Nothing definitive yet on Sanchez


There’s nothing definitive yet regarding the shoulder injury suffered last night by Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, per a source with knowledge of the situation.  If Sanchez isn’t available to play, the outlook for coach Rex Ryan could be much more definitive.

Based on Saturday night’s preseason game against the Jets, a season with Geno Smith as the starter will likely be bad enough to get Ryan fired.

Smith, who threw three interceptions, had apparently lost the quarterback competition to Sanchez.  But Ryan nevertheless put Sanchez in the game late, exposing his $8.25 million starter-by-default to the injury he suffered.

Per Rich Cimini of, Sanchez didn’t want to play with backups.  And it appeared that Matt Simms would enter the game instead of Sanchez, before Simms took a seat and Sanchez rushed through a warmup and hit the field.

An executive from an opposing team called it, via Cimini, “gross mismanagement” of the quarterback position.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, who has called the quarterback competition a “charade” and “farcical,” opines that Ryan “took ineptitude and incompetence to new heights with a boneheaded decision” to play Sanchez.

Making the decision to play Sanchez even more bizarre is the fact that Ryan presumably was the guy who wanted to start the season with Sanchez, while the front office had been lobbying for Smith.  So with Sanchez having the job secured, Ryan merely needed to keep Sanchez healthy — by keeping him out of the game.

Now, Ryan may be on his way to being out of the game.  Or, at a minimum, out of New York.

And we’re still two weeks away from the start of the regular season.

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  1. All i have heard for 4 years from other teams fans is “if you had anyone but sanchez your team would be better” or “sanchez is the worst QB in the league”

    now sanchez is hurt…….and within 12 hours i have heard countless times “you guys are so dumb for playing sanchez”

    Now that he’s hurt, all of a sudden he was a decent starting QB that shouldn’t have been out there….

  2. I’d fire Rex Ryan today. The team will have a rough season anyways, no sense in leaving that buffoon out there any longer to further mismanage the team

  3. Lets see if I can sum this up: Sanchez is horrible and the Jets are a joke…top to bottom.

    In all seriousness….Sanchez belongs in the category of Gabbert, Locker and Ponder as completely worthless jokes of quarterbacks whose status as first-rounders was only determined by a complete desperation for the position and not any skill that these clowns possess.


  4. I am even lost for words with this whole cluster debacle,.on another note did any one catch the cameras show Geno with that smirk when Sanchez was injured? Smdh.

  5. I fully expect a thumbs down after these statements but if Rex Ryan didn’t play Sanchez last night. The media would have harped on the fact that Mark didn’t even get a chance to play last night in a “so called competition”. The take would have been that the Jets didn’t want Mark to out shine Geno after Smith struggled and that the competition is rigged.

    Rex should have inserted Sanchez for one series with the starting unit after Geno’s scoring drive in the 3rd quarter. Geno’s ankle injury in week one put the organization in a bad spot that just got worse.

  6. What’s the over and under on Rex getting fired before Sanchez returns to the field from this injury?

  7. When I first read the headline, I was baffled. We all knew it was difinitive that Sancheezy stunk up the place. Then I read further and realized it was just about his shoulder injury that Sexy Rexy caused.

  8. Yet another executive, Idzik, who wants to prove to everyone that he’s smarter than everyone else. There was no reason to extend this competition to the 3rd preseason game.

    I wonder if the owner had any hand in it also as he was the one who forced Tebow on the team last year.

    There was also no reason to play Sanchez in the fourth quarter, that one was probably on Ryan. Failure at all levels regarding the QB situation yesterday.

    Also, say what you want about Sanchez but he has had to play with absolute garbage on offense the last 2 years. Tom Brady would’ve done better but even he wouldn’t have looked great with that supporting cast.

  9. Sanchez will forever be a backup after this season. And don’t worry too much jets fans, there are several GOOD qb’s coming out in the next draft

  10. It was reckless of Ryan. The fourth quarter of preseason is full of bubble players looking to catch the coaches attention, and guys who know they are getting cut and they’re just looking to get on film. It’s very dangerous and it makes no sense why Rex would do it. Okay Sanchez stinks, but you’re not exactly flush with quarterbacks.

