Dennis Allen: Raiders’ quarterback competition is still open


The third preseason game is over, and Raiders coach Dennis Allen still doesn’t know who his starting quarterback is.

Allen said after Friday night’s loss to the Bears that he wasn’t impressed by the performance Matt Flynn, who started the game and is considered the favorite in the quarterback competition. Allen added that he liked what he saw of Terrelle Pryor, who has been behind Flynn on the depth chart all offseason.

“I think obviously we have to look at it,” Allen said when asked who his starting quarterback is. “I think when you look at it I don’t think Matt played well in this game. Obviously, I thought Terrelle came in and gave us a spark. I thought he played well in the game. I think that’s something that we have to go and look at it. I’m not going to make any decisions on anything, obviously, tonight. I want to get a chance to go back and look at the tape and see how things went. But it was obvious that Terrelle gave us a little bit of a spark tonight.”

Flynn’s outing was disastrous: He threw six passes, and two of them were intercepted. His longest completion was nine yards, and that came on a third-and-12. He also fumbled a snap, and he was sacked once.

Pryor, however, played very well. He completed seven of nine passes for 93 yards and a touchdown, and he also had a 25-yard touchdown run. The Raiders were losing 24-0 when Pryor came in for Flynn in the second quarter, but by the time Pryor left at the end of the third quarter, they had closed the gap to 27-20.

Asked if Pryor gave the team the best chance to win, Allen said, “I think Terrelle played better tonight.” Now Allen has to decide who he thinks is going to play better when the Raiders open the season at Indianapolis in 15 days.

74 responses to “Dennis Allen: Raiders’ quarterback competition is still open

  1. A competition like this one should be as open as the catalog for women’s shoes that still fearfully sits in Rex Ryan’s bathroom.

  2. Does it really matter? It is obvious that the team cleaned house in an attempt to build for the future. This season should be a write-off to develop people. The QB now will likely not be the QB next year or 2yrs from now.

  3. Just have to think Flynn is under so much pressure from defense and Terrelle is playing against the second or third string. If the offensive line would only give Flynn time to throw…..

  4. How long before Dennis Allen admits that only Houdini could work behind that horrendous O-line?

  5. I don’t see why he wouldn’t choose Pryor, the raiders are a 4 win team at best, why not see what you’ve got with this guy when the games start counting

  6. if Flynn gets benched in favor of another qb for The second time after a team gave him a lot, we can realize Flynn was all hype and a product of a good system and getting lucky enough to play a terrible defense in Detroit that fateful night

  7. I want to see Pryor play. You lost a 3rd round pick for him and athletically the only guy on his physical level at qb is can newton. And he’s probably a bit faster than cam. I want to see him get a chance to show if he has developed over the last few years with his mechanics and accuracy. If he has raiders just got a huge jump

  8. Is this deja vu for Matt Flynn? If Matt stunk it up in Seattle like he did last night in Oakland, then Pete Carroll had an easy decision.
    But TP is blowing it up (just like Wilson did) and once again Flynn is the odd man out. Sadly, TP doesn’t have an outstanding team to fall back on like Wilson has.
    I’m calling it here: TP gets developed this year, Raiders make negative progress in Win column, Raiders have a huge off season with all that open cap space and number 1 draft positions…Allen is fired, and they bring back J. Gruden to take them to the Holyland!!!

  9. Prior wasn’t playing against twos, most of those guys were fighting to make the roster on special teams..i.e. most won’t be in the NFL on Sept 01.

    You can’t evaluate talent this way, Prior is able to survive better than Flynn, but you can’t win games playing that way. Can’t tell who will be better once they have an offensive line because staying in the pocket = QB on the ground.

    Oakland needs to move every bit of talent they have at RB, WR, CB, S, TE, LB and acquire as many picks or players as possible to start over building inside out O-Line, D-line, QB.

  10. In all fairness to Flynn, he was playing against the Bears first-team defense, which makes a lot of QBs look bad. (Sadly, not Aaron Rodgers, maybe this year will be different.)

  11. Jamarcus Doughnut is still available, and Al Davis’s ghost would be quite pleased if you’d just throw him in there. Ya gotta pay the man anyway, he might as well play!

  12. Mark Davis : The General manager and Coaching positions are now wide open is the headline I am waiting for.

  13. The Lousy for Clowney race is about to begin with the Raiders holding the early lead followed closely by the NY Jets and the Jaguars.

