Eagles release Kenny Phillips


The veteran safety market just got a little deeper.

The Eagles have cut Kenny Phillips, a league source told PFT’s Mike Florio on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Phillips signed with Philadelphia after spending five seasons with the Giants. Phillips has dealt with a quadriceps injury during the summer.

Phillips could hold appeal to clubs looking to bolster their ranks at safety. It should be noted that the Giants, his old club, lost starting safety Stevie Brown to an ACL tear on Saturday.

When healthy, Phillips was a key contributor in the Giants’ secondary for much of his stint in New York. However, he has missed time with injuries to both knees in his NFL career.

A first-round pick in 2008. Phillips has recorded 263 regular-season tackles and intercepted eight passes as a pro.

45 responses to “Eagles release Kenny Phillips

  1. The few times I was him practicing, he was not the Kenny Phillips of old. He’s lost a step and a half at least.

  2. I doubt Phillips catches on with anyone soon. The Eagles would have loved for him to win a starting job and if he could have ever gotten on the field he probably would have. They had Nate Allen, rookie Earl Wolff, and Kurt Coleman fighting for their second spot next to Pat Chung. If healthy, Phillips would be a huge upgrade over all these choices. Yet, Phillips has been cut meaning he’s not healthy- he never even made it in a preseason game. Seems a bit out there that some team is gonna snatch him up and have him playing soon.

  3. I like kenny and his injuries have put him out there on one leg giants please look away

  4. Anything in Minnesota is an upgrade? Hmmm. Last I checked, Minnesota has one of the top safeties in the NFL in Harrison Smith.

  5. Food for thought to the giants chip would like you to pick kp up it would be a trojan horse move by the eiggles no huddle cant get off the field no huddle cant get off the field no huddle cant get off the field ,,,,,,touchdown eiggles phillips 10 yards out of the picture

  6. Should of held onto him knowing the Giants have a need at the position but I guess they felt he really wasn’t worthy of a spot and won’t have a problem facing him. Every team in that division is horrible at safety.

  7. Hilarious. Here come all the Giants fans who love him again. Hahahaha! I wish they would repost the comments after the eagles signed him. Biggest bunch of flip floppers ever. Just the way they love A-roid again. I guess next you’ll be turning your back Tom Coughlin. Oh wait. Already did that 5 times.

  8. Legend30 enough with dream team already. It’s so old!!! A comment that CAME from a 3rd string QB who is out of his mind. You sound like ESPN.

  9. You guys shouldn’t sweat the Dream Team comments anymore. They kind of lost their luster anymore. This was a good move by the Eagles. The dude can’t play. If anyone needs a damn safety it’s the Eagles!

  10. If you can’t outplay Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman or a rookie you are D-O-N-E. But be my guest Giants, grab him up!

  11. tory707 says: Aug 25, 2013 6:26 PM

    Legend30 enough with dream team already. It’s so old!!! A comment that CAME from a 3rd string QB who is out of his mind. You sound like ESPN.
    tfoz5150 says: Aug 25, 2013 7:54 PM

    You guys shouldn’t sweat the Dream Team comments anymore.
    Yes and no. From a guy who hates the Eagles, the criticism the Eagles got for the Dream Team comment was totally unfair. Vince Young is a nutjob, and his comments were in no way reflective of the city, the fanbase or the attitude of the team as a whole. However, gaffes and embarrassing anecdotes like this just don’t go away.

    Even if Richard Nixon/Bill Clinton had gone on to win the Nobel Prize, write the Harry Potter franchise, and won four Superbowls and two Oscars at age sixty, we would still remember “I am not a crook”/”I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. I agree that the jokes are getting really old, and need to stop, but the “Dream Team” will never stop being at least a little funny in the minds of your rivals. Until Philly wins the division ten years running and snags a Lombardi or two, Boys, Skins, and Giants fans will continue to enjoy Vince Young’s stupidity.

  12. At the beginning of his 2nd year, Phillips was diagnosed with a degenerative arthritic condition of the knew. He was placed on IR after game 2 of 2009 and underwent the controversial microfracture surgery. He was healthy enough to start in the first game of the 2010 season and went on to play in 31 of 32 games in 2010 and 2011.

    He was a key contributor to the Giants’ 2011 Super Bowl winning season and one of the best safeties in the league. In 2011 he recorded 82 solo tackles and four picks. Basically he was the player who was all over the field delivering hard hits and making sure tackles.

    Unfortunately the knee problems recurred in 2012 and Phillips played in only seven games. The Giants let him go because they believed the condition of his knee had nowhere to go but down.

    Of course every now and then a player does make it all the way back from seemingly career-ending injuries, like that fellow who plays for the Vikings.

  13. Hopefully he didnt lean to hate us to much. Bec he will now that he didnt take giants offer and will now get the vet min w no guarantees lol..welcome back, probably.

  14. Like one Giant fan posted Phillips before his injury was one of the best safety’s in the business. The Eagles signed him for $150,000 workout bonus and he would have made 1M this year if he made the team. Bottom line you can’t make the club in the tub. Good luck in the future Kenny.

  15. Yeah, the Giants did make him an offer before he hit free agency, but Phillips thought it was way below what he was worth. So he goes and signs a contract with the Eagles that’s worse than what the Giants offered, with no guaranteed money. What was he thinking?

  16. When reaching out to Robert Griffin via Skype video chat, to get his take on the possibility of bringing Phillips in for a look, Dan Snyder exclaimed to no avail, “But Robert, this will only take the attention off of you for a day or two. Can’t you bite the bullet and take one for the team just once?”

    Sources say it didn’t go over well.

  17. All


    Call giants flip floppers but at least our team/fans

    Don’t boo Santa Claus and cheer next injuries

    Have one more than zero (four to be exact) superbowls since 1960

    Don’t call ourselves the dream team and then proceeds to go 4-12

  18. a healthy Kenny Phillips would have been far and away the best safety in Philly. a slightly injured Phillips would have been a starter in Philly. the fact that they didn’t even keep him until final cuts, means he is injured to badly to make the team of a team whose weakest position is safety. as an Eagle fan I hope the Giants DO take him back.

  19. Sign him GMEN, for some intel on the Iggles defensive schemes. Alot of Giants players who excelled in our system always thought it was them and not the system, and when they leave and not produce else where they climb off their high horses.

    Welcome Back Kenny! Ready to sign for league minimum now?

  20. Even NY Jet fans laughing at this one….this guy was supposed to be the savior for the NY Giants, every NYG fan salivated over him now he is washed up without a team.

  21. RexCanCoach says: Aug 26, 2013 9:13 AM

    Even NY Jet fans laughing at this one….this guy was supposed to be the savior for the NY Giants, every NYG fan salivated over him now he is washed up without a team.

    How? Why? Where is your room to “laugh”?

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