Jags, Eagles go no-huddle through first half


The Eagles aren’t the only team that will be pushing the envelope on offense this year.  On Saturday night, they’re facing another up-tempo attack in Jacksonville.

With both teams extensively operating without a huddle, the Jaguars and Eagles put a combined 33 points on the board through two quarters.

For Philly, newly-named starter Mike Vick produced a mixed bag, completing 12 of 18 passes for 151 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.  Vick added 53 yards on seven rush attempts.

For Jacksonville, the guy who was named the backup this week but who got the start because Blaine Gabbert is injured tried his best to get the coaching staff to reconsider.  Chad Henne, the former starter in Miami, completed seven of 13 passes for 76 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

Henne engineered a pair of touchdown drives.  One covered 90 yards in 12 plays to start the game, and a one-play, 63-yard effort consisted of a 63-yard touchdown run from Jordan Todman.

The Eagles had 39 total snaps for the half, and the Jaguars had 31.  The Eagles outgained Jacksonville 228 to 184.

18 responses to “Jags, Eagles go no-huddle through first half

  1. According to the box score Vick also fumbled. So 1 int and 1 fumble in what two quarters? Yep, Vick is back.

  2. I’m guessing chip isnt showing anything because this hasn’t been a chip offense. Not as much up tempo, very high pass to run ratio, bunch formation, and a lot of long developing routes.

  3. Hey clitvandam….. Stop Hating the fumble wasn’t a turnover and the drive ended with points

  4. Anyone that has been watching the game knows Vick really hasn’t looked all that good. The stats are misleading. If it wasn’t for the defense (Barwin) intercepting it on the 20? and giving the Eagles really short field, Vick wouldn’t have a touchdown. Vick has also been taking long reading the field and getting rid of the ball. Again, if it wasn’t for this offensive line in straight beast mode, Vick would have been sacked or forced to throw so many times before. They have been amazing at picking up blitzes or giving him all day to throw when there is no blitz. He has a bad 3rd down pct. and redzone pct. this game. He is hit or miss. He either gets a big play or nothing. He hasn’t really been consistent.

    The O-line is great though, the WRs look fine, the defense has looked good everywhere but 2ndary with the first team out there. Shady looks very nice.

  5. Not a coincidence Vick didn’t look so good today. Bad reads, drives dying, etc. what was the difference? Not a totally vanilla defense. As always, he sees some pressure and he’s done.

    All of a sudden, Foles come in, 2 TD’s, 1 for 99 yards. 1 incompletion, perfectly running the offense.

    Oh Chip, I’ve like so much you’ve done. Still don’t see why you would think Vick is anything but the turnover machine he has ALWAYS been. 6 weeks tops, and he’ll be benched

  6. forthehaters says:
    Aug 24, 2013 9:33 PM
    Hey clitvandam….. Stop Hating the fumble wasn’t a turnover and the drive ended with points

    Stop blindly defending this loser. That’s only one of MANY fumbles this career disappointment will commit.

  7. Just to be clear in your professional analysis…. The whole offense is good and they are carrying Vick…. So why would anyone care if that combination got them in to the playoffs? and if it’s a QB driven league, how bad is he really? Hate Vick all you want, but at least try to sound like you have a brain when you make the arguement…. In the mean time, no matter how much we might dislike mr Vick, he is making ten time the money you’ll ever see

  8. Foles looked like he should have been leading the first team O out there, not Vick. Vick looked like he was already resorting to the poor behaviors we’ve seen from him his whole career. It’s hard to teach an old dog (sorry) new tricks. He’s stale. Give Foles the chance and let Vick sign with someone else ( NY, Buffalo.) I don’t know if he’s already relaxing knowing he has the job, but Chip better not keep to his statement that it’s Vick’s job the whole year. That’s crazy. Plus Vick will probably get hurt anyway so it’s a moot point.

  9. As I have stated many times on this site, Michael Vick is the most overrated player in the history of the NFL.

  10. The start of the season is almost here. Will the Jags equipment manager finish painting all the helmets on time?

  11. The best thing about the Jags running up tempo no huddle is that at least their games will be over sooner.

  12. Watching preseason is not going to gie you a full gauge on what the offense will truly look like when the season starts. Vick is the starter for a reason. Chip has evaluated Vick, Foles, and even Barkley. this man eats, sleeps, and lives football. So all the critics can talk until they are Giant Blue in the face, But Vick gives us the best chance at winning at this point. And Put him in there with the 3-4th stringers and I think he would of had a better game than Foles. The offense is the least of the worries. Try the safety position, we are so weak there.

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