  14. Once a proud franchise!! I think teams around the league must smile and put a big W next to the Raiders on their schedule. As a hardcore Eagles fan, even I miss those great Raiders days where they beat the snot out of the Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs. It’s looking like the Lions are becoming the old Raiders. We shall see. Al Davis in his prime was a great talent evaluator. Those days are long gone. Sadly, until his son is no longer calling the shots, the Black and Silver will struggle. I hope I’m wrong. Good luck Raiders Nation!

  15. What moron brought this worthless loser Flynn to the Raiders? They trade away Palmer for this garbage? At least Terrelle Pryor is looking better, something the Raiders themselves aren’t doing.

    No wonder Denise Allen doesn’t know who the starting QB will be, he doesn’t know which way is up. He does know which way is down because that’s the only direction he’s dragged the Raiders.

    A shame some moron son got rid of Hugh Jackson, the only coach in the past ten years to take the Raiders in the right direction of winning more games and then that moron brought in total losers like Reggie McKenzie and Denise Allen who have done nothing but destroy the Raiders and send them back to being cellar dwellers.

  16. Is it that hard to understand that you don’t win with the Flynn’s and Kolb’s of the world? Every off season teams sign or trade for bums like that and delude themselves into thinking we have an answer for our QB woes and are making the playoffs. Next time try drafting a guy who fits your system, take your lumps then start winning.

  17. I don’t think either QB is promising. Let Pryor start and get hammered by the ones while Flynn shines against the scrubs. The main problem doesn’t change. They need a legit QB to build around.

  18. This franchise continues to be a joke. The good news is the Raiders can take Johnny Football with the first pick in next year’s draft. It fits the Raiders mentality to take a player 3 rounds too early — but he’s fast! Flynn and Pryor are both jokes for NFL QBs.

  19. So Dennis Allen are you at least going to let Pryor have a shot at 1st team playing time in the finale preseason game so you can “evaluate” like you’ve been saying, only to keep Flynn as the starter of course. Let’s see Pryor in some kind of “real game” scenario (with the 1st team) so WE the fans (or even critics) can be the ones to do some damn evaluating!

  20. It’s gotten so bad for the crappy raiders that they’re starting a qb appropriately named TP

  21. No pass rush no offensive line =no wins.Joe Montana wouldn’t survive behind that Swiss cheese of a line

  22. It’s officially time to stop feeling bad for Flynn for getting overshadowed and time to start accepting the possibility that Flynn either a) doesn’t have the work ethic it takes to be successful or B) is only talented enough to be a back up.

    I was pulling for him here is Seattle, but the more I read about his work ethic and the more we saw of RW it became clear that he needed to put in the extra time and effort

  23. I don’t know why you guys immediately assume that Chicago’s starters played for only the first quarter or less. A lot of teams are playing their starters for the entire first half, which is exactly what the Bears and Raiders did.

    Pryor played against the first team defense in the second quarter. I don’t know about the third quarter because I live on the East Coast and this game didn’t even air until 10:00 pm here.

    So please do some research before you post comments like that. You’re all the reason America is becoming the Third World country its slowly inching toward.

  24. justafanofitall says:
    Aug 24, 2013 7:35 AM
    Just have to think Flynn is under so much pressure from defense and Terrelle is playing against the second or third string. If the offensive line would only give Flynn time to throw…..

    Given that it was the 3rd preseason game, chances are that Pryor was playing against mostly starters, seeing as he came in the second quarter and most teams play the majority of their starters for at least the entire 1st half of the the 3rd game.

  25. Getting rid of Hue Jackson and Carson Palmer were both huge mistakes….at least they would have some type of guidance ….Dennis Allen is not the guy I feel sad for Raiderless Nation…..Hey at least Clowney can help…oh wait that’s next year dang!

  26. I said it before, when Veldheer went down, it was Pryor’s job to lose. At least Pryor can run for his life and make a play, and Pryor does have arm strength. Flynn looked like Peter Pan tonight, and has no chance behind that offensive line.

  27. Gotta love all the ‘Pryor played against scrubs while Flynn faced starters’ nonsense. Maybe go back and watch the film. I see #33 and #55 for the Bears on the field facing Pryor, I don’t think those guys are backups.

