Vick tells reporters: You made me change the way I played


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick says he’s going to be a great run-pass threat in new coach Chip Kelly’s offense. And he’s not going to let anyone talk him out of playing the game the way he’s meant to play it.

Vick told reporters that he tried to become more of a pocket passer in part to placate members of the media who said he wouldn’t be able to hold up to the physical challenges of playing a 16-game season if he was taking off and running regularly. Now, Vick says, he’s not going to let any outside influences stop him from being the kind of player he can be.

“You guys act like I get hurt once a week,” Vick said to reporters, via “You all did that to me. Made me change the way I played the game.”

Vick, whose 5,551 rushing yards are the most for any quarterback in NFL history, thinks he could have been an even better runner if he hadn’t allowed criticism of his style to hold him back.

“I think you’ve got to take on a certain mind-set that you’re going to play the game all-out,” Vick said. “If you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt or trying not to get hurt, it doesn’t allow you to play the way you want to play.”

Vick has long been viewed as the perfect quarterback to run the kind of offense that Kelly engineered at Oregon. Now he’ll get a chance to show what he can do.

87 responses to “Vick tells reporters: You made me change the way I played

  1. Now, Vick says, he’s not going to let any outside influences stop him from being the kind of player he can be.

    And there it is folks, the old Michael Vick ego. A legend in his own mind and in his fans minds.

    He’s never won anything that’s not a popularity contest.

    On the plus side, Foles could be the starting QB as early as this Saturday if Vick decides to play “all-out”.

  2. Way to stay humble there Mike. “You all did that to me. Made me change the way I played the game.”

    Those are things the great QBs will never say. They rise above that stuff and let their performance do the talking.

    The media didn’t make you fumble Mike. The Media didn’t break your ribs. Sooner or later ya gotta take responsibility for something.

  3. I love the way MV plays the game…but so many disappointments have been born from ridiculously
    high expectations. I just hope he has more FUN this season!

  4. In his whole career, Vick has played only one 16-game season. In all other seasons, he missed games due to injuries. Yep, I guess the media did that to him–reporters out there on the field, taking shots at his knees, taking their microphones and whacking him across the helmet. I am sure everybody remembers the game in which Florio ripped off Vick’s helmet and punched him in the face. Oh yes, the media is vicious. Yep, they are the ones who make QBs change their game.

  5. Ummmm, Mike, the STATS themselves show that you can’t hold up to the rigors of NFL-sized hits and remain durable for a full season…..the media just verbalized that. Facts are the facts…Vick is a small dude and he ain’t the Vick of old let’s be honest.

  6. I think he should run when the opportunity is there.that’s what makes him dynamic but he needs to learn how to get down without taking any unnecessary hits..

  7. blah, blah, blah…..the mean reporters made me play lousy mommy.

    he wants to play like he is still in college until he limps off the field.
    he is playing well in the preseason…thats it…..vick thinks next stop super bowl.

    he still is not sliding or getting out of bounds….which means he will not play 16 games…

  8. No, Michael, they may have said those things about you, but your transformation into a “pocket passer” is on you. They didn’t MAKE you do anything. Your lack of confidence in yourself and your original style of play caused you to be influenced by their opinions. Remember when you beat Favre in Lambeau in the freezing cold? When a blazing DE came at you on your blind side and you threw him over your shoulder like a WWE goliath? Those were your days, and your current lack of self-confidence, combined with a 1+ year stint behind bars are why those days are long gone.

  9. So Vick says he’s been dogging it all these years? He’s all bark and no bite. He’s really had it ruff!

  10. Could he have been a better runner if he hadn’t spent that time in jail. That’s probably someone else fault too.

  11. To be fair, most so called running quarterbacks do get hurt in the pocket more than they do while running downfield. Vick broke his ribs running against Washington a couple of years ago, but all the others were from inside the pocket.

    When a QB gets a rep for being fragile, (deserved or not) then defenses go after them even harder. The same happened to McNabb and it will likely happen to RGIII. They’re going to get injured because defenses will try to injure them.

    So if Vick is going to get injured either way, he might as well go balls to the walls and run. Just learn how to slide big guy.

  12. If that’s the case, he should have thanked them for extending his career.

    “Why am I standing here and not at home hobbling to get out of bed? – IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

    Way to go, media.

  13. Yes it’s all the media’s fault.

    Lol the fact that you don’t have the brainpower to read defenses and that you’re a terrible decision maker has nothing to do with it.

    Bad media. Bad bad media. Too bad you can’t just strangle them right?

  14. The most overrated QB of all time and that does not even count the fact that he is a dung pile of a human being.

  15. NO, NO, NO…Vick got hurt so much because he held on to the frikken ball too long, Andy Reid was not sharp enough to figure out a way to help him, Chip Kelly’s system has him getting it out WAY quicker, that will be the difference if Mike has a big year IMO.

