Rex Ryan has heated exchange with media after Sanchez injury


Jets coach Rex Ryan was questioned harshly by the New York media about why he played Mark Sanchez in the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s preseason game, only to have Sanchez suffer an injury to his throwing shoulder while playing behind a bunch of backup offensive linemen. And Ryan did not take kindly to the line of questioning.

“I wouldn’t have put Mark in if it wasn’t important,” Ryan said.

When pressed about whether Sanchez would be the starter in the regular season, Ryan began to get angry.

“I don’t have to answer a question. . . . We will make the decision on a starting quarterback when we think it’s the appropriate time. Not when you, not when this person or this person or this person,” Ryan said, while pointing to different members of the media.

When Ryan got a question that began with, “How can you say,” Ryan interrupted it and said, “I can say anything I want. That’s the beauty of this country.”

Ryan then started acting strange, turning his back on a reporter asking a question and saying, “I’ll stand backward and answer a question.”

What Ryan couldn’t answer is whether Sanchez will be healthy enough to play in Week One. An MRI on his injured shoulder may answer that question.

110 responses to “Rex Ryan has heated exchange with media after Sanchez injury

  1. Rex is gonna be a great source of comedy all season long.

    After he gets fired on Black Monday, WFAN should hire him for a radio show.

  2. That will learn him. Belichich got this lesson in Cleveland, the media are not your friend no matter how open and honest are you with them, they are there to do break stories, makes names for themselves and will use you to achieve their agenda.
    Hopefully Rex shuts up going forward and stop talking about how his rookie QB had an awful day at practice, practice, we talking about practice!

  3. Quick – name one human being dumber than Rex Ryan.

    Yeah……that’s exactly what I think too.

  4. That move is grounds for instant termination! Seriously???? Whether you like Sanchez or not, he is looking to be your starter, and to start him with guys who won’t even be on the team??? A complete fool wouldn’t even do that! He gets canned before the season is over in my opinion! Going to be interesting if he “snaps” before then! We will know the $4!t has hit the fan when we see rexy on the sideline in a pink tutu

  5. Maybe the media could get the answers they are looking for if they sent only their female correspondents……with their shoes off.

  6. Just link the video, reading it doesn’t do it justice and makes it sound completely different.

    That said, Rex is great how he can put humor into every situation, he really made that “reporter” look like a fool.

  7. Being a Ravens fan and seeing Rex like this makes me sort of feel bad for him since he put together so many good defenses here. I sort of feel bad for him. The guy ran his mouth so much when they were winning that he should not act like a baby in the face of adversity. I believe that is truly how you measure the worth of a coach. It’s going to be a very long four months for Rex.

    The Sanchez decision was pretty stupid though.

  8. NY Media covering the Jets are bunch of vultures..

    Read their articles they might as well of just cut and paste form each other. Metha, Cimini, Serby.

    While what happened is not the smartest move, you would think Peyton Manning just got hurt.

    Mark may be our starting QB but he does not give us much more of a chance of winning then others on the team including Simms…

    His mistakes are legendary and happen each and every game even after being in the league for years. He just doesn’t get it.

    Lets move on please!

    This ship has sailed……

  9. This guy guy makes all other teams glad they are not the Jets. Fans should revolt. The owner is letting him run wild. Of course, look who the owner is. He makes Ross look good in comparison. No wonder it was so hard to find a GM.

  10. He should be fired today. What’s the point in keeping him around. The Jets are a Joke.

  11. Rex is morphing into Rich Kotitie.

    Train wreck press conferences. Mind bogglingly bad football decisions. Laugh out loud confrontations with the media.

    Settle in Jet fans. This is going to be a very entertaining season.

  12. This is all part of their master plan to get clowney. Dear lord please please let a team suck more than the jets this year, they will ruin jadeveon.

  13. The only reason Rex is flipping out is because he knows that either he or Idzik (if he made the call down to Rex to put in Sanchez to stop the bleeding of his hand-picked QB) just threw away their best chance of winning games.

  14. Rexy’s anger illustrates panic. The type of panic that convinces you to play your potential Week 1 starting QB into the 4th Quarter. Geno isn’t ready and Mark wasn’t ever ready. This is going to be another head coach’s headache next year.

  15. Going to be a looooooooooooooooong season for Jets fans… all 10 of them!

    Seriously, how long can this idiot hold one to his job? Not only is Ryan a ongoing joke as a coach, but he’s trying to outBelichick Bill Belichick in press conférences.

