Vince Young makes case to be Packers backup


With Aaron Rodgers getting just one series of play against the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night, Green Bay Packers backup quarterbacks Graham Harrell, Vince Young and B.J. Coleman each had an opportunity to show what they could bring to the table.

Young put his best foot forward.

Young led the Packers to their only touchdown of the night against the Seahawks, capping the drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass to fullback Jonathan Amosa. Young completed six of seven passes for 41 yards and rushed for 39 yards on three carries.

Harrell was six for 13 for 49 yards in relief of Rodgers. Coleman was two for seven for eight yards with two sacks.

Coleman doesn’t realistically appear to be in the conversation for the backup job, but Young has now made the battle with Harrell that much more interesting.  With just over a week remaining until rosters have to be cut down to 53 for the start of the regular season, Young now appears to be legitimately in the conversation in the battle to backup Rodgers.

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  1. Good for him…. He seems to have matured.. Went back to school, finished his degree. Seems like he’s done some growing up.

    Congrats Vince.

  2. Vince Young can play. Tim Tebow can’t. The NFL is – despite its imperfections – the greatest distillery in America. That’s a big part of why I love it.

  3. Young looked better than Harrell. On the other side of the field, Tarvaris Jackson again looked better than Quinn.

    However, this game was ruined by the officials inability to keep the yellow flags off the grass. They made way too many ticky tacky bogus calls against both teams and let the blatantly obvious holds go. The worst call of the night was when Bobby Wagner blasted a receiver coming across the middle. Replay showed that Wagner put his shoulder, not helmet, right into the receivers chest, not head. Great play that brought up a 3rd and long negated by giving GB 15 yards and an automatic 1st down.

  4. Well, Graham Harrell hasn’t really proven anything in any of the games he has played in…He just always looks dumbfounded. Vince has my vote!

  5. I could care less if he went broke or about his wonderlic score.this is a nice story of redemption. well done vince! he coulda ended up like all the hateful ppl who will say negative crap about him because they hate their own lives.

  6. Aaron Rodgers and Vince Young. That may be the most unlikeable QB depth chart in history.

  7. What can we say, Young got it done, Harrel did nothing, but Harrel would have had much better stats if he’d just stop throwing to Finley!

  8. Vince Dung is still a broke clown. The Seahawks backups clearly weren’t trying otherwise they would have continued to make the Green Bay Whiners look like the peasants that they are.

  9. The Question becomes: who has more upside should AR go down? It ain’t even close: VY!!!

  10. Harrell doesn’t give the Packers a realistic shot of winning games versus anything but bottom-of-the-barrel-type teams, and doesn’t appear to have the tools to ever be anything more than a below-average backup (possibly well below). Young’s style is completely different than Rodgers’, which obviously presents problems as far as maintaining continuity goes, but at least the offense has some prayer of moving the ball with him at the helm. Having him around in practice could also be useful that has really struggled to contain running QBs. All things considered, the choice really isn’t that difficult at this point.

  11. The title should read “Graham Harrell makes a case for Vince Young to be the back up Quarterback in Green Bay”.

    Honestly, Harrell looks like he is overwhelmed every time they have the camera on him before and after plays. He doesn’t seem confident in himself at all.

  12. Young clearly has more talent than the bums he is competing against, he is obviously getting more comfortable in the system.. He will end up being Rodgers backup.

  13. The resurrection of the football careers of Vince Young and Johnny Jolly are what makes the preseason interesting!

  14. Defensive players should scream at him “Cheesecake”!!!!!! to counter the read option…….

  15. I would love to see Vince beat the heck out of the Rams… As a 49er van he would have made more sense as a back up than McCoy.

  16. Id be much more afraid of Young than Harrell for opposing defenses, his running like Kaepernick are 1 on 1 coverage & LB killers

  17. Watching Harrell the last few years, I’m well aware that he doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, and I’d be fine with that, but he needs to be much more accurate.

    Young has definitely proven to be the better QB even with a short preseason. Hopefully they keep Young over Harrell, but then again, I only hope he gets playing time handing off to Lacy in the 4th quarter with a three TD lead.

  18. Hope you Lombardi Losers are getting to love VY….you will need him after Everson Griffin takes out Brauns boyfriend in our first game this year….

  19. Let ne guess…

    Young puts up decent numbers against 3’s and 4’s while Harrell did an average job against 1’s and 2’s.