    TP is not RG3 he may not even be Cam Newton but what has Matt Flynn done either last preseason or this preseason to give you any sort of confidence that he gives you a better chance to win a game than a 6’4 240 pound QB that runs like the wind? Yea TP’s mechanics aren’t perfect but Flynn couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball and lets not forget this is a guy who backed up Jamarcus Russell in college. I think that says enough right there.

    If Flynn is the starter week 1, he won’t be for much longer after that once DA and RM start feeling the heat under their seats.

  28. When TP2 first came in the game it was the bears 1st team def. He held his own. He will be the starter week one its their best chance to win and its what the fans want to see you heard the chants last night. The O-line really didn’t look that bad imo even in that saints game they missed a few blocks but most of the sacks Flynn had were from him holding the ball too long have to make faster decisions. He just doesn’t have what it takes to be a starting QB in the NFL its plain and simple.

  29. Im a fan of both QB’s and think they are both quality team players. I think you have to go with TP2 just because he gives you more ability behind a terrible O-line.

  30. No, dummy, Terelle Pryor is better than the backup you and your GM anointed as the starter. It hasn’t been a competition, but I’m sure they’ll continue to keep trying to hand the job to the worse player.

  31. If Terrelle Pryor starts, he will get eaten alive! He is not ready. Sit him for another year or two before you ruin him.

  32. beastmode5150 says:
    Aug 24, 2013 10:09 AM
    Thanks for the draft pick who I am sure we will end up turning into a Pro Bowler. Go Hawks.
    Got rings?

    Exactly, SMH.

  33. I was in Flynn’s corner until last night. A few times he had open receivers and chose to check down. His throws looked weak, and the team played as if they had given up on him right from the start.

    Pryor comes in, against starters I might add, and everyone seemed to perk up and play better. I am officially in the “Start Pryor” camp from here on out. He may not be ready yet, but he gives my Raiders a better chance to stay in games and is a heck of lot more fun to watch.

  34. I am not a raiders fan. There nasty and trashy. I am a charger fan 100% but I must say I went to the last regular season game at the Q when Pryor started his first game. And I must say he looked pretty smooth. With a whole season under his belt. He’ll have much more understanding of the game. Start him this season let it be a fly by season. Since there’s no way they’ll win the west, and in the next season start building around Pryor. Young n athletic. Everyone needs there shot.

  35. nuclearwarfare says:
    Aug 24, 2013 10:09 AM
    I don’t know why you guys immediately assume that Chicago’s starters played for only the first quarter or less. A lot of teams are playing their starters for the entire first half, which is exactly what the Bears and Raiders did.

    Pryor played against the first team defense in the second quarter. I don’t know about the third quarter because I live on the East Coast and this game didn’t even air until 10:00 pm here.

    So please do some research before you post comments like that. You’re all the reason America is becoming the Third World country its slowly inching toward.


    Exactly nuclearwarefare!!!!

    Flynn needs a consistent running game and an above average offensive line and the Raiders have neither at this point. Hell, McGloin looks better than Flynn and Tyler Wilson is looking like he might not even make the team.

    Pryor obviously has taken the advice of the coaches and worked hard. He was more than serviceable against the Bears starters for a quarter and has the ability to move and out run defenders. His passes look much sharper than Flynns’ and he throws a good ball. DJ Hayden looked good for a player that just stepped in week 3 of preseason. The surprise for me is how bad the defense looks!!!

    With that said, they have to go with Pryor and if not, by week 3 Flynn will get knocked out.

  36. I looked back using NFL Preseason Live:

    TP came in with about 7m left in 2nd Q. J. Peppers was already done for the day, and Henry Melton didn’t dress, so 2 pro-bowl d-line out. Wooten and McClellin (#2 and 3 DE were still in the game) along with most of the other Bears 1st line.

    Drive 1:
    play 1 – hand off, gained a few yards
    play 2 – TP runs, shut down by Bostic/Anderson for loss on play
    play 3 – TP overthrows, Conte dropped an INT

    Drive 2: under 2 min left
    play 1 – TP checks down pass, about 6yrd gain
    play 2 – TP scramble 12-13 yrds, 1st down
    play 3 – false start
    play 3.2 – TP completion down middle, about 25 yrd gain, no YAC
    play 4 – long FG
    end half

    2nd half started with almost no starters on Bears D except for J. Bostic (rook MLB)

    From Bears fan perspective, get a lot more nervous with TP playing than MF, but he was certainly not playing against the top line of the Bears D. Although, he did a nice job getting them into FG range at the end of the 1st half. TP looked very good against the Bears backups, especially when on the move.

