McCoy doesn’t do much to separate himself


The 49ers intend to play all their quarterbacks tonight, hoping one of the last four do something to make a job their own.

But after some early promise, Colt McCoy didn’t help his case.

McCoy moved the ball efficiently for a moment, but threw an interception. He followed it up by getting them into position for a field goal (which is progress), but his third-down pass preceding the kick was overthrown by about six feet. He finished the half 4-of-8 for 26 yards, and that 3.3 yards per attempt isn’t what they’re looking for.

Entering the night, rookie B.J. Daniels was the only one of the 49ers quarterbacks to have thrown a touchdown pass, and between him, Scott Tolzien and recently acquired Seneca Wallace, they’re hoping someone emerges.

But McCoy’s not doing much to help himself.