Kyle Shanahan says RGIII’s mechanics are fine


Earlier this week, Ron Jaworski of ESPN said that he thought Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s throwing mechanics during warmups for their game against the Steelers looked like they weren’t as clean as they were last season before he injured his knee.

Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was asked about Jaworski’s observation and said he thought that the quarterback’s mechanics have looked fine to him.

“I’m pretty impressed with how Robert throws the ball,” Shanahan said, via the Washington Post. “I think he’s pretty good at it. I think he has pretty good technique, too. It’s all about keeping your technique in the pocket when you’re under duress. … I think Robert is as good of a thrower as there is.”

You might note that Shanahan didn’t say that Griffin’s mechanics were the same as they were last season, although it seems less important that Griffin throw the ball exactly the same way than that he get the same kind of results he got when he put the ball in the air as a rookie. Like every other question about Griffin, that one will have to wait until the regular season gets underway because judging Griffin off of pregame warmups and practice sessions means you’ll only be getting part of the picture needed to draw a real conclusion.