Foles outplays Vick, but it won’t matter


In the first preseason game played by the Eagles since coach Chip Kelly named Mike Vick the starting quarterback, backup Nick Foles had a much more impressive night.

Foles completed 10 of 11 passes, leading the Eagles to a pair of touchdowns on three drives in a 31-24 come-from-behind win over Jacksonville.

When Foles entered the game, the Eagles trailed 24-16.  After a three-and-out that started with his only incompletion of the night, Foles sparked a five-play, 50-yard touchdown drive, completing three of three passes.

After a Jacksonville punt pinned Philly at its own one, Foles led the Eagles on a 14-play, 99-yard drive to take the lead.  Foles connected on all six of his throws.

“My mindset was 99 yards, first play, let’s get off the goal line and get this thing going,” Foles said, via Reuben Frank of “The guys in the huddle were great. I thought the front five did a great job, they really gave me some time to throw.”

“That’s what I expect out of Nick,” coach Chip Kelly said after the game.  “I think he’s an outstanding quarterback, and I said that when we made the decision with Mike.  I feel like our two quarterbacks are NFL-quality quarterbacks.  We expected him to do that.  That’s the type of player that he is.”

Foles is the type of player who has completed 21 of 25 passes in three preseason games, an 84-percent accuracy rate.

Even though Vick was less stellar than Foles, completing 15 of 23 passes for 184 yards, a touchdown, and an interception, Kelly won’t be changing his mind, if his history at Oregon serves as any hint at how he’ll handle the situation in Philly.  Once he picks a quarterback, Kelly sticks with the quarterbacks he picked.  Indeed, Kelly said that Vick isn’t a one-game starter but the starter for the season.

Especially since Vick has the ability to gain yards on the ground when the defense takes away the throwing options.

“If you can do that, the quarterback can hurt you with his feet and I think Mike did that,” Kelly said, via Geoff Mosher of  “That’s an encouraging thing when you have a guy back there that, when they do have good coverage on you, that we can then beat them on our feet, and that’s what he did.”

The challenge for Kelly will come if Vick, who has played in 16 regular-season games only once in his career, suffers yet another injury that keeps him out for one or more games, and Foles performs like he did last night.  When that happened three years ago with former starter Kevin Kolb and former backup Mike Vick, Vick became the starter.

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  1. Foles has outplayed Vick since last year. Vick had Maclin, Jackson & McCoy & stank the joint up. Foles as a rookie was better then Vick without Jackson & McCoy. Their stats were almost identical with Foles being a rookie & not having a starting WR & having a top 5 NFL RB.

    Starting a 32 yr old Vick over Foles when this team has zero chance at a Super Bowl makes absolutely no sense. Vick will prove 12 years into his career to be the better QB.

  2. It’s easy to see why Vick looked bad, for the first time all preseason he didn’t have a clean pocket and took a few hits. Vick’s running was ok but he turned into the same mistake prone passer we eagles fans are used to seeing.

    That’s why you don’t take 2 preseason games where noone got within 5 feet of Vick as the gospel on how he’s going to play in the regular season.

    I notice that when Vick has a bad INT the announcers don’t harp on it for the next 3 quarters unlike they did for Foles.

    Vick won’t be having clean pockets regularly during the regular season either. The other thing that Chip doesn’t factor in is dings. If Vick get’s a leg injury that he can play through he will. Part of that is what doomed him last year. Vick got an injury which slowed him down half a step which made it easier to catch him.

    If something affects Vick’s running he’s toast because that’s the only reason coaches think he can be a great QB but it looks like no matter how bad he is the “offensive genius” will stick with him.

    It’s like Andy Reid never left in that regard.

  3. The thing about Vick is that once the screws start tightening he plays lights out, when it loosens he relaxes and reverts to old habit Vick. Now that he has the starting job well at least until he gets injured/benched expect mad inconsistency.

  4. There is no question now as to who is next in line to be the long-term starter at QB in Philly. He is ON the roster presently and wears #9. The question is just how long it takes for Vick’s wheels to come off….for good.

  5. Yet another NFL coach gives this overrated injury-magnet another shot at the helm. Good luck Chip!

  6. Foles’ did look great, however he was playing against guys who will probably looking for work next week, they were the Jaguars’ third and fourth string…some may argue the worst players in the NFL.