  16. Some of you guys are sensitive Salleys. I mean a guy speaks the truth, and you bash him for it, a player lies, you bash him for it. Which one is it ?

  17. Forget Michael. Can we Marcus Vick’s opinion on this? I know I always feel infinitely less ignorant after hearing what Marcus Vick has to say (on any topic possible). He is like life’s Ultimate Bell Curve (for stupid people and trouble-makers alike).

  18. The guy is a moron.

    I wonder who he blames for getting caught with weed at the airport.

    Is it the same person he blames for handing out VD to young ladies like candy at Halloween?

    Vick is the only player in the NFL that I actually wish harm too.

    He should not even be playing in the NFL.

  19. he hasn’t played a full season since 2006 – his injury issues are not a media fabrication. if he can play the way he wants to play and make it through 16 games and the post-season, more power to him, but we have plenty of reason to be skeptical. this coming from a big michael vick fan.

  20. why would a professional athlete listen to and change your successful way of doing something because of the media? this guy really is dumber than a box of rocks.

  21. truninerfan49 says: Aug 23, 2013 10:06 AM


    Vick sounds pretty fired up. He’s not crying as much as he’s saying “you did this to me, now I’m going to show you what I can really do!”. With Vick focused, sharp, and able to run the way he does and bomb rockets 70 yards down the field I think we will see an entirely different quarterback this year.

  22. I’m a fan of Vick’s given his humble redemption and leadership in his 2nd tour in the NFL. Having said that, I don’t think Vick can take the hits of a 16-game season with his running style. He’s not big enough to run like a running back and his upright and exposed style at high speeds leaves him susceptible to big hits. It’s simple physics. Acceleration x Mass= Force. At 215, when he’s running at 4.2 speeds and gets hit by a 250 1b. guy at 4.5 speeds he’s gonna get crushed. Saw the same thing with RGIII all year last year.

  23. Its the media’s fault?

    Now that’s the kind of personal accountability I want from the leader of my team!

    I’m sure this going to work out just great…

  24. Oh please, with the said offense Chip Kelly is planning on running in Philly he’ll be hurt and one before done with 1/4 of the season.

  25. Oh…Ron Mexico, you silly guy. The media arent the ones busting up your fragile body when you decide to scramble. You are what you are, an inaccurate passer who has some upside becuase you can run, which will slowly taper off as you get older making you more worthless as a player than you already are as a human. I would hit my knees every night if I were you and that God for that last contract you got. Its crazy that you’re even in the NFL after what you’ve done.

  26. Insecure much? Man, that’s not what I would want my QB to be saying, that’s he’s a people pleaser. I want my QB to focus on winning games.

  27. Let’s see, you are a quarterback, supposed to be a team “leader” and you take orders from…not the head coach, not the offensive coordinator, not the quarterback coach, not even the GM or owner…no, you take you orders from reporters?

    Now there’s a natural born “leader”.

  28. He actually has a line blocking for him this year and I don’t believe he will be running for his life like the last two years. Designed runs or read option runs will allow him to run and not be as susceptible to being hurt.

  29. Way to play the “victim card” Vick….but hey, don’t take any personal responsibility for your performance….

  30. Vick should enroll in the Randy Moss Media Relations School.

    In other words, just zip it and play. I’m sick and tired of hearing from this dog killa on the 1,001 excuses on why he wouldn’t get into the Hall of Fame. If football every had a Hall of Shame, he is a guaranteed first balloter.

  31. As a falcons fan I really believe Jim Mora and Greg Knapp handcuffed and hurt his career. Under the right coach he can and will explode, of course he’s lost a step but, hes still better than most Qbs

  32. RG3 may not return Mcnabb’s phone calls, but it soun’d like Vick is.

    As a Philly fan, I’d like a quarterback who doesn’t have a “Poor Me” attitude. So tired of this “I need to prove myself” talk every year.

    I was hoping Foles would beat Vick out for the starter spot just so we didn’t have to have another year like this.

  33. I’d really wish he’d stop talking about all of the stuff he’s gonna do in this offense and learning how to protect the ball and all the other stuff and just do it..let ur play on the field speak for itself.

  34. Lot of hate for Vick in the comments as usual. Like him or not, the guy holds a ton of rush/pass combo records. If Chip Kelly runs the offense everybody believes he will, it’s going to fit what Vick was born to do. I think he has the ability to replicate the success of 2010, if not be better.

  35. Ponder this Mike: Over the last 3 years Tom Brady has run for 171 yds. He hasn’t missed a single game. You, on the other hand, have run for 1600 and missed 13 games. He is a future HOF’er and you will be forgotten the day you retire. There are lessons all around you if you’d care to open your eyes. No need to rely on the press for direction.

  36. “You guys act like I get hurt once a week,” Vick said to reporters, via “You all did that to me. Made me change the way I played the game.”

    This psychopath’s whole career has been one big excuse, he’s been fooling the masses for 10+ years and counting.