  37. @LarryBoodry

    Relax? LOL

    I am calm like a bomb. I just enjoy pointing out that, while this is a football blog, that most of the commenters here know really nothing at all. As such, they form opinions based off being uninformed. Maybe you like reading mindless comments based in a different dimension, but if I’m going to read football news, I’d like the community to have a collective IQ of more than 5.

  38. At least all of the games will be blacked out. Only the 20,000 delusional raider fans in their face paint and costumes that actually show up to the dump they call a stadium will be subjected to this trainwreck.

  39. The OL is bad right now, they need to start Pryor. He’s the only QB on the team that can survive under those conditions. And he brings excitement to the game. And that sells tickets.

  40. It’s still open? LOL!

    Look man, it is apparent that Pryor can win games, put up points, s a dual threat and he can buy time.

    Flynn is a back up QB. I don’t care if he’s the pocket QB type. Who cares? He sucks. His wind-up reminds me of Mark Sanchez.

    Dennis Allen is preaching to the choir here with his ‘still open’ comment. Flynn isn’t going to ever be dynamic. Cut your losses and prevent more losses and start Pryor. I’d even rather have McGloin as a back up over Flynn. Flynn has that Jay Schroeder look in his eyes and frankly McGloin looks more promising.

  41. My team is an absolute dumpster fire. I say play Pryor and at least put that question to rest.
    There isn’t a starting QB on the roster. Play the best back up.
    As for the rest of the team? Who knows? I suspect most of them should be selling insurance or washing cars for a living.

  42. Flynn is better at playing QB, but Pryor is much better at running for his life. From what I’ve seen from the raiders so far, i think being able to buy time and make something out a broken play will come up a lot more often then either of them making the proper read to their third or fourth option.

  43. ghostofgilchrist,
    Nothing but the truth spoken. i said this when Seattle was the first dumb team to sign him. They got lucky when they drafted Wilson and were able to flip him to the clueless regime in Oakland.

    I’ve never been a Palmer fan, but how do you get back lower picks for him than the picks you exchanged for Flynn? Palmer at least has an NFL arm and past starting credentials.

  44. Who starts at QB?
    The answer is easy … the QB with cheapest salary because that’s how Reggie is playing this season … Oh but wait … Flynn is Reggie’s man and Pryor is Al Davis’s last pick …. Ooooops we have a problem.

  45. Duh, ofcourse Pryor is better than Flynn. He was better than him in College and he’s still better than Flynn now! Matt Flynn benefitted from what I like to refer to as MCS(Matt Cassel Syndrome) It is when a great team plays with a below average-average QB and makes said QB appear to be much better than they actually are. Driving up said BACKUP QB’S stock to a point were a QB needy and desperate NFL franchise grossly over pays for said SUBSTANDARD services only to immediately regret the transaction. A la Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, Matt Cassel, etc. etc.. What has Matt Flynn really done? He played 1 maybe 2 good games and he all of a sudden became known as a “no-brainer” franchise QB quality player. It’s not his fault 2 teams have “drank the Kool Aid”. Pryor was a absolute Stud at Ohio State and is proving to be a capable NFL QB as well. If Pryor gets to start you will see DMac have a much better season than if Flynn is under center. 1 thing mobile QB’s do is open up the running game!!!

  46. Why is everyone making RM out to be a genius? The team was 8-8 and undefeated in their div when he took over and since then they have fallen farther an farther down.

    I get you gotta get your own guys in there. But maybe being a GM is a bit over his head.

    The team is terrible. See what you hae in Pryor and get ready to pick #1. Take Bridgewater then

  47. I figured they’d be better with Flynn, but man this team is horrible. And Pryor can’t throw and isn’t anywhere close to being quick and fast like the good running QBs in the league.

    It’s hard to see anyone beating them out for the #1 pick. They’ll win 3 games at most. They might not win one game.

  48. dougydougdoug says: Aug 24, 2013 12:28 PM

    I’m laughing too hard to even type anything…more…than…this…CHOO…CHOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    “Choo choo” is something we use to mock humb0lt and his lame Super Bowl Express posts. It doesn’t bother us, especially coming from someone who lacks the stones to claim allegiance to a particular team.

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