Reggie Bush upset Kyle Arrington caught him on 67-yard gain

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Lions running back Reggie Bush caught a short pass and turned it into a 67-yard gain in Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots. But he said afterward that he was disappointed in himself for failing to turn it into an 80-yard touchdown.

Bush was run down at the 13-yard line by Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington, and that led to some talk that Bush was getting winded, or maybe he isn’t quite as fast now as he was when he first entered the league.

I was pretty upset that I got caught,” Bush said, via

Bush, however, explained that the reason Arrington could catch him was the he slowed down on the play. After Bush ran past the first wave of blockers, he saw two Patriots defensive backs to beat up ahead of him, and he tried to give tight end Brandon Pettigrew and receiver Patrick Edwards time to block those two. Unfortunately, that gave Arrington the time he needed to run Bush down.

“The offensive line did a great job getting out there hustling and getting some blocks for me then springing me loose,” Bush said. “I was kind of waiting on the blocks down the field and Pettigrew was in front of me, Edwards was also in front of me. They were blocking so I was kind of slow playing and letting them make their blocks and I should’ve just took off and just ran. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good play and it gave us a lot of momentum early on.”

One of the most athletic plays of Bush’s NFL career came when he hurdled Arrington in a 2011 game between the Dolphins and Patriots. This time around it was Arrington making the athletic play. But that doesn’t mean Bush has lost a step.

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  1. I think he was thinking too much about beating the last man in front of him. He should’ve just kept running if he wasn’t winded. He should’ve relied on the blocker that still could’ve taken care of that last guy. Kind of a choke in my book. But, we like what we’re seeing with Bush and Bell.

  2. reggie bush was never going to be one of those all star guys but damn the man can make some plays. he was especially impressive while in miami. hopefully for him and the lions and he can be just as productive.

  3. Reggie Bush or R-Bush as I like to call him has not lost a step. However, he needs to get back with Kim K so he can get that edge back

  4. I hope the team that played Thursday is the team that shows up every week instead of the team that played against Cleveland.

  5. I’m not sure how a 67 yard run qualifies as a “choke.” The only choking here was done by the pats defense. Mayo and Wilson took awful angles on Bush

  6. The man was winded. He took himself out of the game right after the play. He can’t even run 70 yards without needing a breather. He’s not in shape. Lions fans shouldn’t be surprised when he gets hurt.

  7. Arrington made Bush look old and slow. Whether that is the case or not is irrelevant. Arrington caught him from behind and looked like he was moving twice as fast as Bush.

  8. As a Pats fan he looked plenty fast to me. Very quick and elusive making his cuts too.

    Wish the Pats had picked him up and was very surprised the Fins cut him lose.

  9. There’s nothing special you’re going to see with Bush. He may put a play up now and then be he’s not going to suddenly “open up” that offense. He’s been a good but certainly not great player since coming into the league.

  10. Don’t fault Bush because the Patriots played good team defense. He juked them for 67 yards. A lot of Ds might give up when it looked like he was on his way to a TD

    The Patriots D kept playing hard til the whistle.

    That’s a good pre-season lesson learned.

  11. While I can understand, as a Phins fan, why Miami decided not to invest in him long-term, he played well down here and I wish Reggie the best.

    People talk about his injuries but most casual fans don’t realize he played 31 out of 32 games the past two years. I do hope he holds up- I know when Bush came to the Dolphins he said he expected the natural grass to help him stay healthy, and indeed he showed he can stay in the lineup I think he is a much better fit in Detroit than he was in Miami, and a legitimate starting RB is desperately needed in the motor city. II’ll be rooting for him every chance I get to see the Lions play.

  12. I don’t think Bush lost a step but he did not look as fast on that run. It looked tactical to me, like he was figuring out where to go based on the blockers/angles rather than kicking in that final gear

  13. did you just compliment reggie bush? how did that slip past florio who we know is not a big reggie fan?

  14. C’Mon Man!!! 67 Yards!!!! Maybe you would rather have Jahvid Best back?? Who wouldn’t want a 67 yard pick up!! Typical Lions fans to complain about that…’s never quite good enough!!

  15. He never had a step…Reggie Bush is over-rated and is GARBAGE…it’s pre-season and he’s upset over a run…wait to regular season where it counts!

  16. cwby4evr says: Aug 24, 2013 11:09 AM

    The man was winded. He took himself out of the game right after the play. He can’t even run 70 yards without needing a breather. He’s not in shape. Lions fans shouldn’t be surprised when he gets hurt.
    Coming from a Cowgirls fan whose team gets winded after a 7 yard run…

  17. weaselpuppy says:
    “Yeah that Pats D played hard giving up 40 points too…”
    Pats first-team defense surprisingly kept it close after the offense turned the ball over 4 freaking times.

    Pats will figure things out, they always do. The question is if the Lions play that hard against any other team this season.

  18. Run Reggie, run! After viewing a video of the play, I must say that Bush still has all the moves–vintage Reggie–but he did seem to lack a burst of speed.

    He needs to work on his speed. He seems to have slacked up a bit.

  19. all these haters ,you people are a joke. Those of you saying reggie lost a step need to step away from the crack pipe and stop hating. The garbage team comment ,Go root for another team pal,everybody is tired of hearing you run that hole. AND PLEASE do not jump on the bandwagon later on there is no room for you morons. Bears and Viqueen fans need to get the hell off of here ,and go hate on your own pitiful teams.

  20. whytheyhateus says: Aug 24, 2013 12:07 PM

    The Lions are the wasteland of the NFL..

    Were you even watching the game last night?

  21. I’m a Dolphins fan and still bummed we let Reggie go. He is a PLAYMAKER and while he may have 2 1-2 yard gains in a row Lions fans will learn that at any moment he can break it for 20+ and then some. He’s also a very hard worker. Works his butt off. I’m thrilled we got Wallace but felt it was a neutral move given that we gave up our only other real threat in Bush at the same time. Detroit got a great player. We can only hope that Lamar Miller can replace what Reggie did for us. First signs aren’t promising.

  22. I think he was worried about blowing out a knee at the beginning of the season again…

  23. I don’t blame him for being a little bummed out that he didn’t score – we all wanted him to take that run all the way to the house.

    It looked like ring rust to me. He was thinking too much and never turned on the afterburners. That’s part of what preseason is all about.

  24. I was watching that game and could definitely tell he hit the brakes a lil bit to set up the blocks in front of him. But either way, that play showed explosiveness that the Lions haven’t had in the backfield for awhile.

  25. Bush was simply reading his blocks and screens on the downfield pursuit — allowing a corner (who was in a pure dead sprint) to catch him.

    Any moron who thinks Bush has slowed down by virtue of that play – doesn’t know jack about football (or have the slightest hint of common sense).

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