    Yes, Young should start. Heck he pup up better numbers than Rodgers, so why not? Preseason proves everything.

  20. Hello Raiders do you see this!…Matt Flynn???…if he was worth his salt he wouldn’t keep finding himself in COMPETITION with less experienced players….Oakland could use some Vinsanity right about now and It would be an upgrade over anything currently on the roster including Tyrelle Pryor …Vince is a proven winner in this league …a little quirky yes …but none the less he can get it done…Dennis Allen it’s not to late to trade Matt Flynn back to where he came from and provide Tyrelle with an excellent tudor in Young who does have a similar playing style c’mon think about it…

  21. I’m pulling for him. It’s going to be tight, getting in under the 53 but McCarthy seems to like him. We’ll see but hope he finds his niche up here.

  22. First things first. I don’t hate either the Packers or the Seahawks. Point in fact, I think they’re both solid contenders.

    Now that that’s out of the way, that preseason game was an embarrassment to the game of football. Yes, I know, it’s a glorified job interview. Still I can’t help but wonder what a lot of those guys were doing on a professional roster (B.J. Coleman, Graham Harrell, I’m talking to you…)

    Teams and the league should be as games to charge fans for the crappy spectacle on display in Green Bay last night.

  23. What Green Bay has done with Vince in short time tells me how bad Chan Gailey & rest of coaching staff really were in Buffalo. Way to go Vince, here’s to second chances.

  24. wilsonwillbreaku says:
    Aug 24, 2013 1:33 AM
    “Seahawks will dominate this season…Go Hawks!”
    Yeah, they sure were dominating the first half when their starters couldn’t own the Packer’s 2nd string.

  25. U can coach a system to someone who has talent like VY,… But you can not teach talent to those who do not have it

  26. Harrell and Coleman played offense; Young took control of it. Clearly he out-performed both of them. The issue may be QB envy which would not occur with either Harrell or Coleman ~ on the team or in the stands. Young could bring that if Rodgers fails to perform as expected. Still, if Aaron goes down, the team can win with Young. I doubt that can be said of either Harrell or Coleman and winning is still the name of the game. Just ask the Lombardi ghost.

  27. As the late Bud Grant famously once said, “Viking fans are small people (metaphorically speaking) living small lives, beneath the giant shadow of the Green Bay Packers”.

  28. Hey may not be the brightest guy on planet earth and has made his fair share of mistakes, but you can’t help but route for a good comeback story.

    You want to see good things happen to good people. I hope VY makes the roster as Rogers’ backup and eventually gets a shot at starting with another team.

    Maybe sitting behind Rogers will do for VY what sitting behind Farve did for Rogers.

  29. I shuttered at the thought of VY on the packers. Not a VY fan at all but have to admit, he is playing much better than the other two yahoos, who have been on the team for a year or more. Young, 3 weeks.

    If they keep Harrell and Coleman than Young got screwed. He deserves the backup role or at least equal shot at it in the 4th pre season game. Me thinks Rogers sits this one out entirely.

    Young can make things happen with his feet, the other two run like ducks.

  30. Vince Young- “I is be getting good, yerp.. derp”

    Enough already. Go flip burgers someplace.

  31. The NFL is a beautiful thing.
    A quarterback can spend seasons, even games, playing horribly, putrid even, bouncing from one team to another. Then, that same quarterback can reappear, play well for a few series in a preseason games against a vanilla, generic second-string defense that didn’t game plan and, suddenly, all those putrid past performances that mattered are forgotten.

  32. thepvyharvin says:
    Aug 24, 2013 9:30 AM
    Hope you Lombardi Losers are getting to love VY….you will need him after Everson Griffin takes out Brauns boyfriend in our first game this year….

    You make similar statements every year and you’re never correct. The Vikings are always in the rear view mirror of the Packers. You must be one of those guys that likes to bang his head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop.

  33. vertskate900 says:

    Aug 24, 2013 2:27 AM
    Young as the backup LOL? You wonder sometimes if the people in Green Bay’s front office scored lower than Young on their Wonderlic tests.u


    I’d love to see your “Wonder-lick” score. McCarthy is the reason Rich Gannon won his league MVP at the age of 41. Bet you didn’t know that did you? Vince Young is better than any other QB in the NFC North except Rogers himself. How do you like that? The Bears would be better off taking whatever TT discards, chances are there’s better talent there than what they’ve invested their millions in.

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