  11. Who hasn’t known for a couple of year that MArk Sanchez would cost Rex Ryan his job? And what’s the difference, really, between 1-15 and 0-16?

  12. I sadly am a Jets fan. Now that confession time is over, I say that the Jets will be lucky if they win 3 games this year. I can also say that I am sick of Rex Ryan, I am sick of constantly struggling to find a decent QB. There will be plenty of QBs available very soon, and all of them will be better than Sanchez. IMO, Greg McElroy is the best QB on the roster, but he doesn’t get any reps. The Jets are a pathetic train wreck. Just End The Season!

  13. I feel bad for you Jet fans… Enough is enough, you’re lucky you have 3 teams in NY.

    It’s time to open your window and yell “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

    The easiest thing to remember is that you will be going to the stadium the opposite week, and you no longer hate Brady, but Romo!!!!

    Good luck with your new transition.

  14. I think Rex put Sanchez in in the 4th so he’d look good and show why he should start. ….at least in Rex’s mind.

    How’d the Jets win this game?

  15. If you think its “Geno Time” in NY then you’re nuts. The kid threw 3 picks and ran out of the back of the endzone in his audition.

    Matt Simms should go if Sanchez can’t. Geno will be scarred forever if they put him out there right now.

  16. I dont wish an injury on any player.
    But beyond that this is hilarious good stuff.

    The Jets best QB is not good but they needlessly hurt him so they can be forced to use much worse options.

  17. This reminds me of the whole Aaron Hernandez debacle, in the sense that its just never a dull moment and its the gift that keeps on giving. It was unbelievable that your starting qb is even in the game at the point and I’m just a fan.

  18. Did Sanchez get a personal foul for his handle-bar mustache?? I mean, seriously, that’s worse than when Flacco had his.

    The poor JETS. The should just conceded every game this year and start looking at next year. Remove Rex. Clean house. Like everybody. Get a completely different roster and start over completely. That’s the only way they get out of that mess.

  19. Rex isn’t worried. No fear. The Eagles are flying in to the rescue on Thursday night. I love my birds, but their secondary will make Gino look great and you’ll go into the season thinking everything is fine. Until…………. Week One

  20. One thing about Sanchez that is definitive: he’s a bad QB. However, he is the “best” of an otherwise mediocre bunch.

    Having said that, and knowing he is the starter in Week 1, I honestly don’t know why he was sent in for garbage time in a game that meant nothing. Ryan treated this as if it was the Super Bowl and he made yet another bonehead move. I’d be surprised if he still had his job come Halloween.

  21. Ryan is a genius when it comes to game managing his defense but for whatever reason he can’t get out of the way of his own ineptitude when managing his QBs. The way a good coach would have done it last night would have been to play Sanchez with 1st teamers after Geno’s touchdown which would have ended Geno’s night on an up note, then playing Sanchez the rest of the 3rd Q with firsters so he could get some reps, then last having McElroy or Simms play out the fourth quarter with the backups putting no starters at undue risk so they can get some game experience under their belts so they can be better set up if they have to play in a actual game at some point.

    This is a continuation of his tack from last year when he didn’t know when to substitute QBs appropriately to give his backup QBs a shot at game experience. At a minimum it would have at least set the team up by flushing out the QB position for this year.

    Signed Armchair Coach

  22. As a Bucs fan, I can say thanks to Rex Ryan the great decisions you have made over the last few months for my team. Thanks for Revis (probably not your call) and thanks for giving us a rookie QB to gnaw on for the first game of the season.

  23. As much as I enjoy the agony of Jets fans (I am a Dolphins fan after all), I must say: Matt Simms looked good. This might all turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  24. Sanchez isn’t a big loss, there are three better QB’s on that team, I don’t understand the worries. In the off season, Sanchez ranked 63rd, out of the 65 total QB’s in the NFL, now how big of a loss is this guy, I don’t think all that much.

  25. Wait – so wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago where Rex was saying he doesn’t pay attention to the offense, that’s his OC’s job? So he was lying then, or lying now. Which is it Rex?