    Vick played against the ones and twos…Foles’ numbers will look better!

  7. Vick is not going to change. He also fumbled (although it wasn’t lost). So we’ll call it 1.5 turnovers. He won’t change, he is exactly who he’s been the past few years, and he won’t get better. Foles will likely improve with actual game time. Why coaches keep rolling with Vick, expecting him to change and improve when he’s NEVER improved, I’ll never know.

    Just roll with Foles. There’s always the chance he simply lights it up and they goto the playoffs. Heck, the Colts did it last year with merely slightly above average play from Luck. If the Eagles D can get to at least 15th in the league, the team has a shot, plain and simple. Why waste that shot on someone who you KNOW is going to get hurt, fumble, and throw picks?

  8. I’m not an Eagle fan but I agree with Kelly’s decision. Vick will start the season like a house of fire and when/if the injury arises you have a capable back up with Foles to step right in.

    Personally I think Vick will have a good year until he gets hurt.

  9. Mike Vick won the job outright!! he made some errors, yes but also made some good plays also. Being a starting Qb in the NFL is more than yards and Tds, Leadership, taking criticism, playing through injuries, etc. This man has been plagued with adversity since arriving in Philly and has continued to take the higher road. He doesn’t even defend himself against wave after wave of low blows, but comes out and plays ( no offensive line last year, 50% of the interceptions last year were tipped balls by receivers) I like Foles as much as anyone but you don’t throw a 2nd year Qb in a starting line up because he has a couple good preseason games… Kelly made the right choice !!

  10. Vick has proven over and over again in his career that he is a Coach Killer.

    Interesting that the week he is given the starting QB he reverts back to the old Vick.

    You just cannot trust him and anyone who does is foolish.

    Kelly is wasting his first year by naming Vick the starting QB

  11. People who make the comments ,he was playing against guys who will probably looking for work next week, do realize Foles is working with 2nd and 3rd string line and WR’s . Vick will be the same as last year

  12. All the coaches come in thinking they’re smarter than the last guy…well, guess what? Vick is a turnover and bad decision machine…always has been, always will be. And having the offensive genius as coach will not change that fact.

  13. hahahahahaa not surprised the Vick Haters are out in full force…Keep hope alive…hahahhahaha Shaggy did a good job last night…but according to Chippa Mike is HIS STARTER,hahahahahahahha BUT Keep Hope Alive.hahahaha

  14. For the past 12 years you haters have said the same things like a scratched annoying record but Reeves Mora Reid and Kelly all made Vick the starter. You guys still hate but the bottom line is Vick is elite and that bothers you. VICK played a great all around game versus the 1s team with a vanilla playbook. Comes Monday night he will light up the scoreboard like he rained those 6 touchdowns. Give it up already. Its pathetic whining.

  15. We all knew Chip was trying to motivate Vick with the “QB competition” talk. Predictably once Vick is announced the starter, he starts playing lousy again.

    That’s why Chip did it to begin with but the question is will he be willing to bench Vick later?

  16. @gopblows

    It’s been 10 years, he lost a few from torturing innocent creatures for kicks.

    Vick has started due to his POTENTIAL, no one disputes he has the tools. He has a cannon for an arm & fast feet. He has .10 worth of software running it. He was put into a offensive system that produced the likes of Montana, Young, Elway, Favre, Garcia…he couldn’t do it.

    Stop with ONE game in 10 seasons where he was special! That Redskins game was an aberration. When it has counted, when the money is on the line, he is 2-3 in the postseason. He will never be a big game QB.

    But feel free to believe a guy that has played horribly in one of the most innovative offenses in NFL history & for 3 different coaches which their belief in his ability to ever be a big time NFL QB got them all fired.

  17. Nick Foles is the Eagles future no one should dispute that!! its his 2nd year and he looks fantastic, besides the attempt to throw it out of bounds which unfortunately was intercepted. By having Vick start is the right move, 1st it gives Chip more tools to utilize as far as play calling is concerned (sorry Foles is not even close to vicks speed) and he is signed for 1 year for almost nothing. In the event (“knock on wood”) an injury occurs we have a more than capable backup, who has the opportunity to develop and learn without the pressure of being thrown into the game before he is ready. “look at the jets, bills, raiders” they wish they had the depth at QB that Philly has. And Matt Barkley has shown glimpses of being able to run this offense.

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