Jarvis Jones to be released from hospital, status remains unknown


The early news is good for Steelers linebacker Jarvis Jones.  Or, more accurately, it’s not incredibly bad.

As of roughly 12:15 p.m. ET, a source told PFT that Jones was due to be released from a Pittsburgh hospital.  The rookie from Georgia was taken there last night after suffering a chest injury in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Chiefs.

And while the preliminary indications are positive (or, more accurately, not incredibly negative), those close to Jones are taking a more deliberate approach before giving him the “all clear.”

For now, the diagnosis is general, with Jones suffering some sort of internal bruising.

Jones’ health was a subject of extensive discussion and concern prior to the draft, given that his departure from USC was fueled by a finding of spinal stenosis.  The Steelers had no qualms about the situation, primarily since Jones went on to thrive in the highly-competitive SEC for multiple seasons.

24 responses to “Jarvis Jones to be released from hospital, status remains unknown

  1. Steelers have had some crazy bad luck with their rookies the last couple of yrs. Hate to see it, even from a rival.

  2. I’m going to clown the Bungals and their “thirsty for relevance” fans after we win week 2.

  3. The Steelers can’t seem to catch a break lately with their youngens. Adams and Castro last year, Bell and Jones getting hurt this year. Best of luck to them.

  4. chiefs fan but i was a fan of this guy in college, and it’s nice to see his tenacious style of play translating to the pros. not sure how his injury happened – he intercepted the ball and seemed to already be hurt as he was returning it – hope it’s nothing serious.

  5. Looked to me like he got the wind knocked out of him when he was tackled and fell on the ball.

    But what do i know. Obviously its more serious than that, because your “wind” returns in a couple minutes. Maybe a bruised lung or something?

  6. I was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis about 10 years ago, and am not sure how any athlete can compete at the pro level with that condition. Every sudden jolt to the body makes everything tingle and can often experience some numbness. As a NFL GM, these are athletes that should never be touched in the draft, and the NFL should never allow any athlete to compete in this league with any type of spinal condition, even if they sign a waiver. This is the area of the NFL that I have an issue with concerning a players health. Even though Peyton Manning is thriving, he should have never been allowed to step a foot back into the NFL with that condition. No matter how healthy he looks, all it will take is one hit that will do some serious damage to him. The spinal cord is nothing to take lightly once you injure it.

  7. antibenapalooza says:
    Aug 25, 2013 2:13 PM

    And Rottenberger needs to be released from the team!

    Release the league’s best QB? Yeah, that makes sense.

  8. I think the release Ben is meant to be a parole him from this terrible roster talent. Have they dragged any impact players since Tomlin has been there ? Other thankless Wallace. But I guess even a blind squirrel finds a but sometimes.

    Poor Ben.

  9. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Aug 25, 2013 1:49 PM
    This is why the Seahawks didn’t draft him.

    You’re right, it was a much better idea to trade away three picks, including a first rounder, for percy harvin and then give him a mega contract only to watch him get hurt like everyone knew he would

  10. steelers6rings,

    The last time I checked, he was not rated anywhere near the league’s best QB. You apparently suffer from the disease known a Rottenbergeritis. Unfortunately, many people in Pittsburgh have it today. The cure is simple and easy, yet they and you choose to suffer with the disease.

  11. Looks like he’ll be ok-

    Somebody needs to remind these trolling ravens fans here that its bad karma to crow about injuries.

    Maybe Jarvis can borrow some deer antler spray? That way he’ll cheat his way back onto the field in no time.

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