? More like Regis Philbin with how much time he spends with Kelly Ripa at 9am.

  4. Hopefully they’ll pick up one of the talented players the seahawks or 49ers cut from their deep secondary. I’m not comfortable with Patterson or Caroll as my second cb.

  5. Ok, nothing to do with the Dolphins, but are Jags fans really pumped about those uniform/helmet changes? Seriously?

  6. I don’t think the 49ers are letting go any of their secondaries go especially at CB. Most likely those guys will end up on the practice squad especially the no name flashy players. Dolphins probably have a better chance at picking up a CB from the Seahawks CB that gets waived. Their secondary is already solidified.

  7. ProDolphinsTalk says:

    That new jersey looks so sweet on the field. Only the best 53 will get to wear it.

    Really ? I was thinking it was ugly, not quite CFL uni ugly but pretty close.


  8. tellingphatstories says:
    Aug 23, 2013 1:51 PM
    Joe Philbin? More like Regis Philbin with how much time he spends with Kelly Ripa at 9am.
    Nothing wrong with that, wish I could spend some time with Kelly Ripa …

  9. Has anyone heard of any of these guys? Has anyone heard of more than a handful of guys on this whole roster? Yeah…must be a pretty tough call cutting this 4th stringer over that 4th stringer. None of this matters for the cellar dwellers. Yawn.

    The story even says, the Highsmith character is only recognizable becuase his dad played.

  10. Slick50ks, only if they play better then they did against Detroit, talking about a QB getting hit, Tom best kick some O line butt. Bill

  11. The Dolphins should have cut most of their depth players at the end of last year but they are cheap! After you get past the starters, the Dolphins are a scrub team. Cuts should be easy for them!

  12. I noticed several comments about the secondary. Where is Sean Smith when you need him? They should have cut Carol and Wilson to clear money for Smith.

    We havd no depth because we jetison the good expensive players and hire the walking walking wounded to a one year contract.

    We shyed away from ALL PRO Jake Long when we should have cut from the bottom of the O-line pool. In retrospect, our #1 draft pick should have been a lineman too.
    I can say that because the GM has all of the secret info you and I don’t have. We have to wait fod pre-season to see how bad things are.

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