Report: Bills fear Kevin Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending


The news on Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb, who left Saturday’s preseason game with a head injury, appears to be very bad.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills are concerned Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending, and they’re proceeding with that in mind.

The concussion suffered on Saturday was at least the third of Kolb’s career, and in today’s NFL, multiple concussions are taken very seriously.

The Bills are acting like a team that expects to have a real need at quarterback: They signed Matt Leinart and traded for Thaddeus Lewis today. NFL teams have to reduce their rosters to 75 players by Tuesday, and the Bills wouldn’t add two quarterbacks at a time when they have to cut down elsewhere if they weren’t worried about the availability of both Kolb and EJ Manuel, the first-round pick who suffered a preseason knee injury.

93 responses to “Report: Bills fear Kevin Kolb’s concussion may be career-ending

  1. Damn man, that’s a guys career we are joking about. I never thought the guy was much good but I certainly hope this isnt the end for him. What a crappy way to go out.

  2. Never good to hear about a career ending injury…

    Hope Kolb is healthy enough to enjoy his family & that he took good care of his money.

    I hope the young guys in the league pay close attention. You never know how long you get in professional sports!

  3. beckzhere says: Aug 25, 2013 7:29 PM

    Bills fans fear it isn’t.

    I’m a Kolb fan but if the report is true this sucks for him.

  4. This is a mans health we are talking about. To all the knuckleheads out there making jokes about it, grow up. Please take your keyboard and go home.

  5. This dude stole an amazing amount of money from several teams. He should concentrate on his career, legal thieving.

  6. I understand that being a fan can be emotional but this is a man’s life you are joking about. His life after football could be seriously affected.

  7. Bunch of classless posts on here. You should all be ashamed. That said, Steeler Nation takes the time to laugh at Kolb and his family. We’re surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

  8. While the outlook on Kolb is rather grim, the latest news on rookie EJ Manuel is now veering toward the positive. Rapoport reported on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access” on Sunday that Manuel is “on track” to start the season opener versus the New England Patriots.

  9. tdk24 says: Aug 25, 2013 7:29 PM

    One must have a career before one’s career can end.


    If someone died on the field, we’d have idiots like you creating jokes about it. Shame on you! This can affect the rest of his life. Nothing to joke about.

  10. I love how Bills fans are suddenly very sensitive to tasteless remarks. It’s a freaking concussion. It’s not life threatening, it’s career threatening. By the way, he didn’t have much of a career to threaten.

    Get over yourselves.

  11. All joke’s aside, never good to see these guys hurt so bad it affects their lives after football

  12. tdk24 says: Aug 25, 2013 7:29 PM

    One must have a career before one’s career can end.


    I’m sure we’d all be super impressed by what you’ve done with your life. Kolb made it to the NFL while you crack jokes in mom’s basement.

  13. That’s an awful way for your playing days to end. Hopefully Kolb can get well enough to hang it up on his own terms.

  14. Seriously? I can’t believe someone would poke fun at a player that might not be able to play his sport again. No freaking class.

  15. I cracked a couple good jokes yesterday but this stuff upon hearing he may have a career ending injury is in bad taste and is not funny. I hope he will be okay long term. Just a few training camps ago he was primed to be the Eagles staring quarterback. I always liked Kolb because he was no nonsense and took responsibility for his play when it was poor which his predecessor in Philly never did.

  16. Some of you are insensitive. This is serious stuff. Kolbs health is what it is. This injury may affect him for the rest of his life. I feel bad for him; father of 3 kids

  17. Wow … this guy just cannot stay healthy … time to look for a new career … the medicine field be a good start.

  18. I implore you all to watch the footage of that injury and tell me why the tool that landed on Kolb with his knee didn’t get booted, suspended and then fined. Too many injuries in the nfl from guys pounding on the player long after the play is dead. in my opinion, this was another case of a totally avoidable injury and situation. It’s the defensive player’s career that should be coming to an end. what a tool.

  19. The writing skills and morality of the people posting jokes on this site makes the folks over on look like enlightened Renaissance men. And those guys there are sex crazed, violent, deviants, with steroid addled pea sized brains. So…yeah…congratulations.

