Giants put Stevie Brown on IR, make more cuts


The biggest moves the Giants made today were ones we knew about earlier, the release of linebacker Aaron Curry, and the torn ACL for Stevie Brown that will knock him out for the year.

The Giants announced the rest of their moves to get to the 75-man limit, including placing Brown on injured reserve and making Curry’s release official.

Also released were fullback Ben Guidugli, wide receivers Brandon Collins and Terrence Sinkfield, tight ends Jamie Childers and Chase Clement; offensive linemen Michael Jasper and Austin Holtz, linebackers Jake Muasau and Etienne Sabino, defensive tackle Frank Okam and defensive backs Laron Scott, Junior Mertile and Alonzo Tweedy.

15 responses to “Giants put Stevie Brown on IR, make more cuts

  1. And yet Ramses Barden is still glued to the injury report and what exactly is Jernigan for? 15 targets and 5 catches? How do you cut an LB? We still don’t have a real LB on the roster.

  2. Everytime I read Sinkfields name it registers as Stinkfield, I don’t know why. Maybe Todd Stinkston holds the answer.

  3. I just had a thought….

    For the first time in a while, Terrell Thomas looks to be healthy heading into the season, and the Giants have flirted with the idea of converting him to a safety.

    Perry Fewell HAS to be thinking about this.

  4. Rivers, williams, paysinger, connor, herzlich and Bosworth (who will be cut). I don’t get it. Jerry Reese keeps saying that LB not important on this D and the D keeps getting burned on the ground and through the air on screens and to TE b/c they have no LBs

  5. Browns numbers hid the fact that he wasn’t very good. For every pick, there were multiple toast jobs. I don’t consider this a big loss. Will hill has the real talent and mundy can hold the fort until his 4 game suspension is over. It’s only preseason folks. Poor preseasons haven’t stopped us yet from starting every coughlin season 6-2

  6. I say we pick Kenny Phillips back up on the cheap, he’s gotta have a chip on his shoulders getting cut from Philly! Plus he already knows the defense and personnel. Not to start, but just for some much needed depth. He’s a beast when he’s healthy and even if he’s not ready till week 6 he would be a great addition for the second half of the season. I’m sure the price will be right!LOL

  7. njgiant81 says: Aug 25, 2013 6:37 PM

    Should have drafted alec ogeltree or kenny vaccaro

    Vaccaro was off the board by the time the Giants were up, and I agree with Ogletree.

    That said, there’s already been talk about rolling TT back at safety. This seems like a great time for him to show he can play ball back there.

  8. Huge loss, but we have depth at the position with Mundy and Will Hill. The defense lives and dies withe the pass rush. If we get pressure the d will be good, if not…. expect more games like last year.

  9. How did the Giants stack up in the secondary during our two recent title runs? Not very good, so everyone relax.

    Prince and Webster at corner with Ross and Tryon backing them up.

    TT and Rolle at safety, with Will Hill, Mundy, and Tyler Sash backing up.

    The pressure to perform is on the DLine, not the secondary.

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