  26. If I were the jets, I would just trade for mat Moore. I doubt they will since they just drafted geno.

    Having said that, I don’t know what the over/under is for jets season. But I would go over. I have no explanation for this but I would go over. I think they can win 2-3 games in the division alone.

  27. Funniest thing was Greg McElroy trying to keep a straight face and not laugh after Smith’s brain-fart safety.

  28. When Sanchez had a decent Oline and running game he performed well enough for them to lose the championship game. The jets and Rex are the problem not Sanchez.

  29. Jets fans: really look at this as a silver lining. You will be awful like Indianapolis was for a season and then get a first round makeover. Rex and Sanchize will soon be distant memories. We Redskin fans understand. We survived head coach Jim Zorn one year and another year we put up with Rex Grossman and John Beck job sharing the whole season. Sucks and Sucks More, we called the pair. We were so depressed fans were forming support groups. And then came the draft and RG3 and Kirk Cousins and things are better! Hang In There.

  30. Ryan is absolutely one of the worst head coaches of all time.

    He willingly takes the ‘bait’ from the media, has no grasp of the offense and lacks any leadership. He is very much like his Dad in that regard.

    Their skill set didn’t and doesn’t transfer to being the man-in-charge. It’s easy to criticize the Head Coach when you’r head isn’t on the chopping block.

  31. Dear Jets Owners,

    I am not speaking to you as a fan of your team. If I were a fan of your team, I would be WAY too intoxicated to formulate a sentence.

    That being said, I am a fan of the NFL, and your “J-E-T-S” have become the laughingstock of the NFL.

    This is not a difficult problem to fix, there is just a LOT of work to be done. For starters, you need to fire your entire front office. Everyone that does not have your last name, and any family members you may have working in your front office need to be fired NOW. Honestly, you could hire a bunch of trained monkeys that could not do a worse job.

    Then, take Mark Sanchez and cut him RIGHT NOW. Rip the band aid off of this HORRIBLE mistake, and let the healing begin.

    Am I saying this because I have any shred of confidence in Gino Smith? No. I am saying this because it will eliminate the ability for Smith to blame ANY of his rookie season failure on Sanchez OR Ryan.

    In 2014, you will have the first pick in the NFL Draft, and some team that is drafting at the 4-10 spot will be willing to give you either most of, or all of their draft picks to move up and get Clowney. TAKE THE TRADE!!!!! This is the chance to rebuild your team. As long as you don’t have Idzk (or what ever his name is) and Ryan making any of the choices, you could be a good team soon.

    Those that don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

  32. Well again I think I say this every week, but if you want to win in the NFL it’s much easier if you have a smart general leading the team. If you skimp on the intellectual firepower, then you are going to have lots of issues and miss all the value of doing things efficiently and logically.

  33. Seriously, the GM should have the guts to outright fire Rex Ryan right now. There’s no chance he has the respect of the players. It’s over already so it can’t get worse having a new head coach even with the start of the season so close.

  34. I don’t know what you all are thinking, but this was a GENIUS move by sexy rexy! He needs Geno to play this year to save his job “Gee Mr. Idzik, you got to give me another year to develop the rookie QB” but since Geno couldn’t win it on his own, he put Mark out there w/ the scrubs HOPING he’d get hurt. Wish granted!

  35. I saw the play where he was injured and it didn’t appear to be that big of a hit. Rolled around on the ground like he had been shot.

    Lots of people will take bigger hits than that trying to board subways Monday morning.

  36. Common now. We have no way of knowing that Geno isn’t worse than what we’ve seen thus far. If so you fire the GM and feel for Rex. Another failed project?

    When I hear the words ‘needs development’ coming out of the coaches mouth, that’s really saying, hey this guy ain’t anywhere as good as we thought he would be.

    I still say his issue is completing more passes to defenders in practice than receivers. aka Travaris J.

  37. Geno has his game together. You look at the stadium crowd and pound your chest when something good happens and when you throw a pick you look to blame anyone but you.
    I agree, with Sanchez out of the picture the ball is squarely in his hands and if he flub a dubs it in the 4th game, the Jets are in for a very long and disappointing season. And yes, lets blame, Geno.

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