  20. It’s a brutal game. And these guys don’t start taking hits when they begin to play the pro game.

    I think the moves the Bills have made says enough to all of us to indicate where Kolb is and the prognosis.

    In a year where the Patriots lost a lot of production on the offensive side of the ball, it seems two of their division opponents have been depleted to an even greater extent.

  21. @mwitt5148 While I feel bad for Kolb’s injury let’s be real Kolb couldn’t carry his predecessor’s jock strap. McNabb did more with less than Kolb could have ever done with more. McNabb won playoff games and took his team to a Super Bowl losing to the Patriots by 3 points.

  22. steelers6rings says:
    Aug 25, 2013 7:51 PM
    Bunch of classless posts on here. You should all be ashamed…

    I’m from Pittsburgh, so let me show you how classless is done.

  23. Steelers6 stop speaking for steeler nation, never a good idea to joke about injuries. Lets be real tho, players entering the nfl now should know the risks, if they don’t shame on them. The guy looked good in Philly, no one has looked good in AZ since Kurt, and looks like buffalo will be the resting place of his career. Good luck Kolb, you’ll need it

  24. Although I am not a Kolb fan I feel for anyone who has health issues.. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who signs up playing knowing that there might be possible consequences.. Thats the risk he took for millions earned

  25. hatesychophants wrote:
    It’s a freaking concussion. It’s not life threatening…

    The families of Junior Seau and Mike Webster, among others (not just football players),might disagree with you.

    It may not kill you when it happens. It can absolutely steal a normal life from you and create life-altering problems. Making jokes about guys dealing with head injuries kind of makes me cringe. But so do at least half the episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  26. I will attempt to say this without making it personal–sometimes when a player gets concussed over and over again it is not necessarily bad luck. Kevin Kolb never showed he belonged on an NFL field. He was not athletic enough, nor smart enough, to be able to avoid those major hits.

    It’s not all his fault. The Cards put him behind on offensive line that allowed constant pressure on him. But with that being said, Kolb was without the pocket presence needed to get rid of the ball or slide away to avoid pressure. He was completely in over his head in the NFL and that contributed to his career ending as it likely has.

    And for those making this out as a tragedy, I doubt Kolb has second thoughts about a career that has provided him with tens of millions of dollars. Hopefully he is retiring at a point where there is no significant long term damage.

  27. I don’t know if I would be able to hang them up playing the game I love for potentially millions, but I hope he does, and hope he lives a long fruitful life with no regrets.

  28. It’s a shame to see anyone’s career cut short by injury just 4 games before their career was to be cut short by inadequacy.

  29. An note to all those players, after the Dustin Keller injury, saying that they would rather take a head shot and a possible concussion to getting a low hit and a possible blown knee —- why don’t you give Mr. Kolb a call and see what his take is.

    What is really bad about this is not the end of Kolb’s football career — there are other ways to make a living. It’s the possible terrible long-term effects of concussions that may be visiting him in the future.

  30. I wonder how long Troy Aikman’s career would have last in today’s NFL, or how many games he would have missed (including Super Bowl XXVII), and how his career would be viewed

  31. Another QB done in by Andy Reid and Marty Moringweigh before his time. Kolb’s first game as a starter opened the season in 2010 against the Packers. Third play of the game their lousy protection scheme got Kolbs head rammed into the turf by Mathews. Concussed and never the same player. It’s only a matter of time before Marty gets Geno killed in NY and Andy does the same with Alex.

  32. It’s funny, this is from the Bill’s camp? Nothing from Kolb’s camp? Money always plays an issue in these things.

  33. Cry me a river for the people “scolding whoever says this bum needs to hang it up. Players get concussions every week, why’s he different?

    He needs to hang it up because he’s obviously not cut out for this game. He won’t be the first and won’t be the last.

  34. Time to hang em up before you actually get into real game action and suffer another concussion.

  35. realfootballfan says:
    Aug 25, 2013 10:13 PM
    Cry me a river for the people “scolding whoever says this bum needs to hang it up. Players get concussions every week, why’s he different?

    He’s not different, but it would take a real football fan to know that.

