Redskins lose Richard Crawford for the season


If the main goal for the preseason is to keep players healthy, the Redskins lost on Saturday.

Gone for the year is cornerback and punt returner Richard Crawford.  Via Rich Tandler of, coach Mike Shanahan announced the injury after Saturday’s game against the Bills.

Specifically, Crawford has suffered a torn LCL and possibly a torn ACL in his knee.  The injury happened while Crawford was returning a punt late in the first quarter of the 30-7 win.

A seventh-round pick in 2012 from SMU, Crawford became the primary punt returner late in the 2012 season.  He generated a 19.5-yard average on eight returns, with a long of 64 yards.

Per Tandler, Chris Thompson, Skye Dawson, and Nick Williams likely will compete for the job.  Thompson generated 48 return yards on three returns in place of Crawford.

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  1. Sorry to hear but we have depth EVERYWHERE on this roster. If Mike Shanahan and his staff built it, you know your in great hands for ANY situation. Get better soon Richard and the Redskins press on calm, cool and collective as Usual. #WorldClassFranchise

  2. with the eay its getting in the nfl, you can kinda count on losing at least 1 player per game.

  3. @jimthebuilder27

    “What is it with so many ACL tears before the regular season has even started? They’ve gone up significantly over just a few years ago!”

    A few years ago the NFL didn’t penalize, fine and suspend for high hits near the head. Now they do like crazy. So naturally to take a player as big and strong as these players are down to the ground removing high hits, the defenders are going low. Hence many more knee and ankle injuries.

  4. I am just now watching this game. Crawford was limping after the first return, yet he was out there for a second? I have to wonder why Shanny would put him back out there again when he limped off the field once earlier in the game….

  5. The sad thing about this is that it was Crawford’s fault. There was nowhere to go on the punt return and instead of just taking what he could get, he tries to go backward and then left and he gets tackled awkwardly and even though he got up and limped off the field, you could tell something was wrong. Tough break too because he was a pretty good punt returner last year. Much better than Washington has had in a long time.

  6. “bigblue00 says:
    Aug 24, 2013 9:36 PM
    Have RGIII return kicks. After all, he is your whole team.”


    I wouldn’t expect idiot, mouthbreathing, Joey Bada-Bing, Jersey Shore Giant fans who don’t follow the rest of the league to know who I am, let alone recognize a viable rushing attack, one led by myself last season when only Adrian Peterson gained more yards than me. In two games vs. “Big Blue,” I posted the following stats:

    1) 22/120/5.5
    2) 22/124/5.4

    That’s right, as a rookie, I averaged over five yards per carry vs. “Big Blue.”

    Then again, your starting running back is David Wilson, so it’s understandable you don’t know what a big boy running game looks like. I also have a Pro Bowl left tackle blasting running lanes open for me that’s better than anything you have on your OL.

    But as far as the punt returns go, we were thinking of allowing Rex Grossman to try out for the role, since he swept “Big Blue” back before we “didn’t have a team.”

  7. Congratulations to Chase Minnifield on your promotion… Crawford we hope you can return to 100% next year… Next man up

  8. Alfredmorris2ndleadingrusher, dude you have some insecurity issues.
    Keep hanging your hat on a couple lucky wins a few seasons ago. It’s quite amusing.

  9. Losing our 2nd string nickle back isn’t enough to say the Redskins “lost” today.

    Minnifield seems to be better then Crawford in the secondary and Thompson is a better punt returner. Crawford was nice depth at CB, but it looks like Shannallen have it covered, as usual.


  10. A few seasons ago? The only ones who were lucky were the Giants last year with our sorry defense letting Cruz run past us. I think this division is for us or the Cowboys this year.

  11. Good for Richard Crawford. Now he won’t have to be part of the R-Words going 1-15 this season. Griffin will be terrible as usual, and Morris will hang it up after 5 games and go on welfare much like everyone in Landover. Ravens will continue to be the pinnacle, and bring respect to Maryland.

  12. I’d give Brandon Banks a call. He took some to the house (called back on penalties)… He is a very good return man and I was upset when the Skins cut him.

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