  16. For as much as everyone hates on Sanchez you would think they would be thankful of the situation. Rex’s time is up he won’t come out of this season still coaching the Jets

  17. I saw the spirit of Ray Handley come out of Rex last night.

    Get ready folks, Rex has more ammo for his bravado:
    1. Two AFC Championships
    2. Top ten Defenses every year
    3. Snoopy Bowl World Champion.

  18. I’m a Jets hater for sure, but how did we get to this point where players can’t be put into this or that situation because of injury risk?

    Football players play football.

  19. I can’t believe that the media and Jets fans do not understand Rexy’s frustration. When it was just the toe injury, Rexy knew he could make Mark well for the starter. He feels powerless now that his favorite QB’s shoulder is injured.

  20. It seems obvious to me that Rex Ryan wants Mark Sanchez to fail. He was probably hoping for an injury.

  21. What a disaster. And to think…these guys were in two AFC CG’s not that long ago.

    Rex had no business putting Sanchez out there in the 4th. What a joke he is.

  22. Who could blame Rex if he is losing it. He doesn’t have a starting quarterback in a quarterback driven league.
    His future is pinned to Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez … and I’m afraid he won’t make it through the season.

  23. REX IS A GENIUS! He figured out a way to get Mark to stop throwing interceptions. Play him with future practice squad players and let him get injured. No but seriously I’m about to go google “the Ravens made a mistake by not hiring Rex Ryan to be head coach. “

  24. Unless a miracle season happens, Ryan will probably get fired this season. That said, the media were the instigators here. He was obviously upset and they just kept poking. They have the right to ask questions during these mandated pressers but they cannot expect to get the answers they are looking for. Rewording the question will not get you the “right” answer. Ask the question, accept the answer and move on. Rex could have treated them much worse than he did. BTW, this isn’t much different than what Belichik does. The story has shifted from the QB issue/injury issue to Rex’s handling of the media. Mission accomplished

  25. The Jets are going to suck no matter which QB they put out there so it really doesn’t matter. It’s not like the Jets were on track to make a Super Bowl run if they could keep Mark Sanchez healthy. They’re a bad team. Their goal this year is a finish around five hundred and not embarrass themselves too often. And going by what I saw Geno Smith do last night the intelligent Jets fans shouldn’t be looking for next season to be much better.

  26. I can’t believe it’s gotten so ugly…I actually feel SORRY for Jet fans.


    Still don’t…

  27. The GM really put Rex in a bad spot taking Geno so high. After last year’s Tebow debacle, they should have just sent Sanchez packing and brought a vet in to compete with and mentor Geno. This is just no way to run a franchise.

  28. McElroy must be using Tebow’s old locker…

    Because apparently no one on the coaching staff is aware he is on the team…

    He should play, just like Tebow should have played last season…

    I don’t know how the Jet’s fans survive…even Fireman Ed came to his senses last year…Jet’s fans have my sympathy…

  29. This move was brillant, now the jets are leading contenders for the 1st pick of 2014……NYJ are on the clock……

  30. What most do not understand is this had nothing to do with Mark or Geno this was Rex and his ego.
    The Jestors were playing Rex’s biggest foe the Giants yes they are the team Rex lives to beat why because the Giants are the team they share everything with every TV station and newspaper Rex has promised in the past win the Super Bowl and failed while the Giants have won it.

    Rex can not live being number 2 in his own Stadium he wakes up every morning knowing that Tom C is the coach that everyone respects and that Eli is the QB that gets all the press.

    This is not about Mark being a great QB this is about Rex being able to say I beat the Giants.

  31. After the interview, Rex stated he did not know Sanchez was even in the game, and that he will have to go back and review the game film to find out how Mark got in there.

  32. This press conference wasnt funny but when Rex started answering the media from the side because it’s a “free country” I couldn’t help but laugh.

  33. The Mets have won two World Series since the Jets won their only Super Bowl, and I don’t know if it was called the SB then.

    The “other teams” complex has them stymied.

  34. You think the Jets suck? Did you see the team they beat play yesterday? The Giants looked like an arena team, and not one of the better ones, you know like an almost profitable one.

  35. What Rex did is almost unconscionable. You do not put a Sanchez in a meaningless game unless you know something. That something is, Geno is the starter, the decision was made a while ago by the GM and Sanchez will be the back up at best so, so what if he gets hurt, they have other backups. Geno is the guy.