  37. Sounds alot like old Randall Cunningham with his “I’m baaack – scramblin'”…. pronouncement after he lost a season to Bryce Paup’s hit. How’d that work out?

  38. Mike Vick has a strong arm, NFL experience, ridiculous running ability and apparently rabbit ears. One of these things is not like the others. This coupled with the fact that he has been an inaccurate passer will limit his effectiveness when he is on the field in ANY offense.
    I also feel compelled to mention in any comments about this guy that people dislike Romo and Cutler more than they dislike Mike Vick. Seriously?He killed dogs in unnecessarily cruel ways and is not great at taking responsibility for his shortcomings as a player while the other guys are just a little annoying. Go figure.

  39. Defenses are like a book…Vick can’t read them….busted plays come from him being stupid and then running with the ball… consistency in the offense a few big plays and the pass offense goes bust…Vick, Young, Newton oh well let every dog have his day……oh thats right he beats them to death

  40. Lots of hoopla about a guy who was never good enough to play the game. Just being honest. If you think otherwise, show me the stats of a great Mike Vick. You won’t find great stats.

    Vick is now an old QB by NFL standards. He was barely average when he was in his prime. Not to mention he is injury prone because of his size.

    That being said, Chip has a real problem if Vick is his best option at QB. Looks like another long season for Eagles fans.

  41. I know he killed dogs and I know he’s gotten hurt. But when he has been on the field he’s been damn good. I think all the smart asses forget how much better pro athletes are than your average person/pft poster. One of the funniest examples of the gap between pro athlete and ordinary people is Jay Cutlers high school highlight reel on YouTube. He looks like he’s playing against 5th graders and that’s before he starts dunking in his basketball clips. Skins fans need to remember Vick has shredded them in the past. Any given Sunday.

  42. I am so glad Vick is blaming the media for his performance issues. I would like to blame the media for my spending to much time on sites likes this during the workday and also why I drink more than I should. Going to think of other things I can blame on them. Can’t wait to tell my wife that all her complaints about me aren’t my fault! Thank you Michael Vick.

  43. vdaigglesfan says:Aug 23, 2013 10:10 AM

    If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. Go MV7.


    Was the Dog joke intentional? If not, funniest nonintentionally funny statement ever.

  44. Vick has had exactly one season (in a season where he threw more than 13 passes) with a QB rating over 90. And only ONE season where he completed more than 60% of his passes. He has no season where he has had less than 3 fumbles, and has had double digit INTs FIVE times.

    Compare that Romo, who no one seems to think is a good QB for some reason:
    Romo has never had a QB rating less than 90, and never complete less than 60% of his passes. He has the same number of double-digit INTs (to go with four 4000 yards seasons – Vick has none), and one season with zero fumbles.

    Romo, despite playing fewer seasons, has 55 more TDs and only 9 more INTs than Vick.

    That’s why no one outside of his team’s coaches and fans considers Vick a viable QB.

  45. 69finfan says:
    Aug 23, 2013 11:27 AM
    So who is he going to blame for making him own/run a business that exploited maimed and killed dogs?

    It was his “cousins” and old homies from his early years that dragged him into it, kicking and screaming. Hadn’t you heard?

  46. Michael Vick is the most delusional, not to mention overhyped & overrated player in NFL history. He is proving the concussion theory all by himself.

    He really believes his problems on the field are the fault of the media? Are the fumbles the media’s fault? The interceptions also? His inability to read a blitz at the line, set protection & get rid of the ball is the media also. As he’s been standing in the pocket he thinks “I can’t run, the MEDIA wants me to stand here & throw”. Is he serious with this crap? After 25 years of coaching, it’s the media that drives change in MV7.

    He really believes the things he says. He “didn’t know” torturing animals was wrong. Chip has taught him after 10 years of playing in the NFL & all those years in college & organized football how to NOW hold onto the ball. Hasn’t he told us time & time again he’s not gonna change his game? Now he DID change it. And he did it all for the PRESS.

    No player is more full of it than Mike Vick. The lies & total fabrication that come from his mouth would be sinfully sad if they weren’t so ridiculous. And maybe the only thing more pathetic than this man’s character is the people that constantly & blindly defend this piece of garbage.

  47. What is going to save MV this season is not having Marty Mornhinweg calling the plays. Any defense would eat MV’s lunch. MM’s play calling was so awful, a monkey could have figured it out.

    Having protection with the O-Line is the key to MV’s future and health. So far it looks good but it is not game day yet. We will find out in 13 days!

  48. Vick is a turd.He never takes responsibility for his own actions,on or off the field.If he wants to lead so damn bad,maybe he should emulate a Brady or Manning (Peyton).

  49. I can’t wait for Vick to light up the Redskins! He should already have a couple TDs before Foles has to come in:) This is frightening. All we ask is that he play smarter. thirtysomethings can’t b fearless. but then it may b fun to watch.

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