  36. I knew Kolb wasn’t going to be worth a damn post Philly and true to form he’s been nowhere near one. Shame on idiots who signed him based on 3-4 decent games as an Eagle. #stupid

  37. kevin kolb lacks the toughness to be an nfl qb. dude cannot take a hit at all. and his arm strength is average AT BEST. a huge mistake by andy reid in drafting kolb particularly as donnie mac’s successor.

    kolb should not be in the nfl. this was inevitable.

  38. As a Vikings fan, I can assure you that the Bills are still in better shape with Tim Tuel starting than Tavaris Jackson. He couldn’t beat 10-man fronts geared to stop Adrian Peterson. Nice guy, by all means, but you don’t want him starting for your team.

  39. Grow up trolls. As easy a target as Kevin has become he still deserves the some respect. What if you were half way into your work day tomorrow and suddenly you were not only fired but told you couldn’t make another dollar doing what you do ever again?

  40. Sept. 8 …
    Dateline, Orchard Park, N.Y. —
    ” E.J. Manuel, meet Bill Belichick – your worst nightmare for the next 3 hours.”

    This just conforms that the Bills will struggle to win 6 games.

    Feel free to book those trips to warm-weather destinations for Dec. 30, Bills fans. Once that final thrashing at the hands of the AFC East Champion Patriots on Dec. 29 is complete, you’ll ‘wanna get away,’ just like the Southwest commercial says.

  41. Kolb had/has lots of unfulfilled promise. At this point I just hope his long term, non football health does not suffer.

  42. I remember when we traded for AJ Feeley, I thought our QB problems were solved.

    On a serious note you can talk about all the money he made but if he suffers from dimentia and or depression or has to taze himself to sleep like Mike Webster then I think FB was not worth it.

    People who do what they love for a living and have a great family life will always be richer than the man who had to give up his brain for millions of dollars.

  43. Kolb’s career should have ended before any injuries. I want his agent. This guy has gotten bigger contracts than ever warranted.

  44. In all fairness, this guy receieved quite a bit of coin for just a little bit of production and was able to parlay that little bit of production into a long term contract.

    He can’t be that bummed out, he’s actually on top if he ends his career. He got paid big money for never even completing a full season.

  45. Maybe that’s why he tripped on a rug, had a dizzy spell or something? Wish him well. Too bad, he still had some years left in him.
    When the team suggests career ending they are getting that from medical evaluations and opinions and obviously they don’t like what they see.

  46. How ironic. Kolb went out there and took a beating to earn his money and now may be done. Flynn sat on the bench his whole career and made a ton o money and is in great health.

  47. hatesycophants says: Aug 25, 2013 7:58 PM
    I love how Bills fans are suddenly very sensitive to tasteless remarks.

    I think its more of Bill fans being stuck in the cellar for like forever. They’ve grown thin skinned.

  48. I hope that Kolb retires before he risks permanent brain damage. I’m sure he isn’t one of those guys who spent widely. Hopefully the man’s financial situation is secure. It’s no shame if he retires, playing professional football was simply not meant to be.

  49. broncosllbuckya says: Aug 25, 2013 8:44 PM
    “I implore you all to watch the footage of that injury and tell me why the tool that landed on Kolb with his knee didn’t get booted, suspended and then fined.”

    He didn’t “land on” Kolb at all. He was trailing the play, looked like he tripped on another player, and his knee caught Kolb’s helmet. It looked completely inadvertent. Kolb did not slide feet first, and was therefore not protected by the rule that says that a quarterback who slides feet first is automatically down and the play is dead. It wasn’t penalized, and shouldn’t trigger a fine or a suspension.

  50. For Bills Fans Only – Before you get too excited about Manuel see how he plays during the regular season against teams that are able to put pressure on him. I watched many of his FSU games. He consistently got flustered under pressure and made bad decisions (if it’s on You Tube take a look at last year’s Florida game for a good example). What you saw from him in pre-season isn’t necessarily a good indication of what you’ll see in the regular season.

  51. Hoping it isn’t the end of his career. But this story and comments show what is wrong with today’s NFL. This happened Saturday so there’s been zero time for any in-depth testing yet there’s an immediate fear that his career is over? And you’ve got some fans expecting that any play ending in an injury should end with suspensions. This is the atmosphere the NFL has created.

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