    Funny, I said all along I had this feeling that Geno and Travaris J have something in common: neither can read NFL defenses worth a hoot.

    The Jets better have a back up to Geno in place, I feel they are going to need it. After five losses, the excuses for Geno will have run out.

  36. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a player on this team. I wouldn’t resign with them if my life depended on it. Hell I would take less to be elsewhere.

  37. Why can’t all non-Jets fans leave the mighty JETS alone? I know you Giants fans can take losing to the JETS. Suck it up. Three picks and you still lost. Geno will be fine. Folks act like they forgot about Eli’s “deer in the light” face when he started at Giants as a rookie.

  38. This could only be one of two things:

    The Jets will rally around Rex Ryan and whatevver QB emerges to start Week One and surprise everybody with how well they do, or ….. they have started a “crash & burn” tailspin and will have a new head coach by mid-season.

  39. The criticism is absurd.

    You can’t spend 2-3 years saying Mark Sanchez stinks and then pretend that he’s too valuable to play in the 4th quarter.

    He’s in a competition with a rookie for a reason: he’s a bottom-tier starter.

    He’s just another guy, period.

  40. You cannot cry about sanchez playing w/3rd stringers any more than you can cry about having a QB trying to make the team by playing w/ the same 3rd stringers.
    Can’t have it both ways.

  41. aldante66 says: Aug 25, 2013 10:31 AM

    Can you imagine what it must be like to be a player on this team. I wouldn’t re-sign with them if my life depended on it. Hell I would take less to be elsewhere.


    Yeah, ask how well that went with:

    Shawn Green
    Tim Tebow
    Dustin Keller
    Mike Devito
    Leron Landry

    who, with one exception, all left for more money…much more money.

  42. I think he did it on purpose as an excuse for another terrible year.

    “Can’t help it. The QB went down in an exhibition game.”

  43. I hope the NFL fines Ryan for his Media blow-up.
    These Coaches are paid big money, the least he could do is answer a few questions in a civilized manner a couple of times a week. Grow up Rex!

  44. It’s Always easy to point fingers about any team and coach, your not in their shoes. Yes I at times think their decissions aren’t the one’s I would have made but I’m not the coach I’m not right there in the huddle. Lot of stress and pressure. It’s amazing how you can point out the bad and not the good . I’m a diehard Jets fan since “79” and will Always be….Jets Jets Jets !!!!!!

  45. Ambitos said: “Ha ha ha. Atta boy Rex. When you don’t have answers, just act stupid.” Problem is, he is stupid.

  46. Rex thinks that if he was coaching Baltimore he would have won 3 Super Bowls by now.

  47. Rex has no one to blame but himself. When the wind is blowing your way you got plenty to say but when it blows in your fave you got to mdm up. Coach this team and get decent results and you will have another job in this league. But keep crying and you will be someone def. coordinator next year at best or LB coach.

  48. What kind of coach puts his week 1 starting Qb at risk behind a game that means absolutely nothing? I’m still trying to figure out Rex’s angle to why he would do this? Knowing Geno Smith is not capable to lead this team ( No Offense,) LMAO!! “literally” No Offense. What would make you put the only Qb on your roster that can even slightly play at the level you need to be competitive, in with Undrafted, walk-ons. Well He better hope the defense can score 14-21 pts. Graham Harells is out there!!!

  49. kbdubya7788 says:
    Aug 26, 2013 12:47 PM
    What kind of coach puts his week 1 starting Qb at risk behind a game that means absolutely nothing? I’m still trying to figure out Rex’s angle to why he would do this?
    I’ll hazard a guess. We assume Sanchez was going to be the week 1 starter (odd since few have claimed he is a decent QB lately). I remember rumblings about a possible trade (before the draft) but I don’t know if that was true or speculative BS. Is it not possible to put him out there for a while with the hope of possibly trading him to a team in dire straits with QBs? The worst thing for the Jets would be for Sanchez to start and actually have a decent year. They would have another year of controversy even if Rex is retained. By trying to prop up Sanchez for a potential trade opportunity, they get to evaluate Smith for the year and the new guy (if there is one) can choose to reboot. Sanchez playing well adds 1 more year to that scenario. Personally, I believe Sanchez is the better QB of the two but Smith has a better chance of improving if he matures.

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