PFT considers the NFL’s deepest and thinnest teams by position


Looking to see if your favorite team can bolster its roster before the start of the season?

Start by looking at the other 31 rosters.

Yes, there are a few big names left in free agency — ex-Patriots wideout Brandon Lloyd jumps to mind — but it’s largely the same group that’s been out there since March.

And now, that group is going to get a fresh new wave of players added to its ranks as teams start shortening their rosters.

Already we’ve started to see action on this front, with the Eagles’ release of Kenny Phillips one notable move Sunday. More cuts are coming, however, with a flurry of action expected Saturday in the paring of rosters to the 53-player limit. Then will come more moves, as teams claim younger players on waivers and release others into free agency.

It’s this burst of transactions we were thinking of when we created PFT’s Depth Analysis, a look at the clubs with strong and weak depth at the offensive, defensive and special teams positions. Give the list a look, and if the spirit moves you, give your take in the comments. It’s a living, breathing list, one that could very well change as the transactions begin to stack up.