Bulluck acknowledges “misunderstanding” with cab driver

Getty Images

Former NFL linebacker Keith Bulluck, who currently serves as an on-air analyst for Titans preseason games, has issued a statement in the wake of a felony robbery arrest.

“I was out with friends last night in Nashville and was taking a cab home,” Bulluck said, via the Tennessean.  “There was a misunderstanding between me and the cab driver about getting my money back for a service not rendered.  At 2 a.m., things could easily get lost in translation, but regardless of who was right or wrong, I regret putting myself in that situation.”

The cab driver claims Bulluck assaulted the driver and stole a $100 bill.

For now, it’s unknown whether the incident will prevent Bulluck from working Thursday night’s preseason finale.

“We are not ready to talk about that, and I think it would be inappropriate to talk about that yet,” WKRN-TV General Manager Stan Knott told the Tennessean.

Coincidentally (or not), the driver claimed in 2007 to have been involved in a similar incident with state Senator Ophelia Ford.   The driver said at the time that Ford grabbed his shirt, tore off a button, and then cursed at him.  The driver also was convicted in 1999 of filing a false accident report.

Still, Bulluck’s statement indicates something happened.  Chances are we’ll never know precisely what it was.